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  1. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    Thats what I was quoting if you can read. I didnt say that I didnt see him shouting for shits.
  2. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    All day long for 3 days? lmao So okay
  3. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    I dont get this. I was online and I did not notice any players needing MM or OPR. Boo! Ive been noticing this, I kept reading shits in forums and nothing in Game. If you guys want to ruin Rising, you should do any better than this.
  4. Taking Signature Request :)

    I am OP
  5. Roasteed's application

    lmao You cancelled and apply again? If i am Nitex, ofc no. But I am not.
  6. Taking Signature Request :)

    Can you make me one? Luffy in picture, moving, something cool, motivating, something green, AzaNezz on that.
  7. Accusation with no proofs

    I would love to fight them wahahahhaa
  8. Accusation with no proofs

    <3 i was inactive because of Holidays, im back. Leggo DKSQ?
  9. Accusation with no proofs

    Im Referring Tsunami, you know him? Im no Mage lol hahahaa Hello level 2 weak
  10. Players of Dekaron

    Okay Players of Dekaron.
  11. Accusation with no proofs

    That Mage is weak, yes weak as in weak. If you found that Mage hard to kill, you would accuse the Beast as Shield Hacker then. Mikoto is weak level 1 and you are weak level 2. ahahhahaa
  12. Want an Incar Magician Class Guide?

    I want to Learn about Mage, pwease make Guide. tq!

    I dont see a player name like that lel when was that?

    Nu. lel Who was him? He mentioned he started since Rising Started. lol
  15. [08/01/2017]Siege Madness

    OMG nooooooobz!