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  1. Hey Nitex can you help me with being able to connect to server? I havent been able to get past the log in screen. Do I need to change my compatibility to this?

    1. jaskile12


      Check your firewall (see if dekaronrising is blocked or not) and make sure you allow it and also check if your antivirus is on(try turn it off) and after try to connect ;)

    2. Arcadian08


      I had it working last night, but now its not letting me in. Anitvirus, defender, firewall are all turned off. I put it in compatibility mode and running on XP Service pack 3. Any other ideas? 

  2. How to edit textures?

    Hey! First you need to be able to view/open textures. A good program for this is "XnView". You can download it for free and then open the textures in C:/Dekaron Rising/data/texture/ -- which texture is which is pretty self explanatory as they are organized by folder. Then to edit them, click the "save" button in XnView, save them as PNG, then open them in the editor of your choice (Photoshop for example). Once you are done editing, save them in the highest quality PNG as possible (PNG32) and preserve transparency (this is done automatically if you are saving them in the highest quality PNG format) and simply rename the file from .png to .dds to make it a DDS file. Good luck! Show us what you make :).
  3. Coins

    Just fixed it, you should have your coins in a few hours. Sorry about that.Just fixed it, you should
  4. Coins

    Just fixed it, you should have your coins in a few hours. Sorry about that.
  5. Segnale

    We've developed Segnale to be very flexible on this server. You can be a pro healer or go PvP build, as CHRIS said. A lot of Segnale players are really happy with how we've made it work.
  6. Awsome GM/OPR App

    Scarling firing shots, haha. Thanks for the application!
  7. Didnt recivve costume

    Refunded you 9,000 coins. Sorry for that bug!
  8. loveeye back niggas :D

    Nice to see you back. You were a crazy Aloken.
  9. I haz returned!

    Whoah, a great Summoner has returned! Welcome back!
  10. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    Great list. My addition: 7. Don't share accounts. We get a lot of tickets concerning someone who has been "hacked" that have ultimately turned out to be people who shared accounts and had their items stolen by their "friend."
  11. i cant make a game account

    It's fixed. Try the page now.
  12. Registration Down again

    Fixed it. Thanks for reporting.
  13. Server Down!!!

    Server was down for 5 minutes due to incoming DDoS flood. Within 1-2 minutes the firewall activated and the server came back online. Thanks.
  14. Outlaw guild

    You made a guild before right? I remember a really strong "Outlaw" guild in the past :).
  15. Game Acoount tools are still down.

    Game account tools are back online :).