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  1. New class?

    i thought the right one would be aloken bc of white hair. idk?
  2. This is Nice !

    would be good, but there's only like 5 guilds that would participate, why not just do a regular 7v7?
  3. Azure Knight Weapons

    -Moved to correct section-
  4. Sick of AK's

    most people kite the bagi until their resistance buff runs out then stun lock/spam 180 skills then repeat when resistance is back up!
  5. Royal

    IPS Magnum, the white one
  6. Royal

    if possible could you change the colour so it is readable on the'official' theme? ty
  7. Pentagram Guild

    saw Arcas giving penta a warm welcome back: "Pentagram can suck my summy sack" - Arcas
  8. A Photo At Braiken <3

    didnt want people thinking we actually stored the lambos in loa. They are in castor dung with all the dills
  9. A Photo At Braiken <3

    can confirm loa is where the lambo is at: ANOTHER BAD PHOTOSHOP BY ME
  10. Quick Suggestion(DK skill)

    i believe the reason this skill doesn't work properly when lagging or high ms is because of the amount of new data that is required when surging across a distance (other players locations/skills). For example,i in dksq, if you are in an area with 1 or 2 people, no one doing many skills and then you charge diss into combat where there are many people attacking (some of which weren't on screen earlier before you charged) there is a high chance that with high ms you will lag and the game will not work the way it is meant to (the skill doesn't work) due to the amount of data that needs to be sent/received. Just what i get from my limited networking knowledge.
  11. More events

    how so? details plz
  12. More events

    event plz ser! suggestion taken aboard, will discus!
  13. New Forum Signature [Event]

    i heard @Nitex drives a lambo take 2:
  14. favorite song to pvp to

    Top 10 movies of all time! might have to go watch it
  15. favorite song to pvp to

    Hey goose you big stud, ..., take me to bed and lose me forever!