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Server Time: DeadFront: |12AM, 4AM, 8AM, 12PM, 4PM, 8PM| Colosseum Party Match: |3AM, 9AM, 3PM, 9PM| Colosseum Battle Royale: | 1AM, 7AM, 1PM, 7PM|
  • Game Registration Page

    Here you can register a game account. Game accounts are separate from website accounts for security reasons and so you can have multiple in game accounts! It's important for you to have a valid email account in case you forget your password. 
    Game Registration

    †Note: Game registration is separate from website/forum registration for security purposes
    Click here if you need to change your password.

    Game Download Links

    Here you can download the game client. There are multiple mirrors below so you can choose the best one for you. Once you are done downloading simply run the launcher and you'll be ready to play. Make sure you have registered a game account (website and game accounts are separate). 
    Dekaron Rising Installer 12.8 Download
    (Updated December 16th 2016)
    Option 1: Direct Download -- best to use a download manager with this one such as DownloadThemAll for Firefox 

    Option 2: Download from MEGA Mirror)

  • Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Registration for 5v5 Seasonal Event
    Please use this format in order to successfully register your team 
    Will close in 1 week
    Team Name:
    Team Members:

    Forum Name of each player:
    Tournament Registration will close at  January 21
    Bracket and Updates will be Posted in around  23-26. 
    If everything Runs well we will start Friday 27 to Sunday 29 and so on. I want to make all matches around weekends since Work/School is on. Any suggestions please PM on forum or comment the Information Topic. 

    Dekaron Rising [Seasonal Event Information]

    Hello fellow Rising players! We are proud to announce our first Dekaron Seasonal Tournament.

    Rising staff has been wanted to try out something different in the PvP area, and so we decided to provide Season Events, We want to establish once and for all who are the best players in solo play and teamwork battles. The tournaments will be every 3 months so we keep the activity running in the server.
    We will make a poll before each tournament with a one week anticipation so the player base can decide which PvP composition they want, formats consist in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 battles. After every ending Season there will be a separate forum section where only staff is able to update the winners of the match and apply corresponding points.  
    The Tournament will be a “Double Round Robin Format”, each team will be facing each other 2 times.Points are simple, the team that wins will get a score of 5, and the loser 3 points. We decided to make it this way so all teams registered can be quite close in points during the season despite winning or losing one match. But if a Team Stacks those 5 points for several matches they will surely get the lead notoriously.
    The First Event was decided by everyone and ended up being a 5v5 match, the next one is the favorite of the community, a Class 1v1 to crown the new champion of each class.

    The event is scheduled for long and consistent activity, we have decided to add some basic rules for organization purposes.  
    Once you registered your character in one team for a season you CANNOT CHANGE teams until the end of it. If the player does, he will be disqualified and the team will have to play with the current members. Example: 4v5, 3v4, etc.
    Try to always have a staff member before an official match in one of the 2 parties so he can spectate the battle. If there is no staff available then you have to record the battle, show the party members and opponents name, and upload it to YouTube.
    Be on time for your scheduled battle, so there is no delay on the tournament, if one of the party members is still not online, he will have a Max time of 10 minutes tolerance. Leaders of each team are responsible for one of their members to record or screenshoot about the problem and post it on forums (Any False accusation equals ban from the server for 1 month) .
    All PvP matches shall be done in Lurile channel, so there is no advantage on candy usage.

    You will have 1 week for your team to register for the seasonal event. With this Format:
    Team Name:
    Team Members:

    Forum Name of each player:
    First Place.
    Will receive Twisted Fate Revamp weapon +10 (stats equal to current  Lvl 195 weapons) Binded as EXCLUSIVE to the winner for 3 Months (After, it will be available for trade). This prize will only be available for the first Seasonal Event, it will not be included for other Tournaments.
    Champion Wings and Champion Costume + $50 worth of Coins.

    Second Place:
    Champion Costume + $30 worth of Coins. + (5000) of the 8000 HP Points.
    Third Place:
    Champion Wings +  $10 worth of Coins.

    [Patch 12.9] Costumes, Siege, & Bugs

    This weeks update contains some new costumes for all classes, general bug fixes and changes, and reschedules Siege. More information below.
    You need the latest update to be able to log into the game. Either run the launcher to get the latest update, or if your launcher does not work, download and extract the manual patch below:
    Manual Patch 12.9 (latest manual patch has all previous patches meaning you only need to download the newest one): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5wCnEYQuRcZd0k0RmJRMVNjMWs 1. New Costumes
    New Wukong costumes have been added for all classes. Each class gets 3 versions; a normal colored one, a black version, and a red version. 

