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  1. New Gear

    Check guide section
  2. Best place to lvl after 181

    Which monsters did you kill in Arcadia? Arcadia is one of the best places to level at 183+, but you need to kill the yellow ghosts down left cornor of the map. The EXP amount varies dephending on the number of people in your party.
  3. New players- Level 200 Grind

    congrats sir. After 3 years here I am still level 196
  4. suggestion in my ass

    You have unlock the skilllock thing and then click the number 3 next to your 3rd skillbar. This allows you to free switch from skillbar 1-2-3 by pressing x. Personally I prefer to have skillbar 3 locked so I can only switch between skillbar 1 and 2 with "x". I only use skillbar 3 for buffs, and I just right click with my mouse to buff.
  5. would be nice to get some info

    Gold argates have low drop rate. In my opinion, if you are not full +10, it's better to farm something else and then buy gold argates with dils, rather than farm them yourself. The only good way to get gold argates is by killing Draco Umbar, where you will most likely get PK'ed by other people if you try. Killing Shadow Kris in parca temple is a solid way to get both dils and argates, although their gold argate drop rate is really low.
  6. would be nice to get some info

    Did you check the guide section?
  7. Low framerates

    Yea, that was probly what I was missing. Didn't try for 2 days and when I tried again it just worked, so I guess after doing the things in the technical support threads, I should have just restarted PC. Thank you
  8. Akaris

    Was announced in patch 12.8 thread, but sorry can't find the thread anymore
  9. Akaris

    It's faster to farm Akrises tho. But the reason you can't do castor is because it's being changed. It will come back in the future and even better
  10. Low framerates

    Yes, it didn't work
  11. Low framerates

    Sorry for double post. Game wasn't fixed after all. I now have the 99.9% load crash issue and nothing in these topics helped. What do I do?
  12. Low framerates

    Thank you
  13. Low framerates

    Have not downloaded anything except Rising and a few games on steam Edit: Okay, so what happend is the game somehow fixed itself. I am now able to login without crash and have 60 fps. Edit again lel: Installed manual patch but im still on patch 12.8. Which document do I have to edit to make the launcher start patching over from first patch again? I forgot.
  14. Low framerates

    How can it be Rising when literally 2 days ago it was 60 fps? Even 60 fps while running full HD record software. Now even the login screen and character selection menu is 20 fps suddenly