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  1. you had me at this, although I'm a hufflepuff. Good Luck!
  2. Can't register please help :(

    please use the edit feature instead of double (or triple posting ). The registration feature does not work on the launcher. As for registration page, nitex has been made aware and it will be fixed soon. Sorry for the wait!
  3. one of the cancers to this server

    The in game rules (found here) say the following: 5a. No Trading for real life currencies: The transfer, rent, sales, commencing/trading, or endorsement of such actions, of ID/account, character or items for real money/currency is strictly forbidden. You will be banned. So the answer would be no! Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it shall investigated.
  4. Crespo Reaching Elite Sent?

    Which monsters you killing? i just killed some spiders and got points, maybe the only monsters that give gp at that rank.

    Lets hope they aren't so we can catch them!

    reset both maps! sorry this keeps happening! if anyone sees who's doing this try and record it or message a GM with the name so we can watch out for them while the problem is being solved.
  7. 5v5 event times

    ive opened event up so you can turn up with a pt and fight
  8. Hi guys

    i was 90% sure it was the same prize however it was not confirmed by senior staff so i could not post that. with so few teams registered the prize will not be so big and will probably roll over to the best of class event!
  9. 5v5 event times

    yes, i think a third is applying now
  10. Hi guys

    i believe 21:00 Phillipines time
  11. couple questions

    Auras are a good one to sell!
  12. Returning, kind of?

    Welcome, hope you decide to stay here for good Levelling here is pretty easy (people may complain about the last 5 lvls but tell 'em to shush) staff summy's hurt me a lot (well everyone does ) and are pretty good here so i would't blame you if you stuck to what you know. That being said its pretty easy to level a new char anyway so it doesnt matter what you chose! Anyway GL and HF!
  13. Is siege a thing anymore?

    i haven't seen InvictuZ on for a long time. @AzaNezz you alive? I will go siege on either team, love it! All me!
  14. dragon bone

    most of the mobs in dravice field drop them, teleport there from Jerome in ardeca.