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Server Time: DeadFront: |12AM, 4AM, 8AM, 12PM, 4PM, 8PM| Colosseum Party Match: |3AM, 9AM, 3PM, 9PM| Colosseum Battle Royale: | 1AM, 7AM, 1PM, 7PM|
  • Dekaron Rising 1vs1 PVP Part 2

    Ready your fangs boys! for in that day, we will dine in hell!!!
    Greetings Warriors of Dekaron Rising! This coming Saturday, July 22, 7pm GMT+8 we will be having a mini 1v1 PVP Event
    Just think of it as a practice for the upcoming Class vs Class PVP Tournament I need 16 geared participants (All class).
    We will start the registration early so we can see if we need to adjust the number of participants
    Even tho this is just a "Practice" please make sure that you are geared enough to fight other people so we can have intense fights and no one-sided match!
    I hope you guys understand my point
    PVP will takes place in Lurile Channel, Karin NPC
    How to register?
    Just pm me in Discord: [GM]KoroSensei or in Forum: FunkyGhoul
    What are the prizes?
    1st = 15,000 coins + Permanent Blue Horse mount + dshop buffs
    2nd = 10,000 coins + Dshop buffs
    3rd = 5,000 coins + Dshop buffs
    Plus all Participants will have a consolation prize! Not much though
    Round 1 is Single Elimination
    Round 2 is Single Elimination
    Semifinals is Best of 3
    Finals is Best of 5
    If you have questions that aren't posted above, please PM me directly and will answer you as soon as possible!
    Here is the sample of our bracket: (Take note that the bracket is randomly regenerated and 1 million percent completely random ) 

    Guild Tournament -summer season- winners!

    Behold the winners of the Guild Tournament summer season, 2017!
    With the Guild Tournament summer season having come to an end this past July, 16, 2017, we would like to congratulate every guild that participated and made this event fun for everyone.
    Special thanks to Official Rising staff for making it posible, currently, preparations need to be set in motion for the next season, with a few changes that will come along to improve the tournament experience.
    Now, as we can observe from the following Tournament Bracket, we had six brave teams participating: InvictuZ (main guild), InvictuZ (sub guild), Royal, R E D, Garuda and Gods.

    The final results.
    - First place: Royal Guild.

    Members: xIndependent            

    - Second place: InvictuZ Guild.
    Members: AzaNezz                   

    - Third place: Garuda Guild.

    Members: {VIP}GoZiLa           
    All prizes have been sent. Next week I will be uploading several videos of the tournament for everyone to watch, specially the semi-finals and the grand final.  

    [24 Fun-Filled Hours!] With [GM]Fayth and Riku

    Hello Warriors,
    Summer is here!!
    For the 24 hours beginning 18:00 EST 8 July and ending 18:00 EST 9 July, [GM]Fayth and [GM]LadyKawaii will be in-game doing events.
    Of course we will both be offering prizes and buffs to participants.
    Help us stay awake for 24 hours and share these fun-filled hours with the [GM]s.
    List of events:
    ·         PK the [GM]
    ·         Scavenger Hunt
    ·         PVP
    ·         DKSQ
    ·         Hide and Seek
    ·         Treasure Hunt
    ·         Players vs. Elements
    ·         EXP
    ·         Bosses
    ·         [Hell] Dead Front
    ·         Monster Invasion

    Hope to see you all in game!
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    • Boxing Gloves Bug
      I remember the old days we used to take turns getting the drops or if a certain class item drops then that player would get it. But nowadays everyone wants all drops for themselves and expect a drop 100% of the time xD
    • Boxing Gloves Bug
      The issue is that boxing gloves bug bosses and also are a cheap way to keep ownership of the boss without worrying about other players flagging you. Another issue in my eyes is that with boxing gloves players solo bosses instead of gathering up a party and getting a seg and killing it the traditional way. No one wants to pk at bosses because you cant flag another player because they are auto attacking.   Wheres the fun in a game when no one competes for spots and no one gets up partys do do things?
    • Boxing Gloves Bug
      I understand, we also have a few ideas and new boss ID#'s we might revamp and use. However, the bosses would not get bugged easily if players did not autoattack them. On Dekaron Global the Boxing Gloves there give: +80% Attack Speed -65% Damage -65% Magic Damage We will try a few things and decide what works best, we also have some new things coming to Rising very soon and we want players to work together to play dungeons, maps, etc. If we nerf/remove boxing gloves then players will need to work smarter together to win. Example: Cherubim's Nest Expedition. In my experience I have seen players use 2-3 Seguripers and load 9-10 alt chars to complete the Expedition and farm plumes using nothing but boxing gloves. Even though the bosses in Cherubim's Nest do not get bugged from the use of boxing gloves they are way too strong for them to be able to complete a [Hard] dungeon by autoattacking most of the mobs and all of the bosses. It also poses a PK issue because it is nearly impossible to PK over Shadowakris/bosses/etc. when you cannot flag a player because they will just autoattack the monster until it is dead.
    • Boxing Gloves Bug
      I Agree, its not the boxing gloves issue. but u should fix all bosses to attack even using boxing gloves. im killing that Hellgatekeeper using boxing gloves and the boss is still attacking and i kept on healing myself. if u want to fix it try to fix all bosses and I hope GMs or OPR should at least visit those all boss to witness if there is someone abusing killing the boss. ive been always fair playing in this server. last night someone Dced me in hellgatekeeper. i think im doing a fair thing killing that boss. when i came back, the boss disappered. hoping for your appropriate action.. tnx