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    Holy shit its so hard for me to read this please dont use the white text again .
  2. {VIP}Ysamich OPR Application

    Its so funny people use real money to buy items every day they are called donations LUL The only thing thats illegal about selling items for real money is not letting rising in on the cut.
  3. Colosseum

    Its under the event table it shows df times as well at the top of the homepage a small bar.
  4. Let's talk about a 190+ Dead Front

    is farming not fun? is killing a bad ass boss that takes you and a few others time to kill, creating a bond or friendship? i guess not. i guess just killing other people is the only fun part of an mmorpg. @MrFisty This games pve is1 dimensional if you want to farm and develop friendships through killing bosses play wow , the bosses in that game are wwwway better. Not to much to these bosses except move from the fire ball / In alot of well made mmorpg's you have bosses with phases and mechanics but in dekaron for the most part bosses and dg's are just tank and spank, a few aren't the but the ones in rising are the exception sb boss , only hard part about most the bosses in dekaron is that they take 3hours to kill. The farming in this game is more Korean like where its just a grind that takes ages. Dekaron Rising is not like mmos where there is progression in pve there is only 190 dg at max and sb boss only one mode for the dg. To compare it to an mmorpg like wow they have 8 different max dgs at a time 3 difficulties for each 8-13 bosses a piece. Dekaron rising is is Pserver does not offer alot and thats not that weird. Its just a pserver I only expect farming to get to the pvp of the game :L. Not to much pve to be expected . If you really wanna farm play global you can farm for years and still not have shit in that one .
  5. Let's talk about a 190+ Dead Front

    That's what i was telling you about variants of P2W and why I compared it to clash you don't have to buy anything in clash. But if you don't it will take an insane amount to of time to get anywhere. But if you drop money you bypass all the time it takes to get to the fun part. ^^ Is that not this game i can look in the market place right now and donate to buy a full set of tera +10 with sb This really off topic soz for starting it, this will be the last post about the f2p stuff.
  6. Let's talk about a 190+ Dead Front

    I can compare this game to a mobile game clash of clans . You can get everything without paying but it takes A very long time . If you buy the items for $$ you bypass the bullshit and make it to end game asap. ^ Just like this game F2p takes a while to gain things . But just like people spam in-game wts for $$ You are using money instead of farming to pay for ingame items. That's p2w there are different variants of p2w but this is one of them. Using Currency a company provides to buy ingame items <<< <<< P2W
  7. Let's talk about a 190+ Dead Front

    This game is p2w don't I have to farm shit if i have like 500$ You don't have spend any time getting anything. Why reach the end game of dekaron ? that's the point of any game.
  8. Let's talk about a 190+ Dead Front

    Castor dg please
  9. Let's talk about a 190+ Dead Front

    Weeks? Jesus christ ...
  10. Let's talk about a 190+ Dead Front

    @MrFisty why you gotta make things so complicated christ its just buffs. Its not he dropping +10s jesus getting buffs besides paying for them is easy af.
  11. Let's talk about a 190+ Dead Front

    Make Buffs the reward And make it more worth to do df then 190 dg exp wise id die happy .
  12. Players of Dekaron

    @Nitex this is one of the few games to where getting max lvl is discouraged to get to max lvl. Why shouldn't I want to reach max lvl ? every time I say that the road to max lvl should be changed you come out of the woodworks and tell me how its all good im aslo 198 trying to get there but holy fuck am I sick of the fucking 190 dg . This is how the system works in my head just so we both understand how I think 1-60 Ardeca 60-190 either eggut or Arcadia to get to 194 and then after that 190dg to 200. The 190 dg exp runs are 45 min runs and at 198 Holy fuck to reach 199 Let alone 200 Sounds like the most shittiest experience known to man. Zero Amounts of variety and I finally figured out why because about people who want to reach max as long as there able to hit 195 its cool with you but for the dude like me who wants to hit 200 because I want to reach max. I'm A PIECE OF SHIT because I dont want to do the 190dg 200 more times to get to 200. And nitex one thing I learned is that most of the updates you do just suck , How about just don't it will be another thing you tell yourself that you did to fix the problem when in turn fixed nothing. The lack of variety for the longest stage of the lvling process is what fires me up . When I say it makes no since to me doing something 200times 45 min a piece sounds fucking outrageous. But just now I know why you dont give 2 fucks because 195-200 to you aren't to different I dont know why you just didn't make 195 max lvl instead then . Dont worry nitex I dont ever expect anything from you. Edit That said, I will see about adding a new dead front and making some small adjustments, but don't expect it to get that much easier to get level 200. Is what triggered me the most you made it sound like you where doing me favor man as long as you are making these updates df will always be worthless.
  13. Players of Dekaron

    I like this post , I'd really like to know your progress from 198-200. I don't like the lvling process the avenues for exp are limited to one thing after you hit 194 and thats 190dg. Df exp is worthless And if I recall correctly Nitex saying df is the best place to lvl from 166-200 < That was a load of shit . Arcadia Exp is worthless Is it weird I dont want to do 190dg 3bil times for max lvl does it make me lazy to think this dg is slowing killing me ? If you wanna be the best, grind like you have a desire to be the best This is not the NFL it's a game I don't want to the best i just want to have fun. I feel like people forget that fact Dekaron is just game it shouldn't make you feel like blowing your brains out. And I also feel"If you wanna be the best, grind like you have a desire to be the best" is a cover statement makes people feel like there is nothing wrong when there is. But maybe im wrong and im Lazy as fuck who knows. Even though I'm very critical of how this server is ran and the staff its because I feel they can do alot better. When it comes to making more content for people to do and making things and easier and funner experience Making things fun doesn't mean they have to be Super ez. I like when things make since and I feel alot of things even now just don't.
  14. Ujum Bitch "DKS" "ARDECA"

    LOL Nice......