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  1. Disconnecting

    It could be a DDoS. I will turn on monitoring and check the traffic. I'll get back to you today.
  2. Disconnected

    Server went down, we're investigating why. I got the notice earlier but I wasn't able to do anything because I was on a train :/. I'm working on it now, will get it up within 15 minutes and then investigate the cause. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  3. please check inbox and tickets please

  4. hi its been a while

    @Dannyboi I've just added Dave to the balance document - please approve his access and check Discord. Also, meet eachother :).
  5. Sign up bug or account bug

    This is not possible. Please ensure that you are typing the username correctly as it is case sensitive. If you want, give me the character name and I will tell you the exact username of it.
  6. Nothing fixes the 99% crash..

    Have you tried turning off Windows Defender?
  7. Launcher problem destroying the game

    Disable Windows Defender Real Time Protection. It scans apps and causes issues with games because games use a lot of files. https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/3569-turn-off-windows-defender-real-time-protection-windows-10-a.html
  8. Launcher problem destroying the game

    Our launcher is compatible with all versions of Windows (including Windows 10). The only one with some issues is Windows XP. What issue are you having? I'm confident I can resolve it within a few minutes. It's usually just a firewall or anti virus blocking the launcher.
  9. Clean up of old unopened topics

    Which topics are you talking about?
  10. Bon3 2v2 PTM

    Can you upload a version of this to Google Drive for me? I would like to use it for advertising (I could download it for youtube but youtube's compression messes some stuff up).
  11. [Info] Draco the new PK Spot

    Thanks, good info. Side note: I need your help with balancing, can you join our discord chanel? It's much easier for me to communicate via Discord than it is Skype.
  12. Hi everyone, It seems that we've received a lot of requests to make Draco Desert the new PK spot. All we have to do for this is to disable Parca PK and make it a Safezone. I would like to ask, though, is there anything else you guys would like us to do in order to improve Draco as the new future PK spot? Update is coming today or tomorrow. Thanks, Nitex
  13. hi sir, please remove 195 2handed axe light blue..i see 195 lvl and 180 lvl its the same..

    i got scam..he trade me 195 then he change to 180 lvl

    i pay him 5b of dils,then he gone

    the name is "NewFolder4" ill pm him to get back my 5b dils but he's not online anymore.

    can u pm him for me to get back my dils??

    ill farm so hard but 5b dils is useless..so sad T.T

    1. Eiffar


      please GM


  14. Ark Channel

    It went down due to overloading during the event. It is back online now.
  15. can you fix the limit of the shop nitex? bcoz im having a trouble with my dils , :(((( Gm ladykawaii knows my problem i thought the shop doesnt have limit ,my problem is  i lost my 2.2b dils in my shop while were doing vend selling when my buyer bought my 1st potion 3.2 dils it works then i thought the shop has no limit (dils) thats why i did not withdrew the 3.2 when my buyer bought 2nd potion it cost 2.2b dils my dils still 3.2b dilsss :'( im newbie here im asking for your help nitex