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  1. Sick of AK's

    Are you the hunter AKA Grace or not? Well, You are smart enuf to understand stuffs in Online thingy. Good Game Well Played! You actually know how to play seg very well. The real question here is...that someone who is acting as if he knew everything about seg and etc, does he really know things? lol! Anyway, if anyone noticed. Almost everyshit in this SNOW keep self claiming that they are the best or whatsoever. This is just WTF? mga ULUL!
  2. Crack Aza V1

    K. Dumb.
  3. Crack Aza V1

    Okay. lol!
  4. Crack Aza V1

    Okay then
  5. Crack Aza V1

    Im not acting like a fucking saint . Dude someone posted first about me and so disrespected me first, so what I did is reply. If someone is smart enuf to see the comparison, that someone will laugh as much as I do.
  6. Crack Aza V1

    Imagine that. Read your statement and tell yourself that you are so DUMB. Thats how I understand you. 1st : 1v1 your face? And besides no one from you were flagging eventho you guys were on numbers. Stop acting dumb and live with honestly kiddo. 2nd : Wanna get personal? As an individual player I never said I was or I am the Best DarkWizard or whatsoever, dont you get it? Only you who is pointing it out and no one else. Are you my number 1 fan? o.O (This how was started, you boasted and you didnt even flag *shame*) 3rd : You really dont know about me, who are you to know me? Youre far behind me and far below me. So, of course you have no idea who I am kiddo. Stop talking about competition, you have no idea what is it. No Heart <3 Feelings (Learn how to play Dekaron please) You were only being carried by Roasteed and Bone, without them..ooh come one we know that you dont count as a player. Enjoy your day Little Creature!
  7. Crack Aza V1

    You mad? QQ Here we go again? Are we just gonna post here in forum then we dont even flag in Game? #NewGenerationOfDekaronRising *facepalm*
  8. newbie

    Dekaron Rising is for the Best and other Dekaron is for the rest. lol!
  9. Hi, I'm new here

    Welcome to the Besh Server
  10. GM Application

    Let the guy come back
  11. lvl 200

    im thinking of making every class and lvl 200 lol!
  12. Next PvP event type

  13. lvl 200

  14. Next PvP event type

    Who would fight the 3 Beasts AzaNezz, Atlanti, Tsunami? LOOOOOOOL! troller cancelled
  15. Next PvP event type

    Have a nice sleep
  16. Next PvP event type

    ?_? Before quoting someone sentences, know some shits okay? Well, you should just have read instead replying some shitty or else ull get some shitty also.
  17. Next PvP event type

    Should have done when everyone was active. It was being cancelled when InvictuZ and Enigma were active. So what? lmao
  18. Next PvP event type

    5 vs 5, no same class.
  19. WTB > 195 Wand +10

    Buying > 195 Wand +10 DN or not PM or Mail me in Game. IGN : AzaNezz

    omg i dont even know what that means

    A girl celeb? XD What do you mean? xD

    Who is that? lol
  23. Best Friend in game?

    ooh maaah gosh...beb dun KOS me!
  24. Best Friend in game?

    Fuck you for posting it first!
  25. Roasteed is not your angel or hero

    Why you people are so mean to my BestFriend @Roasteed? - - Two things Define you, Your Patience when you have nothing, and your Attitude when you have Everything.