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  2. Trans up skill 1st LVL 170 skills

    How to get the first level 170 trans up skill? its in the creospo abyss but when i buy it says not enough purchase points even if i have 30k purchase points...plz help me
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  4. GoZiLa Shopee

  5. GoZiLa Shopee

  6. TRADING TERA BELTS (Please Check)

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  8. Quick Question

    alright thanks for the reply.
  9. PK war at Requies Beach

    why is it that every time something good is happening, i'm stuck at school or busy with something else D:

    buenas tardes a GM a mi sale esto como puedo soluciona carga el juego para poner id i contraeña cuando lo pondo no entra sale esto dice erros serar sale esto Marca de tiempo del módulo con errores: 56258e62 como lo soluciono
  11. Quick Question

    Alchemist Solicitude
  12. Rising EXP Roulette

    This is a great idea. It’s been long long since I’ve seen Crespo!
  13. Quick Question

    Dshop solicitude i think.
  14. Quick Question

    is there a way to remove an specific option of Magic, Noble, and DN items?.
  15. Assassin's Recruiting

    Seee we have Soo many haters and shit talker Join us it will Be fun
  16. PK war at Requies Beach

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  17. WTT 195+10 FV ORB= 195+10 Spear/Guard Perf

  18. Assassin's Recruiting

    This 5vs1 guild is recruiting ROFL no wonder i dont see them on crespo doing 5v1
  19. WTS 200Lv TB +10 / 195 Blue TB Full Vit

    price down 195 TB FV = 7B or 30$ 200 TB = 14B or 60$
  20. OPEN LETTER FOR [GM]Dannyboi...AGAIN

    You got warned for breaking 2 event rules. Not because "my friends were complaning about it". I was literally observing you the entire first round and in my opinion you were teaming with this summoner, since you didn't hit eachother at any point throughout the entire round and then 2v1 chased down 1 player for almost 5 minutes. When the summoner died and you were 1v1 against Roasteed you wasted everyones time by constantly running away and avoiding combat for over 2 minutes which I saw as troll behavior. These were the 2 event rules you broke: Teaming and avoiding / staying out of combat for over 2 minutes. I don't care if you see it as "tactical smart" if it goes against my event rules. You are the only one who couldn't seem to understand the rules of my event. But thats not why I kicked you from my event. You got kicked from my event for making disruptive comments about special treatment for certain players because they are my friends. In the other thread I didn't say you directly said "no punishment for roasted cause he is your friend" I said "comments such as" referring to you indirectly saying that players who are my friends get special treatment, which isn't true at all. So I apoligize if that confused you. Your pictures shows what you said and with all the PMs I got from people who wanted to join my event, it was easier for me to remove you from my event so I didn't have to deal with you victimizing yourself and starting drama, while teleporting players to my event. It was my event, my event rules and my choice kick you for your disruptive comments. At least now you know my tolerance is lower than other GMs when it comes to disruptive comments and false accusations. Next time don't break my event rules and don't make disruptive comments and then theres no problems. If you have anything else to tell me PM me on Discord and don't spam threads like this to try and make me look like a villain. /Locked (for the last time)
  21. Why my last thread being closed? Why one sided? Did the [GM] already give some PROOF, or is it just "he said" "she said" kind of thing... First of all...i UNDERSTAND completely about its HARD to tell a different between playing smart as a strategy and teaming up.. Thats why in my last thread, im telling you guys that "I BACK OFF", from the fight when GM give thesecond and last warning.. The one that i CANT understand is, as soon as his friends complains about it...then GM immediately give warning without any observation first.. How come? And second of all...i NEVER ask about "NO PUNISHMENT FOR ROAST & etc" like u told about in ur side of a story..i dont care about that. we are having a healthy conversation...we have a different opinion...u asked to explain my opinion...then suddenly i got kicked out from event.. WHAT IS THAT? Please ENLIGHTEN me about which part of our conversation that i asked about punishment for roast.. i simply doing a conversation with GM and its a healthy conversation... im asking about GM action that give warning in a split second as soon as his friends complains about it...without doing any observation... THEN I GOT KICKED OUT FROM EVENT..really? is that how we doing it now here in rising? Players also need to be heard... so we as a player CANT asked about staff or GM action? even with a healthy conversation? if we do that, we can get punish like kicked out from event..really? is that how we doing it now? Please dont abuse ur power...i never have any objection about your EVENT RULES.... read my story from the first thread carefully...I BACK OFF, as soon as u give the second and last warning... here is our conversation so u can remember it better....please ENLIGHTEN me.. Thank you.
  22. SexyRexy WTS List

    Hump it Bumpy!
  23. Assassin's Recruiting

    We are Now Recruiting Rules 1; English primarily in guild chat 2:Help Guildies Over Others (Guildi Comes first) 3: Stay Active and help guildi in pk Requirements Full tera +10 set 195 +10 Wep To Join Pm : SirLegolas , ProximaMidnight ty
  24. Zeretei`s Shop

  25. Last week
  26. DKSQ Event by [DEV]Fayth 09/06/2017

    Awesome video bro. Overpowered HB!! Amazing footage and edition! Keep it up [OPR]Ybarro.
  27. OPEN LETTER FOR [GM]Dannyboi

    These comments are enough to get you banned from the event, and even the game. Do not victimize yourself when you break the game rules. /Locked
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