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  1. Been a while. Hi y'all :3

    Nice to see you again man! Now would be a good time to join actually. The end-game set (Teragrace) has been out for long enough to where it is not that expensive, and there won't be a new set out any time soon.
  2. How's the server holding up :P

    Been a while since I checked on Rising 

  3. mean while

    Oh my, the shade..! Please don't flame. It's OK to post content like this, but personal attacks like "gaymants" are not allowed.
  4. Sick of AK's

    I've noted this down for the next update.
  5. May take a Break/temporary/Forever

    We're working on some new content (dungeons) and planning some PvP events. Thank you for your feedback, you were a great player. Hope to see you return some day :).
  6. Take A Peek

    The drop rate on L2 is ridiculously low, indeed :). I'm very happy to see people farming them as "collectible" items -- this was our exact intention for them. Really nice job so far!

    Everyone watch out.. don't look them in the eyes or you'll turn to stone.
  8. Roasteed is not your angel or hero

    This isn't court. This is an online game where almost every single action in game is tracked. There's no need to debate whether someone is innocent or guilty when you can just look at logs. I'm locking this thread and removing the content. There's no need to drag this issue out further or cause any more drama. For those that needed an explanation (for whatever reason), Scarling has given you that. In terms of the final actions we'll be taking against Roasteed, I will finish looking at the logs and decide this Friday. Roasteed did throw some nice events, but the fact of the matter is he betrayed all of you as players by abusing his GM commands. Our #1 priority on Rising is to keep the game fair and we do not tolerate this.
  9. Nitex I need youuuuuu

    Sure, I'll post the password here too so everyone can log into it and steal your items. (Make a ticket).
  10. sir, why i cant create an acc? my friends want to play dekaron too, but we cant register


  11. Didn't get my vip

    There is already a character named "{VIP}Bleeds", so the system failed. Is this a new character? Maybe someone deleted the auto-generated character named "Bleeds" that was generated when they did that. Do you want a different VIP name?
  12. DEKARON RISING at its finest

    Sent you some coins :).
  13. So naive.

    The A9 server files that leaked were from Japan, where this is mandated by law. We removed the code so it doesn't actually cause any actual change in exp, but the text still appears for some reason.
  14. im waiting

    I won't remove this thread, but please don't post threads that can lead to flame wars. Dekaron: No Mercy for the Weak, No Pity for the Dying .. unless you are in a safe zone map! /locked