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  3. how long ?

    @Nitex my ticket sir? please my costume got bugged on balance testing server and since the incident i am unable to gain attendance points, all gm tell me wait on u its been over 2 weeks sir and not even a reply from u
  4. nitex i have sent u inbox aand tried o ontact u many times about my costume tht gt bugged on balance testing channel and not even a reply sir, prior to that since then the chr has not received any attendance coins, please help me sir i have been waiting so long gms keeep tlling me yo wait on u ive been waiting so long pls iGN AKStandForAssKicker

    1. xDeathGoD


      i have also submitted tickets aswell

  5. Connection Failed

    The server is back online.
  6. how long ?

    The server is back online, apologies for the issues.
  7. Players, It seems that there has been some misunderstanding and miscommunication about the rules. PKing fishers is NOT against the rules. You can PK fishers. It's not harassment; it's a PK game. There are valuable fish in Draco, and I made Draco the official PK area for a reason. [GM]Akxofolife has been suspended for the time being as I clarify the rules with him and the other staff. If you have been jailed or are in jail for PKing, please open a support ticket with your character name and I will remove you from jail and send you a compensation gift. I assure you all I will take care of the situation. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    My previous game is more intense. Getting killed (pve or pvp) means risking losing your equipment or some of what's on your bag. This game, you actually risk nothing, and people still complain about getting pked lol. Though following a specific player for four consecutive days can be called griefing, i believe it's still within the rules (given no racist remarks/insulting occured), then IMO it's not harassment. I mean, hey, you can just create a new character, level fast and play incognito to avoid your pursuer, in this case, murderer. lol
  9. I will assure you all I will be handling this and appropriate action will be taken on GMs that have abused their powers.
  10. I see.. when i was still a lobie and no gear and the other player killing me and stilling my akris are considered harrasing? not just once, a hundred times.. why they are not in jail.. lmao.. the one who complain is a crying baby and a piece of shit.. lols.. PK rules meaning is free to kill, is your risk to come that area, dont cry if u got killed by others.. thats the life of your server dont kill it..
  11. how long ?

    ahahahaha, i can wait

    nice editing skills xD

    @DevilDildo Are you really going to school for the knowledge or for FOOLISHNESS? duhhh! Online Harassment directs multiple repeating obscenities and derogatory comments at specific individuals focusing, for example, on the targets' race, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation. This often occurs in chat rooms, through newsgroups, and by sending hate e-mail to interested parties. This may also include stealing photos of the victim and their families, doctoring these photos in offensive ways, and then posting them on social media with the aim of causing emotional distress Electronic harassment is the unproven belief of the use of electromagnetic waves to harass a victim. Psychologists have identified evidence of auditory hallucinations, delusional disorders, or other mental disorders in online communities supporting those who claim to be targeted. as far as I know and I learned from the school I attended HARASSMENT is "Your Threatening someone, Your giving a Limitation for a person." and Please to all have a Power please don't use your POWER for revenge, GOD threat us EQUAL, in this GAME you have POWER or NOT we're all EQUAL(I mean we're all player, we all experience the suffering to reach what we all have NOW) Did I explained it well? Damn, School First before Doing STUPIDITY!!!

    I love how my char is just sat there chilling on them pics fishing away lol.
  15. Hallo players < 3 :D

    someone teach me about aloken class
  16. Signatures?

    Hi I can do a signature for you this is my work you can look as well http://imgur.com/lFkT52D http://imgur.com/mu8V8aS http://imgur.com/iB3XGMZ
  17. how long ?

    89 years 69 hours 12 minutes 11.094012903109231902309129031903 seconds ok np you`re welcome

    unjail them we still need to get our revenge QQ
  19. how long ?

    How long will the server back ????????????????? < 3 i hope GM's works faster to get the server back GL HF Hi to all players in dekaron rising have fun playing this game < 3

    we dont mind who pk us we just go have a play with them when it happens..and if we die we just say they are geared just wait for us to get geared too QQ xD
  21. WTS/WTB

    still cant bro sorry btw until when is the server down?? T_T
  22. Connection Failed. Please try again later.

    Its down since over 4 hours and still is. Im getting this message when trying to log in: "Connection failed. Please try again"
  23. WTS/WTB

    What if I give you my hunter tera pants + dils then you make dils and still have full set
  24. WTS/WTB

    sorry bro not selling by parts.
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