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  1. Im Planning to Apply OPR..

    Applying for a staff position you at least need to have 1 month old in forum and game. Have a solid application to convince why you want to join in the team.
  2. rjinArjelHB scammer

    Hi, I want a List of people you know in the community that Scam For now I have 1. MsKupido 2. rijnArjelHB it will help us make a threat post and possible ban those players with enough proof

    The other comments too.

    Everyone would like to understand what do you guys write, I think a new rule should be implemented that you can post your nature language but down below a Translated to English. Even if its not perfect it should be readable
  5. {VIP}SexyRexy20 GM/OPR Application

    I can barely read because of the colors chosen, please change them thank you.
  6. What couldv been done differently in the last event

    Lady Kawaii Needs to come back (◕‿◕✿~ Thank you for the feed back is always appreciated
  7. is there an issue with donations ?


  8. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Registration Extended Until January 30.
  9. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    I am just waiting on more feed back to change the date. Thx DevilDildo
  10. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Team Name: Kawaii Gods! Leader: {VIP}QueenInori Team Members: 1. Eunji 2. {VIP}SexyRexy 3. scykk 4. mikoto Forum Name of each player: 1. akxfolife 2. {VIP}SexyRexy 3. Kakibuli85 4. (No Info of ForumYet) 5. [GM]Riku Noctis-XIII☪
  11. WindyWaves GM application

    To be honest I applied really early to staff in 1 month and I got hired.
  12. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    I can change it then
  13. WTS/T

    Moved this to Market Section.
  14. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Updated Guys sorry, I forgot to put them.
  15. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Registration for 5v5 Seasonal Event Please use this format in order to successfully register your team Will close in 1 week Team Name: Leader: Team Members: 1. 2. 3. 4. Forum Name of each player: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tournament Registration will close at January 21 Bracket and Updates will be Posted in around 23-26. If everything Runs well we will start Friday 27 to Sunday 29 and so on. I want to make all matches around weekends since Work/School is on. Any suggestions please PM on forum or comment the Information Topic.