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  1. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    Thats what I was quoting if you can read. I didnt say that I didnt see him shouting for shits.
  2. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    All day long for 3 days? lmao So okay
  3. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    I dont get this. I was online and I did not notice any players needing MM or OPR. Boo! Ive been noticing this, I kept reading shits in forums and nothing in Game. If you guys want to ruin Rising, you should do any better than this.
  4. Taking Signature Request :)

    I am OP
  5. Roasteed's application

    lmao You cancelled and apply again? If i am Nitex, ofc no. But I am not.
  6. Taking Signature Request :)

    Can you make me one? Luffy in picture, moving, something cool, motivating, something green, AzaNezz on that.
  7. Accusation with no proofs

    I would love to fight them wahahahhaa
  8. Accusation with no proofs

    <3 i was inactive because of Holidays, im back. Leggo DKSQ?
  9. Accusation with no proofs

    Im Referring Tsunami, you know him? Im no Mage lol hahahaa Hello level 2 weak
  10. Players of Dekaron

    Okay Players of Dekaron.
  11. Accusation with no proofs

    That Mage is weak, yes weak as in weak. If you found that Mage hard to kill, you would accuse the Beast as Shield Hacker then. Mikoto is weak level 1 and you are weak level 2. ahahhahaa
  12. Want an Incar Magician Class Guide?

    I want to Learn about Mage, pwease make Guide. tq!

    I dont see a player name like that lel when was that?

    Nu. lel Who was him? He mentioned he started since Rising Started. lol
  15. [08/01/2017]Siege Madness

    OMG nooooooobz!
  16. would be nice to get some info

    Shit there were no people when I was active. xD I will rekt them
  17. Lack of Staff

    MrFisty for GM! So he will give +10s items to InvictuZ #DreamGreen
  18. would be nice to get some info

    Why you are telling them my secrets?
  19. Lack of Staff

    Holidays guys, its holidays. 4 years, have you noticed the word "Corruption?
  20. New players- Level 200 Grind

    I envy you for getting 190 in 2 days
  21. Try to read the updates, it will help.
  22. 195 Weaps are dropping in Arcadia Mobs name Kamats. I know a lvl 200 noob segnale (He has +7s sets and etc) who used to farm 195 weapons there, he told me that he was farming alone and sometimes he got 2 195 weapon in 30 minutes. Ez.
  23. @Nitex So level 200 DeadFront that gives PP next update? Please make DF only in Ark Channel for lvl 200 DF. As for the Winner Rewards, maybe you can assign a GM @Adori To be there sometimes or so for better Rewards. If you really put PP in DF specially for below 200 and good stuff in side Chest, you better make DF available only in Ark Channel, else it will be abused by some multi-clients users. And the idea of Competition will be gone. @Nabeshin Hi, some players complained the Game is now very easy. About leveling, leveling is now easier if you know level 190 Dungeon or Morse Yawalai. About Golds, there are many places to farm Golds for lowbie or newbie easier than Draco or Shadowkris. About DKSQ maybe It would be better if Nitex remove 3 minutes Penalty and make 60 minutes time or more so players that wants competition or better fight can just relog and go to other side. So we players can balance the DKSQ as we want. Example, Me and Tsunami only fights in DKSQ, we would love to be fight each other there. But if we are in the same Side we dont want to relog just to go to other side because it has 3 minutes penalty. Disadvantage of this are those multi-client users will abuse the shit, so players should not add those obvious Dummy or Alt inside the DKSQ so they cannot farm in that way Or make alternative way to let Newbie/Lowbie farm Squama, Lach, Colo Argates, and etc. So they wont use dummy/alt just to farm in DSKQ or lowbie wont be there just because of those stuffs. So then, Cap Geared or Players who loves PVP will do DKSQ even without rewards.
  24. whats the best stats for black wizard

    Dont bully the newbie guys, as pure heal he cannot wear any weapon. Theyre the End Game Bosses in the Last Part Story of Dekaron. For the NewBies and for Balds. Stats is Part of Dekaron GamePlay. It does not matter too much what your stats is, but...your GamePlay depends on your Stats. If you do Heal Build or Weapon Build Stats, it means you will have minimal dmgs and your GamePlay should be Disabler or Debuffer somehow. (You can Tank somehow in this Build) If you do Damage Build or Spr Build as Wiz, it means you will have high/huge dmg and your GamePlay should be Nuker or Dmg Maker somehow. (You get KB easily and Easy to kill in this Build) If you do Balance Build or Half Heal Half Spr as Wiz, it means you will do both or dependable of the Situation. As a Wizard you should know how to Kite every skills in the Game. Merry Christmas everyone!
  25. QuQ

    Same to you forum boi