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  1. Bigger recent posts list

    top right of the screen there is a small button that says unread content. that displays everything you haven't read
  2. Hell Gatekeeper

    Logging in now, wasn't able to login yesterday, very sorry
  3. Hacker in Arcadia

    The problem with Jerbo is he is using a vpn, every time we ban him he gets a new ip a few days later and comes back. But whenever we find him, we ban him
  4. Hacker in Arcadia

    This will be looked into, thank you for the report. Voudou if you look even closer at the ss you can see the char is taking dmg, so it is the summy that is hacking. Whether it is same person? Mystery that will be solved when the ban hammer hits. As for HunterXHuntress' post that was hidden when i flagged as spam. However it does not really matter as the forum account is banned anyway and was posting useless garbage, and self reports loool.
  5. {VIP}SexyRexy20 GM/OPR Application

    8 days for me
  6. {VIP}SexyRexy20 GM/OPR Application

    i wondered the same, i had no messages until the acceptance message, unsure if others got rejection messages.
  7. GM/OPR Application

    Aight, this has gone on long enough. Locked
  8. A Little Change

    So you don't want me to do an impromptu H&S event? D:
  9. GM/OPR Application

    i like this line.. I mean have you seen my op bagi with full gears? lol. Good luck i guess?
  10. about gm

    i would love auto win
  11. Find me and kill me D: (I live in ghost mode)
  12. Just to start off from the few encount rs we have had I like you however these weren't my events and: Kill the GM That has always been the nature of a kill the GM event, mass pk with the focus on the GM, if you are not eared of course you are going to get flattened, but there is still a chance you may land that killing blow! When i was starting out here i saw this as motivation to get better gears so i could fight with the best and not die instantly. As for Hide and Seek event: When you were a child playing H&S, would you be giving the seeker hints on where you are hiding? no. So why are they required here? With lots of players searching eventually the GM will be found, and only after a long period of time will the GM decide he needs to give hints. As for being found in 30 seconds? it happens, all i can say. Also this is a private server, lore was forgotten about a long time ago for most of us. Finally, GMs do not have to put events on we do it out of the kindness of our hearts. Don't like them, don't attend. Just my opinions, no hate required.
  13. WTS list by Chrystella

    $1 for all.
  14. MsKupido scammer

    unfortunately without any proof of this happening nothing can be done.
  15. Disconnected from server?

    its a tune man! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMP-JqFQ_l4