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  2. L.A.G is Real!

    HB problems LOL
  3. Today
  4. Anzac Day

    Good morning everyone tomorrow is anzac day for us. It marks the anniversary of the first campaign that led to major casualties for aussie and nz during ww1

    Add Naked Girl there and everybody will be happy xd maybe even more people come play on this server
  6. L.A.G is Real!

    I was on Dk Sqr and everythime i switched weps or wanted use skills i have rollbacks (net is not problem) that kinda makes me nervous.
  7. New Forum Signature [Event]

    @DevilDildo Black Rock Shooter
  8. New Forum Signature [Event]

    @{VIP}Voudou I hid your new entries, upload them to your original comment. I check the thread daily Thanks and good luck!
  9. New Forum Signature [Event]

    Guys lets make this more clean as fayth asked, easier to see what coments has entries and whats doesnt Requirements: You may submit multiple signatures, however keep them all in the same comment @Atlanti yes that anime sounds interesting battle styles
  10. WTT > 10% Fire Armlets = 10% Light

  11. SexyRexy WTT/S/B List

  12. New Forum Signature [Event]

  13. L.A.G is Real!

    Pitiful Rexy! Too Lag, stop watching porn LOL!
  14. More events

    Hide and seek event and for those newbie treasure event ^^
  15. Last Man Standing Winners!

    Good game well played
  16. More events

    New server update is coming, just wait for it. I'm happy that there are more events than ever atm.
  17. Twitter's Buy/Sell Thread

    ok later cya
  18. Twitter's Buy/Sell Thread

    Will tell ya in-game we can't talk here :/. Get online Lurile
  19. TRADE TO 4x 180+9 GOLD NECKIE


    i like it also more entertaining
  21. MaliTroll's Shop.

    Nostalgic @MaliTroll miss the old days of Uprising and Rising
  22. Twitter's Buy/Sell Thread

    how much?
  23. Twitter's Buy/Sell Thread

    Bought bow. Edited
  24. More events

    really need the new server update and im excited on that!
  25. CH1 Fucked

    It wasn't down 18 hours ago when he made this post.
  26. CH1 Fucked

    Ark is down guys, read forum
  27. More events

    IF im using the Pumpkin hat my DK char has no head sir .. how can it be or how can i fix it?
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