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  1. problem with game

    You need to grab the manual patch for the stuck launcher. As for blurred words it is your side not ours, you need to match up your display settings for your computer with the game.
  2. Narukes

    You get many good items from Ishtar in ardeca across from the skill npcs, you can get noble souls which get upgraded to angelic x3, and you can get a des aries buffs and so on @Nabeshin do not double post use the plus sign to multiquote.
  3. Narukes

    Please dont double post, its clear you know how to multiquote lol. My suggestion was to make only narukes and accessories drop in 181 since it is where everyone goes for exp anyway. A pet is 10 tokens for a month? The undo boxes are 5 lol its not that much of a loss to get one pet once and farm ALL your narukes.
  4. Narukes

    Will make the suggestion of pet anyway because you can get one from Karin for daily log in cheap. Set it to pick up misc items only. Also making a suggestion change to Nitex we will see if it is implanted to make things easier
  5. Stat regens can be found at Stacy in ardeca for 50 fragments I believe, they used to be 75 but that was too much to farm for. Lmao Ha you die with a pixel breeze blown on you! The original idea which was fought against was to have +10 osm drop for noobies... I made this suggestion in place of that, so the osm sets would still have a selling value for everyone instead of them turning to be 3mil. Players will have a decent set to farm in for their final sets or for osm. Since the 130s was not working out as well as planned. For those complaining about the collector factor; I had 4 sets +9 130 3 i made and 1 i bought then 3 months later +9 was given for free. I had a +9 dksq set for hunter also a collector factor made by me, it is now equal to a +0 after the revamp of the set. You do not know pain hush.
  6. The exe wont allow it sadly, I've pushed for this before and explained why given pets out for events makes no sense when you can only have one and need to destroy before you can awaken a new one even if the sleeping pet is in stash. ------------- This is for everyone As for wings, get over it please you can get them or not they make you look prettier. There also should be new free wings, which I suggested before and was probably ignored on -lol- Which would be 170 wings with the same stats as dshop wings but look like normal class wings recolored and cost Narukes to get anywhere from 500-1k.
  7. GM... my 2 chars now stuck in deadlands... iRULED and iiRULED OPR adori said il go there! DAFQ! can u unstuck THEM?!?

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. callmeruled


      re-patch again??? need ur professional skills here xD

    3. callmeruled


      i had manual patch w/ the latest but still have some error.

    4. [GM]SunChild


      You should probably just reinstall the whole game at this point it's clearly a file from the installation messed up and not one found in patches. 

  8. Help me, GM's.

    What operating system are you using? have you tried a compatibility mode?
  9. Weath`s application

    Last application you deleted you said yes to being banned.... And the one before that you said no....
  10. B> Mage Tera +10

    Buying Tera mage +10 Plain - Divine noble Need Gloves = 35k dshop gifts or 10bil or +10 DN Alo Tera gloves T +10 DN Tera Alo Gloves = Mage or AK +10 Tera S>180 +10 Bow = Offer
  11. Boxing Gloves For HALF-BAGI

    I didnt say it to you I quoted Ike lol personally I could careless let them all have them!
  12. Boxing Gloves For HALF-BAGI

    As Ezra said there isnt any for bw dk or hb, the boxing gloves were made before any of those characters were made. I asked Nitex about making them for the missing classes and he did not think there was a point to them having them. Even though i explained people use them when farming bosses and joke pvps.
  13. hacker (please read)

    Thank you for the report will be handled shortly, also moved to correct category for you.
  14. Nope Ike would have a fit and people would rage that they lost profit while at work Probably as well as our hallowblade wings and possibly the ghost wings. People cant have more than one pet (you must destroy your old pet before awakening a new one EVEN IF it is in your stash and not your bag) which is why we dont usually give out pets much. A mount would be best. I have an idea how about we just spawn 100 cheris on you and everyone can watch you die repeatedly while trying to kill one and then when it is half hp we reset all the bosses. <3 Ideas are to help everyone as a whole or 75% of the server not just cater to a singular being.