    2. General Changes
    Siege has been scheduled for January 7th instead of December 31st, since that would be new years day. Count down on the website has been updated to reflect this change. .   
    3. General Changes
    Egutt Leveling Map: Monsters in the 160/180 areas of Egutt now only drop 3 items per mob instead of 4.  Draco Desert: Teracotta miniboss now does less damage to make it easier for new players (as intended).  Mitera: drop rate has been decreased +1~10 glow has been changed back to normal.   
    4. Bug Fixes
    Fixed Hunter Osmium Helmet visual bug.  Fixed incorrect values on Dragon Knight wings. Fixed incorrect values on Segnale Teragrace gear (it was lower than Osmium).  Fixed a visual UI bug that happened when opening boxes/randomboxes.   
    5. Other
    +1~+10 Glow has been reverted to normal glow as per feedback. 

    [Forum Event] Holiday Screenshot

    We're gifting out free Snowman or Winter Bear pets! You will get the pet mailed directly to your in-game mailbox. Read below for more information on how to enter! The better the screenshot, the better the pet!
    How to enter:
    Take a Christmas/holiday season related screenshot in game.
    Post it on the Dekaron Rising Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/dekaronuprising.
    Share the picture you posted on the Dekaron Rising Facebook Page to your Timeline. (NOTE: Make sure you when you share it, it is set to PUBLIC so we can verify that you shared it to your wall). 
    Post here with a link to your Facebook page and your character name so we can verify the photo and send you your prize! 
    Screenshot must be Christmas/holiday season related and taken on Dekaron Rising.  You must leave the photo until the event is over.  One prize per person. You cannot use the same screenshot as someone else, the screenshot must be YOURS.  Character name posted here with the link must match the character in the screenshot.   
    All entries will receive a Snowman/Winter Bear pet:

    Very Good, creative screenshot entries will be gifted a 18% blacksmith talisman pack (x10) and a frost wolf pet:



    [EVENT] Christmas Season Bundle Rewards

    Merry Christmas Rising Warriors and Happy Holidays too! May this time of year bring blessings to you and best of luck in the following events.

    Santa has arrived to Rising and is ready to spread some Xmas gifts!, as such the following events will take place next December 22, 23, 24 and 25, depending on your location (time-zone), please review the provided guidelines and schedule.
    1. Dead Front Special.
    Successfully enter Dead Front, winners get extra prizes for completing this recurring event.
    This Special Edition features additional treasures hidden in the map as you progress through the Dead Front, additional monsters/traps, some providing extra experience and/or valuable items. It is recommended that you plan ahead your party configuration to face the challenges inside Dead Front, having a segnale in each party is strongly advised. Each party must work as a team, do not wander alone.  
    Event times:
    December 23.- 21:00  Pacific Standard Time (PST) UTC/GMT-8.   December 24.- 13:00 Philippine Time (PHT) UTC/GMT+8. December 24.- 21:00  Pacific Standard Time (PST) UTC/GMT-8.    December 25.- 13:00 Philippine Time (PHT) UTC/GMT+8.   
    2. Hide and Seek and Kill -PK- [GM]Adori and/or [GM]Akxfolife event.
    How to enter:
    Be ready after the Dead Front event has ended, and pay attention to the location/map where it will be held. 
    Objective: Once given the start signal, search around the map until you find [GM], upon finding:
    [GM]Adori.- Invite the [GM] to your party to be declared winner. [GM]Akxfolife.- Kill –PK- the [GM], be the lucky player who makes the final hit on the [GM] character to be declared winner.  
    3. Last Party Standing and Last Man Standing events.
    In a battle royale style, be the last lucky player to remain alive on the battlefield to be declared winner. RULES: The pvp rules are Korean style pvp rules - where anything goes. You can use anything at your disposal. For Last Party Standing, the format will be 3 member party.  
    Event times (2 and 3):
    These events will start immediately and in succession after Dead Front event has ended.
    Additionally, [GM]BlazeFury will be hosting a special 3 round Last Man Standing event:
    Schedule for [GM]BlazeFury events:
    December 22.- 08:00  Pacific Standard Time (PST) UTC/GMT-8    December 23.- 23:59 Philippine Time (PHT) UTC/GMT+8   
    Gifts/rewards section.
    What/When do I get my prizes?
    All prizes will be sent via Mail Box within 48 hours after all the event series have ended. If you won, you will surely be given the prize you deserve. So for those who have already finished and won an event, please be patient for your prizes until all the events have ended.
    How are coins/points calculated for prizes?
    Winning once per player/event/day:
    Dead Front Special    = 8,000 coins. Hide and Seek [GM]     = 2,000 coins. Kill -PK- [GM]       = 3,000 coins. Last Party standing = 8,000 coins each party member. Last Man standing = 12,000 coins.  
    Example 1:
    Player “CandyMan” wins, December 23: Hide and seek and PK [GM], he also wins December 25: Dead Front and Last Man Standing.
    Earning a total: 25,000 accumulated coins.
    Example 2:
    Player “CandyMan”, cannot win Hide and Seek twice in the same day in an attempt to claim 4,000 coins, or PK [GM] twice, etc., he is however allowed to participate as much as desired, but can only claim one victory for each event at the same day.
    This provides a chance for the winners to send a message via Mail Box to [GM]Adori, asking for the desired item/items and at the same time it is required that you provide a detailed specific description of the item (Must not exceed the amount of earned coins/points), failure to comply with this rule, causes Santa to send whatever he wishes, no exceptions made.

