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  1. Yesterday
  2. WTB VS Tera

  3. iCasaNova asking for paypal payment for his set 250$

    they need to have the rest of that chat as Ceranon stated needs more context. Did you screenshot the rest of that chat cause we can see from that scroll bar the chat went on for a while lol
  4. Need more context. He said donates. The only way to buy donates is from paypal...
  5. Hunter Items

  6. Orca looking for a Guild

    But scar haven't left me ;-;
  7. Orca looking for a Guild

    Hes just mad I wont ban his forum account for him lol Preach!
  8. Orca looking for a Guild

    Scar loves no one. The only heart and soul that will break is her breaking yours np
  9. Orca looking for a Guild

    Ser she will make you fall in love with her and after that she leave you...few moments later she gonna laught from you...she is evil...no joke Don't join discord cause she told you that!!!! Don't listen her...PureEvilScar xD
  10. Orca looking for a Guild

    Lul dis gui
  11. Orca looking for a Guild

    Oh stop it. You love me too much to so that. It would break your heart and soul if that ever happened XD
  12. Orca looking for a Guild

    Full on reported and banned.....
  13. Orca looking for a Guild

    I will later today. Super busy working on my car atm. Should be done in 3 hours or so
  14. Orca looking for a Guild

    LOL! Sadly I can only manage staff and forums via phone until i get some sort of net though I will most likely move one more time before that happens. You should join the discordddddddddddd
  15. Orca looking for a Guild

    I'm still alive. Just got alot of stuff going on. I might be able to get back into dear on in a few weeks if you want to give me that warm welcome you love giving so much there sun child
  16. Hunter Build

    Pure dex
  17. Orca looking for a Guild

    This thread is very old lol. You can always ask in game for a guild or join our discord and make friends there who would invite you to a guild. On note of this thread itself is Orca still around? I remember that bae got all excited then saw this thread was old ;~;
  18. Uniqlo's WTS/WTT

  19. WTB VS Tera

    Want buy Tera Set +10 random pm me in ING; xGr33n
  20. Hunter Build

    I'm full dex
  21. WTB $

  22. Hunter Build

    if u low level or dont have a good set ATM better to go pure heal and if u get your set and acces go to damage thats all :')
  23. Hi Champs :D

    Damn! I'm shocked I don't know i should be happy cause you have it or cry cause you wasting it xD

  25. Uniqlo's WTS/WTT

  26. Hunter Build

    Hey guys, How much heal do u have on your hunters and what is optimal in your opinion?
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