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  1. Weapon drop rate is too low in Arcadia..

    Those weapons are the most powerful weapons in game, it's not going to be a high drop rate.
  2. Applying GM/MOD

    You have one post, sorry but this won't go anywhere until you are an established player and member of the community.
  3. [Resolved] Server down

    Same, ahahaha. I read this and for the third time I said to myself (fuck fuck fuck).
  4. sir please banned xCrimson he scammed me

  5. sir please banned scammer xCrimson

  6. lag

    Are you experiencing latency lag or FPS lag?
  7. Framerate issues again

    Now that it is spring break I have time to work on the comprehensive client revamp to make it run a lot smoother. Right now the anti hack/encryption might be causing the framerate bug that affects a small number of users. What kind of processor do you have? Dekaron is single threaded, which means it can only utilize one core. So if you have like 8 cores it can only really use 1/8th of your processor. I could also send you a few test files to see if they improve the FPS in any way.
  8. Your feedback is appreciated, but it would be nicer if you titled it "Some feedback and suggestions about the event" rather than "events suck so bad". The GMs work hard to make the game fun for you. It's not nice to bash them.
  9. It's a DDoS attack, I am working on it.
  10. Disconnected from server?

    Server is back online, repairs have been made. Apologies for the downtime guys, it seems the server overloaded.

    Sneaky :). Guild members in the screenshot will receive the Siege Winner's Emblem.
  12. sir did u see my message? please fix this

  13. HACKER !

    Send me the name, I IP ban them.
  14. About Lordofking ban etc

    If you have proof, send it to me and I will take appropriate action. We don't ban under speculative circumstances.