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  1. Dk Sq Max rank PP

    I'm sorry that I forgot to mention this in the guide. You should only get max rank after you farmed the purchase points required for the items you want from NPC Lowe. The point of me introducing Crespo Abyss in the guide is if you accidently missed some stats so you can't equip a higher level weapon and etc; but also so people can farm their ranks (at end game) when it takes too long time in dksq. I've never heard about anyone instantly going max rank in Crespo Abyss without doing DKSQ before haha so I guess I never thought about noting that in the guide. It's definately going to be tougher to get Purchase Points now, but an alternate way to get Squama could also be to grind dils and buy from other players. I have made a note in the new player guide about this now, so that future new players won't make this mistake. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and again sorry.
  2. Share your mistakes

    Bought 4x 7% gems, then farmed crap gems, then accidently used the 7% gems to create sockets in weapon and I was like:
  3. events on weekends

    Legend has spoken.
  4. Dark wizard stat allocation

    I prefer 555 spr rest heal
  5. Goodbye

    You didn't have to delete your characters tho. You can quit without deleting your characters, but if you are afraid that you will tempted to come back and play if you don't delete them, that is absolutely fine. There is nothing wrong with coming back after you quit the game, because you miss the game or the players. Anyways good luck on what you're going to do next.
  6. The Guide program

    True, it's because specific class guides takes a ton of effort to create, and is only useful if the person making the guide is actually good at the class he/she is making guide for. I did however make a quick and short guide for all the classes, if you look in my signature it's called "Choosing your class guide". It includes pros and cons of each class and my short personal opinion of each class. I was considering making a Dekaron Rising FAQ (frequently asked questions) thread if I have the time for it.
  7. The Guide program

    What kind of guides would you like to see in the guide section?
  8. Gearing advice needed

    What I prefer to do is farm dils, then buy gold argates from other players.
  9. L3/T3 Drops

    Raph. Stop being a slut. You don't need T3. Typical Raph.
  10. New Gear

    Check guide section
  11. Best place to lvl after 181

    Which monsters did you kill in Arcadia? Arcadia is one of the best places to level at 183+, but you need to kill the yellow ghosts down left cornor of the map. The EXP amount varies dephending on the number of people in your party.
  12. New players- Level 200 Grind

    congrats sir. After 3 years here I am still level 196
  13. suggestion in my ass

    You have unlock the skilllock thing and then click the number 3 next to your 3rd skillbar. This allows you to free switch from skillbar 1-2-3 by pressing x. Personally I prefer to have skillbar 3 locked so I can only switch between skillbar 1 and 2 with "x". I only use skillbar 3 for buffs, and I just right click with my mouse to buff.
  14. would be nice to get some info

    Gold argates have low drop rate. In my opinion, if you are not full +10, it's better to farm something else and then buy gold argates with dils, rather than farm them yourself. The only good way to get gold argates is by killing Draco Umbar, where you will most likely get PK'ed by other people if you try. Killing Shadow Kris in parca temple is a solid way to get both dils and argates, although their gold argate drop rate is really low.
  15. would be nice to get some info

    Did you check the guide section?