  • News & Updates

  • New Player Guide

    Hello there, I'm Danny and I am going to tell you what to do if you are a new player to Dekaron, or to this server and you get stuck easy.
    You should start this guide after you have downloaded, created an account, and created your character. To download and create a GAME account, go here: http://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/home/
    Scroll down buttom for video tutorial
    The first thing you should do when you spawn in Ardeca after you make a character and gave it a name is following:
    Open your map (M)

    1. First thing to do is to open your map (M) and go to the Ardeca town exit (big green arrows on the map)
    2. As you venture out of the town Ardeca, simply open your map (M) and follow the green arrows to slay the different level Akris on the map until you are level 60. (make sure to grab the "newbie buff" at the gate exit/entrance to ardeca. simply walk over it. Also remember to pick up the dils drop from Akris)
    3. Once you are level 60 return to Ardeca.
    4. First thing you should do now is to go buy the skills for YOUR class. (skills are only 1 dil each and skillmasters are located at cordinates 400 : 80)
    5. Once you have bought your skills, you will need as many potions you can get for your level. Also buy 100 return scrolls while you're at it. Head to the merchant NPC "Arenar" who is located at the coordinates 285 : 147 in Ardeca town. (IMPORTANT: Make sure you always save dils for teleportings)


    Alright you have made it this far and the easiest part is over and you are now level 60 and have bought your skills and potions.

    6. It is now time to use the Egutt Desert scroll in your inventory (or go to teleporter NPC "Jerome" located in Ardeca town at coordinates 350 : 142 and teleport to egutt desert from him)

    7. Once you arrive in Egutt Desert you are currently in a safe zone. (However players can attack and kill each other here still)
    8. Go to the NPC "Commander" and teleport to the level 60+ area.
    If you die too many times in egutt desert level 60+ area, and you feel like giving, up here is the 2nd choice:
    As you stand in Ardeca it is time to visit your old friend NPC "Makaio". Teleport to Draco Desert lvl 54+. (This will cost you 3500 dils.)
    Keep slaying the monsters in this map until you think you are strong enough to take on the monsters in Egutt Desert once again.
    9.  Once you have leveled from level 60-80 click your return scroll you bought earlier and return to Ardeca.
    10. Once you have returned to Ardeca re-enter Egutt Desert and teleport to the level 80 area this time. Keep leveling at the level 80 area until you reach level 102 then use another return scroll and return to Ardeca. (IMPORTANT: If you have 500k dils you can go to Parca Temple and look for NPC "Hosea" at coordinates 348 : 317; Hosea will have level 102 wings to sell to you for 500k and they have the same stats as 151 and Dshop wings)
    11. Once again re-enter Egutt desert and this time level from 102-120. At level 120 return to Ardeca again.
    12. Re-enter Egutt Desert again and enter level 120 area. Level from level 120-140 then return to Ardeca again.
    13. Re-enter Egutt Desert again and enter level 140 area. Level from level 140-160 then return to Ardeca again.
    14. Re-enter Egutt Desert again and enter level 160 area. Level from level 160-180. Here you also farm your new set. +9 Level 170+ set, weapon and accessories. Monsters have high drop rate.
    Nice work bruh!
    You should now be level 180 and fully equipped with your new +9 170 set, wep and accessories. You are now ready for the next step.
    There are 2 options for you here. You can either go to Crespo Abyss to gain extra stat points and rank by killing the monsters there (Spiders give highest amount and is located down right cornor of the map) or you can teleport to Mitera to keep leveling.

    Lets move on.

    15. Open your inventory and use your Miteria scroll (or go to NPC "Jerome" coordinates 350 : 142) Here you will level from 180-190. Monsters in Miteria drops the next gear sets but only +7. You can farm these and upgrade them later on. The gears are called Osmium and is the 2nd strongest gear in game. Osmium can be upgraded all the way to +10. You will also find level 180 +7 weapons here and level 180 necklaces, rings etc.


    16. The final step is Arcadia. You can get to Arcadia through Miteria. Just go to Miteria and open your map and you will see Arcadia marked here. In Arcadia you will level from level 190-200. In Arcadia the final gears will drop and they are called Teragrace.

    You have now completed my new player guide!

    The only thing left for you now is leveling and making good items.
    Video tutorial:
    You're on your own now. GOOD LUCK!
    Link to Dils-making guide to Dekaron Rising:

  • Siege Countdown (Castle Holders: InvictuZ)