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  1. OPEN LETTER FOR [GM]Dannyboi

    These comments are enough to get you banned from the event, and even the game. Do not victimize yourself when you break the game rules. /Locked
  2. OPEN LETTER FOR [GM]Dannyboi

    I haven't confirmed what has happened yet with [GM]Danny, but I will provide some general input. It's hard to confirm 100% which players are teaming and which players are not. Unfortunately, GMs have to be harsh on such behavior because teaming is unfair for everyone participating in the event. That said, if you did not intend to be teaming and it was in fact a matter of strategy, then I apologize that you had such trouble with the event. Because of the way Dekaron is set up, it's impossible for us to detect and completely deter teaming from taking place. Events like this are fun for the players and so GMs throw them, but this puts a lot of pressure on GMs to try to make them as fair as possible. Trying so hard to make the event fair for everyone can sometimes lead to being too strict, as with what happened in your case. I will discuss with the staff to see what we can come up to improve how we handle teaming. It would be disappointing if we had to stop events like this from being thrown, but if we can't make them fair we may have to do so or make them for "fun only."
  3. Update Failed

    Before you try the manual patch, please try to fix the launcher. It is a better idea so you don't have to use the manual patch every time we add an update. To fix the launcher try the following things: Run the launcher as administrator Temporarily disable your firewall and antivrius (ESPECIALLY WINDOWS DEFENDER) Make sure the game is not running when you launch the updater. Try running the launcher in compatibility mode.
  4. Rising became Strange

    Thank you for the feedback and possible bug report. Please provide me with your character name (open a ticket and just link this topic along and write your character name if you don't want to post it publicly) so I can check some logs and see if I see anything.
  5. I hope you see and answer this question.

    The server is online and we have hundreds of players online right now. If you can't connect, please try temporarily turning off your firewall and or antivirus.
  6. Since these players are spreading rumors about the server and our GMs being "corrupt" -- I'd like to provide the real reason for these two players getting permanently banned. My reason for posting this is to provide you with the actual story, since some of these salty players are spreading false rumors (see below). What actually happened: Starting from the top. [GM]Fayth was throwing an EXP event where players were instructed not to PK. Snooki ignored the rules and PKed. Fayth took her aside during the event (inconveniencing and making all loyal players that were patiently waiting for the EXP event to continue) and Fayth told Snooki to please stop PKing players. After several warnings, Snooki continued and even said "jail me," which Fayth did. After the temporary ban was up, Snooki was removed from jail. After a few days, we received and anonymous tip saying that Snooki took Zypher/xKenta's set while he/she was in jail. Zypher/xKenta was jailed for botting. EVIDENCE LINK. We investigated the matter and logs showed that there was some trade activity on xKenta/Zypher's account despite the fact that he/she was in jail. We logged into Zyphers account and confirmed that his set was indeed gone. After confirming these actions, we banned Snooki and xKenta/Zypher. Snooki later admitted to doing so and claimed "I didn't know it was against the rules". Didn't know it was against the rules to intentionally get yourself temp jailed so you can grab a set from your friend who was perma banned and leave. Funny. False allegations being spread: Instead of taking responsibility for being caught, these players think that they'll gain something from spreading false rumors and lies about the server and our loyal staff. Rumor: "GMs are stealing sets of jailed players" Why it's false: GMs cannot steal the sets of jailed players. Staff can NOT log into the accounts of players unless I give them an access key to the account. There is no way for anyone, even me, to see the passwords of accounts though. The only thing I can do is create a temporary access key to an account and give it to a GM (if it is needed for an investigation). This has happened less than 12 times since the server has opened many years ago. _____ Our staff team consisted of some really great people that I'm honored to work with. We're not perfect, but we're always improving. Most of the staff communicates night and day with each other around the clock and it really takes a lot of dedication to make Rising possible. It is disappointing to see such immaturity come from players, but it's normal every once in a while. Thanks for reading!
  7. someone else with login problen?

    We're working on it, I am very sorry
  8. Can't log in

    Apologies for the issue guys. A security check in the server was tripped and it caused the server to go into lock down mode. We've taken care of it and everything is back online. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
  9. Things and stuff

    *puppy face* can I have one
  10. Launcher Issue

    While this is a working solution, it's not the one we want to start with because it forces the player to rely on the manual patch for each update, which is far less convenient than being able to use the launcher. @iRayne what version of the installer are you using? Have you tried restarting your computer and running as admin?

  12. sir i have a problem in my client , i cant play since yesterday evrytime i tried to play the program will always get close . help me fix this sirrrr



    Glad to see this. Enjoy the game!
  14. Can't Log In

    Please try turning off Windows Defender and Windows Firewall (or any other firewalls) -- something on your PC is blocking the game from connecting to the server.