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  1. Angelic Soul

    only if we have to grind for it!
  2. My donation is Delayed

    its a server side issue, i am experiencing the same. when the server sorts itself out all donations will automatically be sent (hopefully)
  3. New Gear

    Belts/Armlets = Terragrace (drop in arcadia [go through miteria to get there]) necklaces/rings = 180 +9s are the best they drop from the dragons in arcadia (not recommended without semi-good gears). 170 +7 necklaces drop from miteria so it is pretty easy to get a set of +9 170 necks (all kinds of resis x 3 and def x3) earings = plumes. there is a lot of arguments about which plume is best (140/170/180 ) 140 drops from 190 dungeon (Cherubs nest) and they are upgraded through drops from tower. Alternatively you could just buy all off players for $$$. Hope this helped
  4. Awsome GM/OPR App

    @[GM]SunChild he is saying that he is too new to rising to be playing, not that he is too young
  5. i cant make a game account

    i believe it works but i never use it
  6. i cant make a game account

    @Quertz i just tested the website registration for game accounts and it works:
  7. BloodFallen (OPR) / GM Application

    looks like its broke guess just wait to see if nitex views this
  8. BloodFallen (OPR) / GM Application

    @{VIP}IGNeous if you could copy all of that into a new topic on the report misuse section that would be great and more likely to be dealt with by those in power
  9. Dekaron Rising [Seasonal Event Information]

    that bit i dont like, unless i get one of the weapons
  10. Dekaron Rising [Seasonal Event Information]

    it is a new weapon however only 5 people will have it and it is non-tradeable (or binded to the player) but will look cool af. I guess this is an incentive to get more people to join to make the event bigger and better! to re-make a weapon is very easy (5-10 mins of time) whereas to fix the appearance of siglight (idek how its broke?)will take a while so it hasn't really taken much of nitex's time off other things. think i need to find 4 ops to carry me through this event
  11. 99.99 crash

    you have windows defender activated?
  12. Roasteed Event ~

    I'm not going to play dksq until roast logs off then D: or someone give me bagi gears ty
  13. Best place to lvl after 181

    if i can find some people i will take one of my noobs there and see if it is as bad as people are saying in arcadia.

    10/10 best candidate EDIT other than being a double posting noob