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  1. Past Hour

    What? O.o
  3. T>>perf mage

  4. Today
  5. WTS 200Lv TB +10 / 195 Blue TB Full Vit

    B U M P
  6. SexyRexy WTS List

    Bump it Up Baby!
  7. DKSQ Event by [DEV]Fayth 09/06/2017

    Thanks man! More videos in the future
  8. hacker (please read)

    I jailed his DK today for dual logging but obv he doesn't follow rules again.
  9. hacker (please read)

    Please check this how come this could happen in DKSQ...tnx https://imgur.com/a/Z8Z87
  10. Zeretei`s Shop

  11. WTS

    WTS> 10+ 195 DN ALL PERFECT WEAP SCHYTHE (curse gem) WHIP HAMMER(fire gem) STAFF (light gem) TB(poison) i have 2x TB(no GEm but 4 slot wand(light gem) mage pants +10 mace +10 DN (curse gem) 2x Alok helm (F.Slot perfect) +10 MESSAGE ME IN GAME {VIP}xBri
  12. WTB DW PERF [P] FS

    Bumpee Bumpee
  13. Quick Question

    By the way, Solicitudes CANNOT remove SPECIFIC options of an item. Only the last option.
  14. WTS/T Hunter set (Info Inside)

    how much donation for the full set and wep?
  15. Trans up skill 1st LVL 170 skills

    170 Skills worth 25k Purchase points, did you try to relog? and try to check again if your Purchase points in enough. hope this my help you thank you.
  16. 180necks+9

    Selling 180 def neck+9 =2.3b dils 180 curse neck+9 = 2b dils 180 poison neck+9 = 2b dils Or all for VS/DK Sb+10 Pm me in game or message me here
  17. WTS/T Hunter set (Info Inside)

    Want to trade bow for a perf 195 +10 spear sig red? I'll add dils :).
  18. Anyone can teach me this? Especially GM?

    Hahah okay I will find some people that can help me with this
  19. Trans up skill 1st LVL 170 skills

    How to get the first level 170 trans up skill? its in the creospo abyss but when i buy it says not enough purchase points even if i have 30k purchase points...plz help me
  20. GoZiLa Shopee

  21. GoZiLa Shopee

  22. TRADING TERA BELTS (Please Check)

  23. Yesterday
  24. Quick Question

    alright thanks for the reply.
  25. PK war at Requies Beach

    why is it that every time something good is happening, i'm stuck at school or busy with something else D:

    buenas tardes a GM a mi sale esto como puedo soluciona carga el juego para poner id i contraeña cuando lo pondo no entra sale esto dice erros serar sale esto Marca de tiempo del módulo con errores: 56258e62 como lo soluciono
  27. Quick Question

    Alchemist Solicitude
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