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  2. Balancing

    I know this feeling xD
  3. Balancing

    Worst scenario is a CS and BW both killing you. Happened earlier even with dash forward/backward with resist buff and imbibe and lots of candies (can't move even 0.5 inch for like 3-5seconds after the stuns I still cant skill because of silence ) with perfect set perfect belt 3x angelic souls and squama still getting 10k-12k or im just playing my bagi wrong? haha help!!
  4. Balancing

    When a good CS starts attacking me 1v1 I cannot move, or skill for a very long time. Even after the skill-lock is over my skills are bugged and unable to use. (Your skill has been interrupted) message display long after the skill-lock is over. I'm not sure what balance could fix the skills. It's really awful just standing there getting rekt and you can't do anything about it. Just my opinion ^^
  5. Where would i go to farm dil

    RIP Castor
  6. Today
  7. WTT DK Set to VS Set, TERA w/ SB and WEP

  8. Balancing

    since i know @Nitex is hoping to balance out the server a little better i figured i give some suggestions from what ive seen playing the game in either pvp or dk sq about what could maybe be looked at in terms of balancing. IMO the 2 characters atm that need to balanced the most are CS and BW CS the amount of stuns and skill locks that the cs has is just insane.. even with res on im stuck there and cant attack or use skills at all the amount of vital boost from chaks- i know it helps out a lot but you already have a char with full vit weap/gloves and boosts from chaks just makes it unbalanced the amount of dmg from attacks maybe if you take off 5-10% dmg off some of the attacks depending on what happens with the chaks it could make for a more balanced and enjoyable fight/pvp BW try to make a res neck for the bw attacks because even with full fire res necks im getting hit 11k+ with a perfect set also for the atacks dark dragon and bioruji maybe take a small amount of dmg off .. dark dragon already hits 7+ times even 10% less dmg will still make a good dent in your shield these are just some suggestions that i thought i would share based on what i see in the game .. feel free to agree/disagree id love to hear what everyone else thinks . thank you
  9. DK Tera Set +10 Helm - 3x Max HP, 1x Recovery Armor - Random Gloves - 2x Vit, 2x Damage Pants - All Res Speedboots - All Res Wep - ALL Damage I can add $$ for full vit TB/Gloves, pm me ingame @ Legendairy or post on here
  10. Tera VS set sb & wep +10

    Are you still selling this?
  11. Where would i go to farm dil

    Shadow Akris at Parca or in Arcadia they give 5m + argates
  12. Where would i go to farm dil

    like the best place to farm dil... not stuff to sell to ppl just pure dil ?
  13. {VIP}SexyRexy20 GM/OPR Application

    You're so much welcome. <3 Thanks man!

    Post what skills dont work like they should and ill update the list. Azure Knight Aloken Bagi Warrior Black Wizard Concerra Dragon Knight Half-Bagi Incar Magician Segeuriper Segnale Segita Hunter Vicious Summoner
  15. Accidenlty double posted
  16. You have an extra dot in the adress. Download what website? THIS IS A 4 YEAR OLDS THREAD. USE THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD AND REGISTER YOUR GAME http://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/home/

    Q.Q Cant farm dem akrises, parca is crowded, everyone camping a spawn.
  18. request a name change

    Izi way, make a new char with a cute ign Spongcola☺

    And no mobs to the other maps.... @ egutt icant farm
  20. request a name change

    i want to rename, iwant to recieve daily coing " please solve this issue "why i can create character but no daily coins recieve"
  21. request a name change

    the name or our IGN accepted on creating, so this is not our problem why we dont recieve any tokens"

    i believe they reset the server for some reasons. use LURILE channel for the meantime.

    Why cannot connect to server


    ARK channel just crash ATM deyummm!
  26. request a name change

    lol? you think just because you was stupid to make a such name with all those oOoOoOoO, its your fault and you wanna request a free name seed? donate yourself and buy yourself one or buy one from dshop sellers
  27. Can i trade my 100% perf mage set sb w/ perf wand [all max gems] to your alo?

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    2. Funky Gh☯uL ツ

      Funky Gh☯uL ツ

      hahaha I'm sorry but I'm having fun with my bagi right now. I feel like rambo XD so I might not want to trade it for awhile. sorry bro XD

    3. xKorosensei


      pm me when ur bored of that rambo thing bro XD

    4. Funky Gh☯uL ツ

      Funky Gh☯uL ツ

      If u got perfect segu XD

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