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    rising is confronting with 2 problems atm: its being under ddos attack has a client exe bug that crashes in crowded places such as siege/df/dksq
  3. [08/01/2017]Siege Madness

    good question. I believe you'll find everyone chilling in ardeca.
  4. what a warm welcome

    actually he was pretty spot on.
  5. Haiii sers just for fun :D

    My reaction when watching this shit.
  6. whats the best stats for black wizard

    Nerf Tsunami & AzaNezz pls.
  7. Narukes

    actually I meant 75% chance of dropping a +9 piece. Not a Naruke.
  8. Narukes

    how about making it a 75% chance of One dropping, sir?
  9. Some oldskool stuff

    Yeah, it's still snowing xD! I don't know how to fix that.
  10. Some oldskool stuff

    which is what? the orbiting sparkle at the tip of the wep?
  11. [Forum Event] Holiday Screenshot

    stealing ideas now, are we?
  12. Some oldskool stuff

    You extract into your game folder, ofc. By normal map theme, I assume Ardeca? Just navigate to */Dekaron Rising\data\texture\maptile and replace the contents of ardeca_winter folder with the contents of ardeca folder.
  13. Purchase Points?

    This is more feedback than a suggestion, but a suggestion more or less. And yea, it's based on a personal frustration, what kind of feedback would it be otherwise? Dk Square is either inactive or it's full of 10s raping new-to-mid comers, seemingly just for the lols (they're maxed rank, so no PP gain). We need a way to separate low geared from high geared players. And a good idea that I can come up with to somehow ease it up is by adding PP to monsters in DF. Maybe use my suggestion of Ice Castle for it - pure PP DF?. But it needs to be at a lower PP gain than DK square. Dragons and kamats are evidently meant for endgame or towards-endgame geared people. You can't possibly imagine a 170+9 geared fellow farm dragons/kamats on a daily basis, it's lunacy. The way it is now it's like progressing easily and smoothly towards 190ish with your 170 +9 ungemmed gears and then hitting a brick wall when you're attempting to ascend for more advanced stuff (pic). Like Dragonic Squama, 3% pk/pvp damage tolerance gems, those purely defensive items that you require to survive a PVP-based content like DK square to gain access to even more advanced stuff like tera gears and +10 tera gears. Dragonic Squama and the gems need to be more accessible. And there are 2 options: Find a way to separate high geared players from lower geared players to balance the pvp out and ease the access to advanced defensive items - which seems highly unlikely, I'd rather use Ice Castle to give max ranked people a way to gain PP - or: More accessible defensive stuff: Dragonic Squama and 3% pk/pvp belt gems getting their price cut by 90% (cut a 0 from the end of the price value) - the option which I like more. What I mean by that is we need to find a way to allow mid-game geared people (170+9) to connect towards end-game content (dk square, dragons and kamats, siege, pk wars, etc.) easier, and squama and 3% gems are the best way to go. This is, of course, to encourage the endgame PVP/PK aspect of the game in a fairly manner. Otherwise the prices on the market will remain the same with 10-11 digits regardless of how much of a struggle you guys went through to deflate the market because Dil is still easier to get than squama and the gems previously mentioned. Note that I emphasized "defensive" and I didn't include offensive ones because those are the only ones needed for a higher survivability rate in dk-sq. I don't need shitty remarks like "stop the QQ" from people who are obviously end-game geared. Things have changed a lot and you can't possibly understand it unless you're actually going through it again.
  14. Price range?

    What's the approximate Dil price range for a 3% pk/pvp damage tolerance gem?
  15. This is for everyone like me who loves the old default makeup of the game. The old default yellow-gold glow for weapons and armors +7~+10: Default glows.zip (thanks to ModernDayDelilah for helping) The old default mouse cursors: Default cursors.zip