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  1. [Resolved] Server Status: Online

    Ark and Khaleesi took a little more work than I thought, they are fixed now.
  2. [Resolved] Server Status: Online

    My first priority was to get the server back online. My priority now is to conduct an investigation on why it crashed and see if I could prevent the issue from reoccuring in the future. I will see if there are any GMs online.
  3. [Resolved] Server Status: Online

    All channels will be online within 1 minute.
  4. [Resolved] Server Status: Online

    Working on it right now. Thank you for your patience.
  5. Try the following in this order. Turn off Windows Defender (google "how to turn off Windows Defender on Windows x) If that doesn't work... Go to C:/Dekaron Rising/bin/ Right click "dkrising.exe" -> Properties -> Run as Administrator Try different compatibility settings. Usually Windows 7 works best. If that doesn't work..... See if you have any other Antivirus OR Firewall running that could be blocking the game. Try turning them off to see if they are the problem, then turn them back on and add exceptions.
  6. Failed connection

    Just finished fixing it. It was a DDoS attack on the login server.
  7. Arcane DOWN?

    Overloaded, it's loading back up and should be online within 2 minutes of this post.
  8. Seou's Patch Preview

    It might be a better idea to make the teleport to Elonohm open for all players and instead teleport winning guild member to another map where they could farm cosmetic items instead. We will discuss this.
  9. I checked the same statistics in 2016, the difference was very minimal. The shop characters don't impact this pie chart significantly.
  10. Hi players, I thought it'd be interesting to show you some of our custom analytics data. I got the idea after I saw a player making an observation about a character increasing in popularity because it's "OP". Of course, there's a lot of reasons why some classes might be more popular than others. For example, the new classes may be less popular because their items haven't been in the economy for a very long time and class items are pricey. Also, if you have any data analytics requests you can feel free to post them here and I can see if I can put them together. Graph Information: Grabbed every character that has logged in from the period below then grouped by class. As you can see, as of right now 7/12 of the classes are 8% or 9%. If each class was played by the same number of players, they would all be at 8%. Note: Each chart is from a different time period.
  11. whats with alo nowadays?

    I'm sorry, but your theory seems to be false.
  12. fix dshop didnt get points

    We suffered a small server outage. it has been fixed, you will have your coins automatically within a few hours. All future donations will be instant. Apologies for the small delay. Please let us know if you don't get them.
  13. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    Feedback is important and valued, though we do take into consideration the obvious bias. That said, I'd really like to avoid having to lock this topic. Please stay on topic and do not flame. Warnings and bans will be administered if needed.
  14. Rising is in risk [Answered by Nitex]

    Thank you for the feedback. I know it seemed like every update made the game easier but it's not the case. We wanted to make the game easier for new players to get integrated. However, adding several changes to new player experience at once would not have been a good idea. That is why we spread the changes out by updates, tested the new player experience and monitored how many new players were "giving up" and when, and then added changes over time. We've reached our goal in terms of new player retention rate. We won't be making the game much more easier. And also, there are still a lot items that take a really long time and a lot of effort to achieve. You may have forgotten some since you've been a higher player for a while ;). Thank you for the feedback!
  15. Hi, A bug with Windows Defender causes big programs to load slowly. Here is a simple picture guide to fix it on Windows 10 -- it is the same process to fix it for other versions of Windows but the bug mainly happens on Windows 10. Post here if you need any more help. Done.
  16. Cant decide :s

    People have learned how to properly combo and not just spam the meister skills. Like all skills there's ups and downs to them, and now that they have been properly scaled and balanced I think the game is in a better state. All that's left is balancing a few classes.
  17. This is Nice !

    I could definitely add this. Korea actually did just add some new PvP maps. We wouldn´t have the UI or automatic functionality, but with some GM commands we could make it work manually. In fact, I think we could just use the 7v7v7 system that already exists for Party PvP. Also, I´m thinking about increasing the max HP and Shield across the board (for all classes), just need to make sure there aren´t any negative effects.
  18. Soon To Wipe out !!

    Whenever a server goes down, I could just reboot it quickly and not know why it crashed, or I could investigate why it crashed and possibly prevent the same crash from happening in the future. This was the case with Lurile, which is now online.
  19. new player here

    Welcome to the server!
  20. My character got erased!!!

    There´s no way characters would randomly get erased. The only way is for manual in game deletion. If you provide me with the character name of the character that was deleted I could check to see when it was deleted and by which IP.
  21. Bon3Harrass3r

    PKing isn´t against the rules, don´t spread misinformation. I wonder how many KOS lists you´re going to be on, though..
  22. Nice to be Active in forums :)

    Not really sure I understand the point of this topic.
  23. Connection Failed

    The server is back online.
  24. how long ?

    The server is back online, apologies for the issues.