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  1. HeXXeD OPR Application

    There no nothing leaning towards any type of geared or not geared players. You mean reading between the lines which there isn't anything to do such. Warning point issued for racism. You thread jacked first with your fight for lowbies when there was nothing against lowbies even said. If the server is so shitty do not bother to even log on our shitty forums and go to another server that has the population of 12 members.
  2. WindyWaves GM application

    Idk we can be pretty hostile here at times..... Erhm.....
  3. Awsome GM/OPR App

    Not fully back til after Feb 2nd. Final move and will be settled. That is good, just need nudged to be more active on forums. Shhhh >:L
  4. {VIP}Ysamich OPR Application

    @gracefully needs to learn to edit posts not double post. Good luck Ysam
  5. MrFisty's OPR Application

    Good luck!
  6. WindyWaves GM application

    What server were you GM on in the past, why are you no longer there? As well people become more active on forums, 2 posts and both are simply in here. Should have probably at least 12 posts even if its just the market section or commenting on patch notes lol
  7. Atlanti OPR Application

    No death threats please senpai. People take breaks from the server. I take breaks on occasion or else I'd kill everyone with Cheru all day long D: You need to respect fellow staff members, if you wish to become staff ever. If they have a tag that means they are helping to improve game play for YOU and other players. You should respect that. You should respect the fact that in their free time instead of enjoying the game and pking people, farming and doing dksq they are taking the time to instead answer questions, middle man and throw events. You should respect the fact he was choose to be staff and hasnt done anything to lose staff trust or faith in him OR ANY STAFF MEMBERS for that matter who are currently on our roster. You were not offered a position to decline. As well after reading your last 3 posts I think you should wait 2 years and work on learning how to be a decent human being before applying again. Topic is now locked end of discussion do not PM me asking to rekindle my decision.
  8. {VIP}KimTan OPR application

    Personally I think this guys a tool D: But he is a good player so why not make him our tool >.>
  9. Awsome GM/OPR App

    if 28 is too young then I need to resign as I am 26 and have been working on pservers since i was 19..... Now that I think about it all of our staff except Ezra needs to resign including Nitex LOL
  10. I haz returned!

    That name though o.o Welcome back!
  11. BloodFallen (OPR) / GM Application

    Given the proof and your behavior on this thread its a hard no from me.
  12. problem with game

    You need to grab the manual patch for the stuck launcher. As for blurred words it is your side not ours, you need to match up your display settings for your computer with the game.
  13. Narukes

    You get many good items from Ishtar in ardeca across from the skill npcs, you can get noble souls which get upgraded to angelic x3, and you can get a des aries buffs and so on @Nabeshin do not double post use the plus sign to multiquote.
  14. Narukes

    Please dont double post, its clear you know how to multiquote lol. My suggestion was to make only narukes and accessories drop in 181 since it is where everyone goes for exp anyway. A pet is 10 tokens for a month? The undo boxes are 5 lol its not that much of a loss to get one pet once and farm ALL your narukes.
  15. Narukes

    Will make the suggestion of pet anyway because you can get one from Karin for daily log in cheap. Set it to pick up misc items only. Also making a suggestion change to Nitex we will see if it is implanted to make things easier