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    WTT perf summy + perf wep to perf dw set + wep pm me here
  3. Bigger recent posts list

  4. Battle Royale Video

    o.o lets get him back first then he is all urs
  5. cant log in

    im in
  6. 999b PS can i get a tiger mount instead
  7. [Fixed] SERVER DOWN??

    wow nice lovelots GM
  8. cant log in

    Server was down, it overloaded when I was asleep. It has been fixed now.
  9. Can't Login Any Problems?

    Server was down, it overloaded when I was asleep. It has been fixed now.
  10. [Fixed] SERVER DOWN??

    Server fixed, should be back up within 1-2 minutes. Sorry about that guys!
  11. [Fixed] SERVER DOWN??

    take time GM ^^ nice to see your post
  12. [Fixed] SERVER DOWN??

    Almost done fixing it
  13. [Fixed] SERVER DOWN??

    gimme some then
  14. [Fixed] SERVER DOWN??

    haha beer can make your tummy too big hahaha so i choose Tanduay
  15. Today
  16. [Fixed] SERVER DOWN??

    haysssssst i think its 11 or 12 midnight we can play again :(((( so im ganna sleep now Good night guyz/bess
  17. [Fixed] SERVER DOWN??

    daym yeah cheers bro
  18. [Fixed] SERVER DOWN??

    lets drink beer cheers...
  19. [Fixed] SERVER DOWN??

    Server Down Bro
  20. [Fixed] SERVER DOWN??

    i had 2hours off, and this happend................ shame
  21. Last Man Standing Winners

    @Sealed ewwww KaKaWaTe sounds like a SLUT
  22. possibly a silly question

    okey. I will try ..
  23. sir nitex server stil down?


  24. possibly a silly question

    maybe there are items left in the inventory of your pet. To check, equip your pet and press letter Y.
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