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  1. Coins

    Just fixed it, you should have your coins in a few hours. Sorry about that.Just fixed it, you should
  2. Coins

    Just fixed it, you should have your coins in a few hours. Sorry about that.
  3. Segnale

    We've developed Segnale to be very flexible on this server. You can be a pro healer or go PvP build, as CHRIS said. A lot of Segnale players are really happy with how we've made it work.
  4. Awsome GM/OPR App

    Scarling firing shots, haha. Thanks for the application!
  5. Didnt recivve costume

    Refunded you 9,000 coins. Sorry for that bug!
  6. loveeye back niggas :D

    Nice to see you back. You were a crazy Aloken.
  7. I haz returned!

    Whoah, a great Summoner has returned! Welcome back!
  8. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    Great list. My addition: 7. Don't share accounts. We get a lot of tickets concerning someone who has been "hacked" that have ultimately turned out to be people who shared accounts and had their items stolen by their "friend."
  9. i cant make a game account

    It's fixed. Try the page now.
  10. Registration Down again

    Fixed it. Thanks for reporting.
  11. Server Down!!!

    Server was down for 5 minutes due to incoming DDoS flood. Within 1-2 minutes the firewall activated and the server came back online. Thanks.
  12. Outlaw guild

    You made a guild before right? I remember a really strong "Outlaw" guild in the past :).
  13. Game Acoount tools are still down.

    Game account tools are back online :).
  14. Game Acoount tools are still down.

    Fixing this today. I had to go to sleep last night, it was like 3AM when I finally finished fixing everything else :).
  15. My dk leopard costume lasted 6seconds

    I understand now. I believe this is because it was a 5 day costume in which the countdown started when the mail was received.