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  1. How to edit textures?

    ok i have edited the wings i wanted, but now i cant seem to find this glow.. ive changed about a billion files and nothing has changed the red Glow around the wings
  2. Hey Guys! So recently i became interested in Editing Textures files because why not.. anyways for my first attempt just too so how it works and what not i made my Guild a Custom Guild mark that Kinda went with the Theme. Hope you guys Enjoy http://prntscr.com/dy732y
  3. [FIX] 99% Client Crash

    Did u try running it in Windows 8 or 7 Compatibility? or anything lower?
  4. How to edit textures?

    Thanks man ill get to work hopefully i can make some thing people like Edit: Also wich would the wings be located under? Costumes?
  5. How to edit textures?

    Hey guys, so i was chillin and looking at the Mods section of the forums and kinda wanted to try to one myself.. and i was Wondering if anyone could Explain what File i would have to edit to change the colors and such of wings and Costumes. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Outlaw guild

    I am currently in game right now Shoot me a PM if u want an invite {VIP}Rustybro or Nividia
  7. My donation is Delayed

    You should make a Ticket Here And provide as much Detail as possible so that Nitex Can fix ur issue This section is More for Tech questions that are answered by the Playing Community. Hope your issue is resolved
  8. BloodFallen (OPR) / GM Application

    Personally i dont feel like this is the Proper thread for all of this Nonsense.. We are adults right? Sure doesnt seem like it right now.
  9. I haz returned!

    Welcome back man! just recently Getting back into the swing of things myself after Being away since Rising was known as"uprising" and still in its A3 Version. Anyways glad to have you back in-game
  10. DeadFront Issues

    So Everytime i do Deadfront it seems to disagree with the game and it makes me crash.. but it only Happens at the Very end of DF after it all be done and said.. Because of this i have missed out on Mulitple Win lootings and its kinda depressing doing all that and not getting any reward if we win. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this issue? Only happens at end of DF
  11. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    Same just record it and problem solved, but for the most part if im needing to spend Dillz on d coins then somethings wrong if i need them i will just Donate so that i can help out the server at the same time.
  12. Outlaw guild

    I wasn't the Leader of it but i was in it, really enjoyed the atmosphere that was included in it so figured id Remake it since the Old one doesn't seem to be around anymore, im just hoping it Turns out just as well as it did before.
  13. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    yea thats about as far as ive gotten when it comes to trading players so far as im not very geared or in any Situation that i can sell things
  14. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    For myself i just had both my accounts on when i was selling D coins.. they would purchase an item from my one acc for a set price that we had discussed and then once i see the money Enter my shop i hit Enter on my other acc wich is already at the Confirm send screen of said item that they were wanting to purchase and i usually wait around just to prove that ive sent it. Then again not everyone is trust worthy

    This could also leave your computer at risk for any attacks that may occur.