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  1. MM

    Need MM come EMB pls. Fast >.< thanks
  2. Ark Channel

    Can't connect to Ark Channel right now >.< anyone knows?
  3. New Forum Signature [Event]

    Can you send me some pics of your GM char with different postures ma'am/sir so i can make you a Gif. pic ^^
  4. Quick Suggestion(DK skill)

    But we want it to be more effective even lag. ???? just like the skills of other class
  5. To [GM]Adori

    +1 +1!????????????
  6. Patch 13.2 Released

    Can't connect to the game GM >.< it always says "connection failed" T__T
  7. Patch 13.2 Released

    Nice Update
  8. [Guide] How to fix Latency

    Thanks sir ^^ helped us a lot!
  9. Quick Suggestion(DK skill)

    He's right sir. Pls Fix it
  10. Can you fix the DK skill(Charge Diss) please? it always interupt when we're using it >.<
  11. A Photo At Braiken <3

    yeah when you're at PT pvp map. Or Open menu and click character. (both of the player must do it) after that. one of you will go to that map
  12. http://imgur.com/a/AWFjV can you put something like this to Game Account Tools please? just incase we forgot the e-mail of our ingame account. (because it is the only way to recover our ingame account)

    Oh yeah! hahaha XD ^^
  14. More events

    I prefer EXP event but the only problem was the Server (i think?) coz the server causes too much lag. we cant even log in >.<