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    • how long ?
      @Nitex my ticket sir? please my costume got bugged on balance testing server and since the incident i am unable to gain attendance points, all gm tell me wait on u its been over 2 weeks sir and not even a reply from u
    • Connection Failed
      The server is back online. 
    • how long ?
      The server is back online, apologies for the issues. 
      Players, It seems that there has been some misunderstanding and miscommunication about the rules. PKing fishers is NOT against the rules. You can PK fishers. It's not harassment; it's a PK game. There are valuable fish in Draco, and I made Draco the official PK area for a reason.  [GM]Akxofolife has been suspended for the time being as I clarify the rules with him and the other staff.  If you have been jailed or are in jail for PKing, please open a support ticket with your character name and I will remove you from jail and send you a compensation gift. I assure you all I will take care of the situation. I apologize for the inconvenience. 
      My previous game is more intense. Getting killed (pve or pvp) means risking losing your equipment or some of what's on your bag. This game, you actually risk nothing, and people still complain about getting pked lol. Though following a specific player for four consecutive days can be called griefing, i believe it's still within the rules (given no racist remarks/insulting occured), then IMO it's not harassment. I mean, hey, you can just create a new character, level fast and play incognito to avoid your pursuer, in this case, murderer. lol