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    Rising EXP Roulette

    Rising Warriors!
    This is a new project I wanna try out. Feedback is much appreciated like always.
    Some of you might have noticed the Defender Rokuen statues in Draco Desert. These are a great alternative for when players can't find a raid for the 190 dungeon. It's much worse exp than 190 dungeon, but its better than nothing!
    This EXP Roulette event will be just like those statues currently in Draco Desert.
    Here is how it works!
    Every 4-7 days a random statue from the 190 dungeon will spawn at a random map for 4-7 days before being removed and replaced with another random statue in another random map.
    Right now it's Defender Rokuen in Draco Desert. I will remove those statues now and put a new one in a new map.
    This will bring more variety to leveling and PKing. From now on, however, I will only put 1 statue instead of 2. This is to keep the competetive aspect of leveling and PKing. Always check this thread to find out where the current statue is.
    Additionally everyday theres a chance for an Enchanted Jar to spawn somewhere in the map. Killing this Enchanted Jar will spawn a special buff at the statue for 1, 2, 4, 6, 12, 16 or 24 hours to help you.
    Good luck Warriors!
    Here is a list of current statue and past statues
    - Draco Desert - RedStar Hill - Defender Rokuen (INACTIVE)
    - Crespo - Near teleport - Defender Otar (ACTIVE)

    24 Hours of Fun [Event]

    Hello Rising,
    For the 24-Hours beginning 10:00am EST 9/16/2017 and ending 10:00am EST 9/17/2017 [GM]Fayth and [GM]Riku will be in-game hosting events and doing other activities with players.
    Of course we will be offering prizes and buffs to the participants!
    Help us both stay awake for 24-Hours and share the love of Rising!
    Hide and Seek Player vs. Player Kill the GM Sit with the GM Bosses Treasure Hunt DKSQ BR with the GMs PTM with the GMs Deadfront [Hell] Trivia Scavenger Players vs. Elements and more! Hope to see you all there!
    ~[GM]Fayth and [GM]Riku

    3 vs 3 Party PvP Tournament

    1.How will it work/How to register.
    This year's 3 vs 3 Party PvP Tournament will be different. There will be registration fee PER team which is 4,000,000,000 Dills. The champion will take 75% of the total Dills accumulated and the runner up will take 25%. Dills will be collected on the day of the Tournament. You can register up to 5 (FIVE) DIFFERENT classes in your team. You can substitute at any point of the tournament having said that you can NOT substitute during the battle, and; YES you can substitute before each and every match during tournament. On how to register simply reply on this thread with your Team Name, your Team Captain, and lastly and the names of the other 4 members Or You can send me a whisper in-game whenever you see me ON. Note:  YOU CAN ONLY REGISTER  5 DIFFERENT CLASSES 

    Q: When? 
    A: Starts Saturday 09/23/2017, 07:30 AM 

    Q. Time zone?
    A: Pacific Daylight Time. California. Please calculate your time accordingly:http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

    Q: What are the rules? 
    A: Please refer to my 2nd post. 

    Q: What about MM, cheating, lagging, disconnects,  etc
    A: Please refer to my 2nd post in which I address all of these concerns. 
    Prizes section.
    1st place prize:  40,000 D-Shop Coins will be sent directly into each member + 1x +10 Crystalline Weapon (No Slot, No Option) + the 75% of the accumulated Dils. 2nd place prize: 20,000 D-Shop Coins into each member + 4x 7% Elemental Damage Gems of each member's choice + the 25% of the Dills.  
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    • OPEN LETTER FOR [GM]Dannyboi
      These comments are enough to get you banned from the event, and even the game. Do not victimize yourself when you break the game rules.   /Locked
    • OPEN LETTER FOR [GM]Dannyboi
      Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it. So here is what really happend. I clearly stated my rules before starting the round. No teaming. This summy whose name no one can remember and you didn't touch eachother 1 time during the entire event and when it was just you, roasted and the summy left you both 2v1 chased him for almost 5 minutes despite being warned not to team. (also it is worth mentioning that no one else has ever complained about my LMS rules). Roasted still won the 1st round and was unable to join for the 2nd round. Before the 2nd round started SlitherPuss started being disruptive with comments such as "no punishment for Roasted cause he is your friend" and "ofc he is your friend so its okay", and honestly I didn't have the patience to deal with ridiculous comments like that so I banned SlitherPuss from my event. Simple as that. Also feel free to ask any participants of my event if my choice to remove you from my event was wrong.
    • OPEN LETTER FOR [GM]Dannyboi
      I haven't confirmed what has happened yet with [GM]Danny, but I will provide some general input. It's hard to confirm 100% which players are teaming and which players are not. Unfortunately, GMs have to be harsh on such behavior because teaming is unfair for everyone participating in the event. That said, if you did not intend to be teaming and it was in fact a matter of strategy, then I apologize that you had such trouble with the event. Because of the way Dekaron is set up, it's impossible for us to detect and completely deter teaming from taking place. Events like this are fun for the players and so GMs throw them, but this puts a lot of pressure on GMs to try to make them as fair as possible. Trying so hard to make the event fair for everyone can sometimes lead to being too strict, as with what happened in your case. I will discuss with the staff to see what we can come up to improve how we handle teaming. It would be disappointing if we had to stop events like this from being thrown, but if we can't make them fair we may have to do so or make them for "fun only."  
    • OPEN LETTER FOR [GM]Dannyboi
      So, today i apply for LMS event by [GM]Dannyboi... To make the story short, everyone is dead...and its just 3 players now.. Slitherpuss (Me), a summy and Roasteed... i see Roast goin 1 on 1 with summy...so my strategy is kill Roast first..because idk his element (idk what resis neck to wear)..and its hard to kill roast.. summy is poison, i can wear 3 poison neck and face summy last...better chance imo.. so im going for roast, but roast complain..then GM give me a warning, but im still doin it...coz i think thats logic... i have better chance in facin summy.. the GM give me last warning... so i back off... finals, its me vs roast...kinda angry + upset + lazy and etc...its a mixed feeling... so i keep running around while waiting for my trans cd... but then..its a warning again... then when my trans is up...we fight..i lose... then its LMS round 2.. i apply again, then i talk to GM about what happen last time.. the difference between playing smart and teaming up.. hey, i dont even know the summy...i rarely play nowadays...rising player knows that...kinda busy with sumthin.. i tell my logic to GM, that its not teaming up..why giving a last warning... but in GM logic..its easier killing the summy first, because roast is focusing on him... then i said "exactly...Roast focusing on summy..so its a free hit for me to kill roast...but idk, if its involved ur friends then when ur friends complain about it, then give warning" Then GM kicked me from event.. as a GM, i think u need to listen about the players...this server is here because of the players also... players also need to be hear out... Do GM push on their own logic to all players? so if there is a player that have a different opinion or diff strategy or etc...then its wrong... i dont break any rules...just talking...then got kicked out.. thats arrogance beb... i think old players here knows that i never complains about staff/GM/OPR behaviour ..this is my first time... so immature danny... i have been in rising for a long time... and i also know that this kind of open letter for Staff/GM is useless...(well, i hope not) btw, thank u for reading... Cheers...
    • VS Farm Type
      Go full TB build then go deadlands. Bottom middle part. Use Arrogans (Shift+E) then lure and kills mobs. Get alot of Gold Argates/Tatums you'll gonna be rich in a month.
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