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  1. Balance is here screenshot!

    Upload the pictures to imgur please I've also been since some really great feedback in regards to the balance patch. @Dave, @Dannyboi, and the rest of the testers did a truly remarkable job. I'm making it a top priority to make it easier for Dave and Dannyboi to continue working on balance and getting their updates into the balance testing channel and live server as quick as possible.
  2. Server Down?

    The login server was down due to a DDoS attack. It wasn't able to affect the server. I've rerouted traffic and the login server should be back online within 5 minutes from this post.
  3. Server Population

    We're the most active and longest running private server. Player online count ranges from 300~700 depending on day of the week and time of day.
  4. I Cant access my account sir.

  5. Server Connection Failed

    Should be online now -- my apologies for the inconvenience.
  6. Server Connection Failed

    Update -- Looks like I accidentally also restarted Ark as well. Everything will be online in 2 minutes.
  7. Server Connection Failed

    Khaleesi, Lurile, and DKS were restarting. Ark has been online and stayed online. Please try now.
  8. Please register with that link.
  9. This is a good server?

    We're not pay to win. The only items in the D-Shop that give PvP/PK advantage are D-Shop buffs, and they can also be obtained for free (without paying any money) through the D-Exchange. Dekaron is a PvP / PK game. It's no fun if it's not fair. Making sure the game is fair is one of our highest priorities. And to add a few things... We're the reason that private servers are as advanced as they are. We pioneered A9 and made it work. If it wasn't for us, all servers would still be using the A3 server files with the old 1-9 skillbar and tons of bugs. We're the longest running A9 server since we were the first to make it work. Rising has been open since 2003. Every other private server is using an outdated version of our server files that ended up leaking. We're the most active private server in terms of player count. Naturally. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Also, if I may ask, how did you hear about Dekaron Rising?
  10. GM check the pinned post in my ticket support coz i change name from BWTituS to iMischief and i still want to get my costume back thats all gm tnx 

    1. Nitex


      I am replying to all tickets now, be patient you will have your costume very soon. 

  11. Weapon look

    I will look into this and see if I can make it happen.
  12. Costume Gone

    Can confirm this is an issue with the balance channel. Just make a ticket with your character name and the costume you had. You will be sent the coins for the full amount of the costume (so if you had 100 days on your costume you can buy the same one and have 365 days or buy a different costume) as compensation for the issue. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  13. [Resolved] Server Status: Online

    Ark and Khaleesi took a little more work than I thought, they are fixed now.
  14. [Resolved] Server Status: Online

    My first priority was to get the server back online. My priority now is to conduct an investigation on why it crashed and see if I could prevent the issue from reoccuring in the future. I will see if there are any GMs online.
  15. [Resolved] Server Status: Online

    All channels will be online within 1 minute.