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  1. is there an issue with donations ?


  2. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Registration Extended Until January 30.
  3. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    I am just waiting on more feed back to change the date. Thx DevilDildo
  4. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Team Name: Kawaii Gods! Leader: {VIP}QueenInori Team Members: 1. Eunji 2. {VIP}SexyRexy 3. scykk 4. mikoto Forum Name of each player: 1. akxfolife 2. {VIP}SexyRexy 3. Kakibuli85 4. (No Info of ForumYet) 5. [GM]Riku Noctis-XIII☪
  5. WindyWaves GM application

    To be honest I applied really early to staff in 1 month and I got hired.
  6. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    I can change it then
  7. WTS/T

    Moved this to Market Section.
  8. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Updated Guys sorry, I forgot to put them.
  9. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Registration for 5v5 Seasonal Event Please use this format in order to successfully register your team Will close in 1 week Team Name: Leader: Team Members: 1. 2. 3. 4. Forum Name of each player: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tournament Registration will close at January 21 Bracket and Updates will be Posted in around 23-26. If everything Runs well we will start Friday 27 to Sunday 29 and so on. I want to make all matches around weekends since Work/School is on. Any suggestions please PM on forum or comment the Information Topic.
  10. The seasonal pvp cancelled?

    I want to wait until nitex reads it so I post it.
  11. The seasonal pvp cancelled?

    I was making the topic before I post it shall be done today.
  12. Awsome GM/OPR App

    Please note that we will likely not accept applications from players that have been playing Rising for less than a month. Welcome to Rising and have fun, apply when the next application opens.
  13. Atlanti OPR Application

    I don't have to know you personally to judge you, because we measure on Forum Behavior. We want people to have the patience to deal with players on their problems. Not just to write a long paragraph with very little detail. It is important to make it as short and understandable as possible. I am not giving you some emotion Quotes just some things you actually write. 1. I been talking about your forum behavior nothing to do with in game or real life. 2. The Player and GM you just said makes 0 sense whatsoever on the no respect aspect.
  14. I'm back

    Welcome back us, I don't know a lot of old players but surely is a great thing to see. Glad to have you with us, have a nice day and take care.
  15. [Connection Issues]

    Hi Rising players, we are currently having some servers stability issues. It is most likely due to DDOS. It shall be fixed as soon as we can, thank you for your patience.