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  2. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Just some fixes 3 - ScykkGnOm 4 - MikotoSuoh ------ Forum Name: 4 - @DevilDildo
  3. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Lgnore us !
  4. Today
  5. 160 belt armlets drop

    you get full set and armlets,belts 170+ +9 by lvling in egutt


    Bump. Edited...
  8. Coins

    Just fixed it, you should have your coins in a few hours. Sorry about that.Just fixed it, you should
  9. Coins

    Just fixed it, you should have your coins in a few hours. Sorry about that.
  10. Coins

    Same here.. i did not receive mine too.. Create a ticket bro .
  11. Coins

    Hi is there bug in donations again? i have yet to recieve my donation right after i donated.
  12. I hope there is 160 armlets and belt +9 150x set drop so 170 dks will be active with op players with complete access also its good for newbies ty and please bring back castor the tera gears and donation is hard to sell because of lack of dlls the only source of dills now is akris parca and arcadia but arcadia is only 1 ch and u cannot solo it because other players need it too ty again edited
  13. Angelic Soul

    Yes ofc we must
  14. Angelic Soul

    only if we have to grind for it!
  15. Angelic Soul

    +1 for upgradable angelic
  16. My donation is Delayed

    its a server side issue, i am experiencing the same. when the server sorts itself out all donations will automatically be sent (hopefully)
  17. Outlaw guild

    I am currently in game right now Shoot me a PM if u want an invite {VIP}Rustybro or Nividia
  18. My donation is Delayed

    You should make a Ticket Here And provide as much Detail as possible so that Nitex Can fix ur issue This section is More for Tech questions that are answered by the Playing Community. Hope your issue is resolved
  19. New Gear

    Check guide section
  20. New Gear

    Just as an add, a 171+9 3% ddr would work good too I have all gears and still using 171+9 2% ddr so thats might be np and alot cheaper About plumes yeah 140 still better cuz 4% pk/pvp and 4% crit ressis
  21. My donation is Delayed

    {VIP}Undizputed 20$ thx
  22. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Taiwan 2/4 2/5 maybe we can
  23. New Gear

    When Nitex liked your comment, and for a thought, he liked the one I colored and not the other way around. LOL. Just joking! haha.
  24. *** [FIX] [GUIDE] Slow Loading Windows 10 ***

    cant play with windows 8, im getting the same error as stated above.. uninstalling XD
  25. Outlaw guild

  26. WTT Hunter tera set

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