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  1. Fps lag

    Had this issue once. It was because windows solution center had a bunch of software updates it had not told me about. After installing these software updates and restarting my PC the lag was gone.
  2. Bagi Discussion

    Legend says that last time Chris did a pvp, his opponent got bashed so hard Ark channel crashed for 12 hours

    Can't necro what will never die
  4. A Photo At Braiken <3

    Wouldn't have been able to tell it was photoshop if you had not revealed it
  5. Quick Suggestion(DK skill)

    It works, it's just harder to use it
  6. Bagi Discussion

    Eph pls don't insult legend Chris tyvm
  7. A Photo At Braiken <3

    We posting braiken photos?! I have one too, although it's a few years old
  8. Quick Suggestion(DK skill)

    Dragon Knights Charge Diss skill works perfectly. If it interrupts it's because you have either high ms, you're out of range or a combination of both. Keep in mind that the range of Dragon Knights Charge Diss is lower than the range of Azure Knights.
  9. CH1 Fucked

    It wasn't down 18 hours ago when he made this post.
  10. CH1 Fucked

    I had this problem once, cause I was missing some files. Activate hidden folders then go: C:/Program Files/users/<user>/Appdata/ delete "Dekaron Rising" Then run the launcher and let it patch, then restart PC and try again. If it doesn't work I have no idea then
  11. CH1 Fucked

    Reinstall game
  12. New Forum Signature [Event]

    Why so dark and evil jesus Make me one too tho
  13. Bagi Discussion

    THE WAY I SEE IT. U ON FORUM NOT WORK. IN GAME NOW TYVM. Edit: also if pindaslut can stop spamming notifications cuz liking everything jesus
  14. Bagi Discussion

    come in game and chill with me tyvm