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[Forum Event] Holiday Screenshot


We're gifting out free Snowman or Winter Bear pets! You will get the pet mailed directly to your in-game mailbox. Read below for more information on how to enter! The better the screenshot, the better the pet!


How to enter:

Take a Christmas/holiday season related screenshot in game.

Post it on the Dekaron Rising Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/dekaronuprising.

Share the picture you posted on the Dekaron Rising Facebook Page to your Timeline. (NOTE: Make sure you when you share it, it is set to PUBLIC so we can verify that you shared it to your wall). 

Post here with a link to your Facebook page and your character name so we can verify the photo and send you your prize! 


  • Screenshot must be Christmas/holiday season related and taken on Dekaron Rising. 
  • You must leave the photo until the event is over. 
  • One prize per person.
  • You cannot use the same screenshot as someone else, the screenshot must be YOURS. 
  • Character name posted here with the link must match the character in the screenshot. 



All entries will receive a Snowman/Winter Bear pet:




Very Good, creative screenshot entries will be gifted a 18% blacksmith talisman pack (x10) and a frost wolf pet:








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User Feedback

@Nitex i still dont received my chrismast pet ser..

and i think all players on the second batch entry, still doesnt received it yet..

And is this event already have a winner?

Thank u.

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Notice Us Senpai

I thing there is still no winner here and others still didnt get their pet 

PS:Nitex pls send me a pm why my xDeva got ban from forum was just sharing  some vid to watch hope its not true though :D

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