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  1. All issues with the server have been resolved and all channels are back online. We apologize for the delay and will continue to strive toward having the least amount of downtime possible. Thank you for your continued support and patience.
  2. Announcement Hello everyone, I'd like to congratulate @[GM]Fayth for being promoted to Exec Staff, Fayth has been a really helpful staff member since the day she came back, she has been all around the server doing things like: Solving User Problems Constantly Attending Middle Man Server Updates and Suggestions Organizing Support Tickets Getting Cheaters Punished Doing Events Regularly Helping with the Election of {OPR}Trial The list goes on, she has demonstrated the passion and dedication she has to make the server grow, and we can see her potential to be a leader for our community and a great example for our future staff. We are happy to have you back and we expect so much more of you. The qualities she haves is what we are always looking for in our staff member, someone who can take a high responsibility on taking the right action. Another memorable mention is, welcoming back @Dave he was an old staff member like Fayth too. An expert in terms of balancing classes no one better than him and his group to make our Balance Patch better, glad to have you back!
  3. Dksq.

    Must be because DKSQ is divided on Levels: I am guessing you need 188 - 200 tier DK square. Being level 187 and Lower means another DK square tier.
  4. Hello fellow rising warriors, I wanted to talk about this for a while now about how I feel people sometimes cry too much because the GM’s aren’t doing events that you like. You should know by now that being part of a staff team is giving a hand to the server with your time that you could be using somwhere else. Events Are not always about earning currency in game, is about bringing people some fun and simply not be an ardeca afk bot. Sometimes our fellow GM’s Really want to do different events but people are so ungrateful to our staff while hosting events when it does not include something from dshop, or ingame item. Can’t you simply think as a GM for a second and analyze this people who could be playing their main characters are taking a bit of their time to make us have a nice time. We would also like to make events that are fun for us like example: PK THE GM WHILE HIDING. This event makes the staff member have fun running around with a mount while you try to kill them it gives us a laugh and it can be fun for you guys as well. This makes our fellow team start doing more events often. PVP TOURNAMENTS. Mostly all of our staff likes to PVP or PK, but since we always have to repeat the same event we kinda never have this tournaments, so we actually decided to make a change and they all started to make mini events, like Dekaron Rising 1vs1 and Guild Tournament Summer Season. All the staff team that helped made this possible did enjoy them, I do understand there will always be people who complain that is normal in life and everywhere there is always someone who is not happy. But PLEASE don’t come to a GM’s event to simply say that it sucks etc. Have some respect like all staff gives mutual respect to all the players (Though some players pass the line and make some GM’s go a bit pissed but they still manage to control their self). Me as a Staff member that has been here for a few I´ve seen how other of my fellow partners react that our player base is am ungrateful one. If you truly want GM’s to keep providing their service and love for the game let’s keep the positive vibes around because our current staff team is more active than it was Months ago and with our fellow new {OPR}Trial. Now is a big opportunity to have future GM’ show them that we need them in the server and that they will become the next active official staff member. I hope you understand my point of this topic, as always have a great day and happy gaming. -Riku
  5. Dekaron Rising 1vs1 PVP Part 2

    {VIP}QueenInori or BlackMageRiku PocketPick: PoisonFlora but i'll chose one of those 3.
  6. Server Population

    We have a lot of players all the time, but popular time zones are this time around. But over all we have good population at all hours. Really late nights for me is when is full and early morning Mid Day for me is a bit slow..
  7. Always Connection Failed

    Do you have the game in firewall exceptions and windows defender DEP exceptions too.
  8. hacker (please read)

    I will still check all bosses maps more often and notify other staff to do so as well, thanks for the advice and care for our server.
  9. Server down?

    Your issue could be a fire wall problem blocking access to the game please turn it off and try again
  10. hacker (please read)

    You simply need to video it and send it to us too.
  11. Server down?

    Server is not down, what is wrong with your launcher?
  12. hacker (please read)

    I feel Skill hacking should be handled with a Video not just a screenshot.
  13. [New] Dekaron Rising [VIP] Memberships

    I never said it's not possible if you read carefully I said. "Also, it would create a high demands thing and it will take lots of time to add a "Special Tag" for someone and can create problems if they aren't handled at the right time." It's just a opinion anyways since Nitex is the only one who can decide that but I'm pretty sure it wont.
  14. [New] Dekaron Rising [VIP] Memberships

    Implementing that would cause longer names and no daily coins bug, which a user can only have 15 character name. Also, it would create a high demands thing and it will take lots of time to add a "Special Tag" for someone and can create problems if they aren't handled at the right time.