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  1. @Nitex Apply gdoc changes to balance channel plox
  2. 6% GEMS

    Very rare drop from monsters in Crespo Abyss and medium-high droprate from bosses in Crespo Abyss. I recommend using 5% until you can get the 7% ones. 5% is much easier to get, you can get them from Black Dragon boss in tomb of the black dragon and the Dragon in cursed maze. Both with high drop rate.
  3. Weapon drop rate is too low in Arcadia..

    You can also buy them for P and B coins by doing Battle Royal and Party Matches
  4. Sigh.. Crashing Issue Unplayable

    What operating system are you on? I had some updates for different sofwares on my PC that windows had not told me about. After installing all those in the windows solution center or whatever it's called in english, I restarted my PC and it fixed all the FPS lock and crash issues that I had. Myself I am on windows 8.1
  5. Impossible Mission (Rising Launcher)

    Did you try to restart your PC?
  6. Active dksq 2017 - Hunter gameplay - Dekaron Rising

    fock u bae, I am fully geared, hunter is lowest tier class on server atm not my fault jesus.
  7. Active dksq 2017 - Hunter gameplay - Dekaron Rising

    Wtfock u say to me ser. It's from Final Fantasy 14 it's op, jesus.
  8. Just some raw footage of me playing some dksq and being w3k on hunter. dksq was really active today. #DekaronRising #besteditingskills2017 #hai
  9. Good to be back

    They are not. Bae is a filthy ghost.
  10. Framerate issues again

    Well I did nothing, and mine fixed itself so I don't even know anymore.
  11. Framerate issues again

    I have 8 cores, but the weird thing is like 1/20 times it is 60 fps. For instance I just opend the client now and it's 60 fps. Thats very rare, usually it's 5 fps. It's like it has a mind of its own. Edit: ok the problem seems to have fixed itself for now. Game is running at 60 fps again.
  12. WTS/WTT Perfect Tera Vicious Summoner set (no wep) = ?

    yes, if perfect
  13. Framerate issues again

    PC gets restarted every day, also task manger thing didn't work. It's not just in game it's the entire client. Even the load screen and login screen is 5 fps. PC is not dusty, also only have this fps issue in Rising. I can run demanding games like ARK on highest settings with 60 FPS. Windows defender is turned off, and dekaron.exe is added to exception in firewall and antivirus. Comp is set to run as windows 7. tried all the Nvidia suggestions also didn't work. dekaron.exe is also added to DEP exceptions
  14. Framerate issues again

    Tried this, doesen't work.
  15. Framerate issues again

    Theres been a lot of suggestions, but nothing has worked for me yet.