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  1. New class?

    I want the New Class to be Assassin or Gunner *o* can't wait to see it XD
  2. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    Is this only available for Skills?
  3. SexyRexy WTS/T List

    Ohh. Okay, Thanks sir ^^
  4. SexyRexy WTS/T List

    May I ask something sir??? *How to put colors on your posts sir?
  5. MM

    Need MM come EMB pls. Fast >.< thanks
  6. Ark Channel

    Can't connect to Ark Channel right now >.< anyone knows?
  7. New Forum Signature [Event]

    Can you send me some pics of your GM char with different postures ma'am/sir so i can make you a Gif. pic ^^
  8. Quick Suggestion(DK skill)

    But we want it to be more effective even lag. ???? just like the skills of other class
  9. To [GM]Adori

    +1 +1!????????????
  10. Patch 13.2 Released

    Can't connect to the game GM >.< it always says "connection failed" T__T
  11. Patch 13.2 Released

    Nice Update
  12. [Guide] How to fix Latency

    Thanks sir ^^ helped us a lot!
  13. Quick Suggestion(DK skill)

    He's right sir. Pls Fix it
  14. Can you fix the DK skill(Charge Diss) please? it always interupt when we're using it >.<