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  1. Disconnecting

    We were getting disconnected more often even just we were sitting in Ardeca and so specially in when we were doing Bosses. Any else experienced the same? Sup Rising? lol
  2. Disconnecting

    Everyone in Main Guild InvictuZ got wiped out by "Mr.Disconnect" lol
  3. Disconnecting

    Is it true that only us in InvictuZ are getting this kind of Disconnecting Magic?
  4. Channel 3 (Lurile) Connection Failed .

    c3 is gone, people must learn how to use candies and fishes miahahha
  5. Disconnected

    Everyone got dced or just me?
  6. Disconnected

    Everyone cannot log-in I think
  7. Disconnected

    Wanted to tell everyone that come Arcadia sometimes so we can enjoy each other
  8. Disconnected

    Ooh my....was killing dragon and it was almost dead.
  9. This is Nice !

    And I wish theres like weekly 5 vs 5 or even 7 vs 7 with coins prizes. For this, atleast we have something to aim and to do. And so for ungeared to gear up to join that kind of little mini-tournament.
  10. This is Nice !

    People liking the fight like this and then after they experience real-fight in Game they QQ about candies, dshops, kites, and etc... and asking for c3 to let the fight end in a minute. lmao By the way, that video is too much...if it happens 1 left both sides it would have ended draw ?
  11. [Info] Draco the new PK Spot

    Almost. but then players just do some pk/wars where there are bosses or to do some activities. Like lately, InvictuZ and Pentagram had wars in Arcaidia for Dragons...Pentagram raped InvictuZ
  12. [Info] Draco the new PK Spot

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Beb it was my 5 yrs old brother did it wkwkwkwkw plssss no KOS me
  13. [Info] Draco the new PK Spot

    To make a sense. Go in Parca and try to make a PK for nothing. Did something happen? lol! Nothing. There were pretty PK or WAR when Dragons showed up but it didnt last that long because when lazy players got those stuffs they wont go thre anymore and so no more compentency is going to happen. So if there is nothing in Draco or Parca, PK or so-called War only happens when players are bored and dont even try to do a real skilled / strategic PK/WAR. This is bullshit. I miss the real PK/WAR where I was even doubting to flag 1st because I know i would be dead in a second if I do. To players who are worried about Draco is big and people will just run. Even in Parca if someone wanna run with their shits, they can easily run out. Why would you chase a DK if ever he runs so far? lol! And why would that DK run if he can kill you easily.
  14. [Info] Draco the new PK Spot

    Draco is already a PK spot since then, it is just the Players dont go there for shits and etc. Players themselves are lack of competency. Make Draco same as UC. Put Spawn Point in Draco Corner, it must be far so it wont be like Parca when Players doing Massive Wars or PK....some of idiots just spawning like ants because its really near and easy to come back. Put worthy Bosses in Draco itself and Phyton, why phyton? So players will make Draco as road of hell, players will pk in draco and so Ksing boss in Phyton (assuming theres a boss there). Disable draco fishing spot in khaleesi and lurile. There is no need to make Parca as Safezone, parca itself is fine. Players went to parca for akris and sometimes for PK/War not because Parca is a good pk spot but its because players has nothing to do. Letting Parca as it is, is a good thing. I cannot tell that PK wars and pking is really active in Parca. People suggest to make draco as PK spot it is because Draco is really a good map to do some PK Wars unlike Parca. (Y)
  15. hi its been a while

    Told you few months ago, we could come up into another ways...just not to copy them
  16. DKSQ Nametags

    I refuse becoz I want to kill my guildees first.
  17. Royal vs Zero PK War

    Atleast a Video of Rising.
  18. hi its been a while

    Bring the guys who can motivate me to gear to the max.
  19. hi its been a while

    Welcome Back then !
  20. Plume

    +1 for the point about It shud be better than 140 since its upgraded of 140. Normally and basically 140 is better than 180. But there are some facts behind the truths why 180 is better than 140 is some way. Yet let the things be and chill your ass.
  21. Instead of messing in forum, why dont we do it in Game? Pentagram ready your dils, lets do the 7 vs 7 with bet again. Get your revenge this time.
  22. Suggestion Only :)

    Im a very friendly one. ur IGN?
  23. Suggestion Only :)

    Beb u know im also a Good Lover without hassles just a simple name ' AzaNezz ' HAHAHAHA
  24. Suggestion Only :)

    Try to donate using this name ' AzaNezz ' for sure it will be fine!