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  2. DEX SEGGY lower lvl skills

    You guys also said you buffed bloodhits dmg that 1-2k was on the weak side will 723 dex my blood hit is doing 2k dmg on people with just the +9 130 sets To note I'm in the +9 170 gear
  3. WTT Seg, Mage, Hunter, Ak, Segu, Summy Gears& Weaps

    Can i offer for the Mage SB?
  4. hi guys i know dex isnt a normal build of seggy but the lower lvl skills like death sycthe and vampire are hitting lower than my basic attk and evil crow dmg is super low lower than the vampire and death sycthe can they be fixed to do the right amt of dmg or rescaled like daggers in a way so i can do dex seggy xD

    Camons Sluts Seriously,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  6. Today
  7. Really

    Name hacks are really easy to perform but really hard to patch. That's why most name hackers are children with nothing better to do. Names in the program are part of the "stack" of the exe (since the chat function grabs the name from the "core" of the exe) so any modifications around that area would have a high risk to cause instability.
  8. Really

    It is probably a keylogger and not a real hack. He is using cheap tricks to avoid anti-hack, if he had real hacks he would show off.
  9. Really

    I wonder if there is anyone who really skype him and buy the hacks.
  10. Really

    same guy or no?
  11. Really

    He is trolling us
  12. Really

    Dude arent u that guy that wanted to be gm so rising could have peace from cheats? and now youre spamming threads about resetting maps cause theres no monsters u trolling nitex too much, People already know that he cant do nothing about you, You too good, youre a god already. but what does it benefit u? dawg its not funny anymore. U need to get a job or better get a life
  13. B>GA perf

    Buying GA pm me your offer need perf
  14. Really

    I just wonder how sad it to someone spending time whole day doing this for nothing
  15. Really

    @Nitex Banned!
  16. Really

    Nitex should ban himself right now Yea i know it is name hack just kidding...
  17. How do I hit DarkAvatar 9times?

    When your opponent is close enough your Dark Avatar will hit only 1-3 times or even no dmg (sometimes) so don't be suprised when you use DA and it make 0 dmg
  18. Really

    People Have no lives.
  19. [Event]Tripple Threat

    I have added a date for when the first event will be held, The time however i am Still Deciding so that everyone can make it. Can i get a Rough general idea on what time zones people are in ? that would help me pick a fixed time tht would improve the amount of partys we can get going for this event! All i gotta say is if you like to SMASH some keys and slaughter some People then this is the event for you!
  20. WTT Seg, Mage, Hunter, Ak, Segu, Summy Gears& Weaps

    What is ur IGN, can i see the AK, Mage and Hunters gear?
  21. Please help me out

    1. Nitex


      Will check it out. 

    2. NobelKnight


      Nitex, i am heartbroken, any news for me? I hope the pics i posted were enough to prove i am not lying. Please, check the logs q.q

  22. Perfect Belt/ 5% Armlets & FULL VIT Weapon

    Oh np, to bad if you got staff already i dont think i have anything that u need then QQ Thanks though
  23. How do I hit DarkAvatar 9times?

    It is a legit newbie question, no need to make fun of him.
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