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  1. nitex i have sent u inbox aand tried o ontact u many times about my costume tht gt bugged on balance testing channel and not even a reply sir, prior to that since then the chr has not received any attendance coins, please help me sir i have been waiting so long gms keeep tlling me yo wait on u ive been waiting so long pls iGN AKStandForAssKicker

    1. xDeathGoD


      i have also submitted tickets aswell

  2. Connection Failed

    The server is back online.
  3. how long ?

    The server is back online, apologies for the issues.
  4. Players, It seems that there has been some misunderstanding and miscommunication about the rules. PKing fishers is NOT against the rules. You can PK fishers. It's not harassment; it's a PK game. There are valuable fish in Draco, and I made Draco the official PK area for a reason. [GM]Akxofolife has been suspended for the time being as I clarify the rules with him and the other staff. If you have been jailed or are in jail for PKing, please open a support ticket with your character name and I will remove you from jail and send you a compensation gift. I assure you all I will take care of the situation. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  5. I will assure you all I will be handling this and appropriate action will be taken on GMs that have abused their powers.
  6. Disconnecting

    It could be a DDoS. I will turn on monitoring and check the traffic. I'll get back to you today.
  7. Disconnected

    Server went down, we're investigating why. I got the notice earlier but I wasn't able to do anything because I was on a train :/. I'm working on it now, will get it up within 15 minutes and then investigate the cause. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  8. please check inbox and tickets please

  9. hi its been a while

    @Dannyboi I've just added Dave to the balance document - please approve his access and check Discord. Also, meet eachother :).
  10. Sign up bug or account bug

    This is not possible. Please ensure that you are typing the username correctly as it is case sensitive. If you want, give me the character name and I will tell you the exact username of it.
  11. Nothing fixes the 99% crash..

    Have you tried turning off Windows Defender?
  12. Launcher problem destroying the game

    Disable Windows Defender Real Time Protection. It scans apps and causes issues with games because games use a lot of files. https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/3569-turn-off-windows-defender-real-time-protection-windows-10-a.html
  13. Launcher problem destroying the game

    Our launcher is compatible with all versions of Windows (including Windows 10). The only one with some issues is Windows XP. What issue are you having? I'm confident I can resolve it within a few minutes. It's usually just a firewall or anti virus blocking the launcher.
  14. Clean up of old unopened topics

    Which topics are you talking about?
  15. Bon3 2v2 PTM

    Can you upload a version of this to Google Drive for me? I would like to use it for advertising (I could download it for youtube but youtube's compression messes some stuff up).