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  1. Really

    Name hacks are really easy to perform but really hard to patch. That's why most name hackers are children with nothing better to do. Names in the program are part of the "stack" of the exe (since the chat function grabs the name from the "core" of the exe) so any modifications around that area would have a high risk to cause instability.
  2. Please help me out

    1. Nitex


      Will check it out. 

    2. NobelKnight


      Nitex, i am heartbroken, any news for me? I hope the pics i posted were enough to prove i am not lying. Please, check the logs q.q

  3. How do I hit DarkAvatar 9times?

    It's not a bug. Characters can dodge dark avatar if they see you casting it and run away. The best time to use the skill and get it to hit 9 times is to land it right on top of your enemy while they are casting a skill (and not moving).
  4. When you get a chance could you look at the last PM i sent you please? 

    I feel as if it would be a neat lil idea to do :)

  5. Share your mistakes

    One time I added a new item into the game with an update and shortly after seeing the update went well, I went to sleep. I woke up to find out I forgot to set the price for the item, and everyone had got the item from the shop for free. I ended up having to restart the server and delete it from everyone's characters. One time I was manually changing a password and I forgot part of the query that indicated which account... so every single person's password got changed. I had to shut the server down and restore the (account) database to a backup that was taken an hour before the mistake.
  6. CH 1 DOWN???

    Fixed it, sorry about that.
  7. cant connect to channels

    Ark channels are back online.
  8. CH 1 DOWN???

    Ark has been repaired. It's back online now.
  9. Hotfix Lurille!

    Lurile has been restarted and candy/fish/buffs have been disabled.
  10. Im back

    Welcome back!
  11. Anoying Hacker/Cheater

    Please post your screenshot/video evidence.

    No, that's obviously a name hacker from another (dead) server.

    PM me any information you have, I will see what I can track down.

    I'm updating the anti hack as we speak. There is only so much we can do because of the way Dekaron is programmed. Seeing as these hacks aren't meant to benefit the player but rather hurt the server (map vac), it's likely other jealous servers doing this.
  15. Can you please check you pm or go see my thread in ticket support, it is donation related.