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  1. [Info] Draco the new PK Spot

    New era man new era, Those wars are long gone. Most of this new era would rather be bots who just farm to get the best of everything just to sit and sell it to make more dil, to buy other stuff just to sit and sell it. When we went to this new gear is everything way of life pking died out. Why in the hell would I fight a guy who is bettered geared then me, and can kill off my entire ungeared party solo ? So you got to suck up to the bot farmers who like to sit and get rich, by making the map give everything. But in return you have to risk your life to stay there. Not literally bots, but a mindless drone is more like it.
  2. [Info] Draco the new PK Spot

    Why does anytime a pk spot come to mind people always be talkin "MAKE A BOSS". Maybe make a spawn point like you said, as its a awesome idea to have people spawn there, but maybe put a wall around it to block people from running back in and also put a shield regin on spawn so its safe. Could also have python have a boss of some kind, as it would make people wanna spawn in draco to be close. Maybe also make a few draco only warps, so spawning there is the quickest way to certain maps which are more needed. but Id also get rid of parca, and move the deer to draco. Yes, still put exp mob there. This would make draco the center of dekaron for all levels. WANT LVLS GO DRACO WANT ARGATES GO DRACO WANT WARP TO QUICK GOLD GO DRACO WANT QUICK WARP TO GEAR GO DRACO WANT QUICK WARP TO WEAPON MAP GO DRACO WANT FISH GO DRACO WANT QUICKEST RUN TO AWESOME BOSS GO DRACO ETC People see fighting some stays, and some goes, but this way everyone at least stops there.
  3. Bon3 2v2 PTM

    I prefer the running music. Just got so real when the battle sound came on, ruined the fun.
  4. [Info] Draco the new PK Spot

    Draco is to big for a pk map, and has no red warp. I know people hate people running outside or the waterhole, but honestly even with those sucky parts parca is just the right size for a pk spot. Gotta space the deer out in draco, but still keep them so someone can lure 3 or more in one spot making it the most wanted spot, while maybe scattering more out around the map for the noobs. Like in fantasy were the hill could lure more, thus keeping most pking there. While maybe having some mob there that gives really good exp other than deer to force people to go there for exp too.
  5. Plume

    Because, you compared a plume and its upgraded version to a ring and a whole other item (necklace) together. OK well maybe you guys do not see it the way I look at it. FORGET the fact that it is better (or not) and look at it this way for a second. When you upgrade ANY ring/neck/ANYTHING, have you ever lost something to gain something ? Every time I think of a upgrade, I think of keeping what is given, just getting better stats plus some. I mean if you want a different item altogether make two different plumes, why call it a upgrade, when clearly it is a new item, as it suits a different build now. Does that better point the flaw of this to you guys ?
  6. Plume

    Really, now I really do give up. You guys just do not want to do the work to get the 180 plumes again, and will say anything. Even if it makes no sense. Honestly I did not expect top players here to spout such nonsense, but oh well. Did you just compare a UPGRADED version of something to something that is two different items all together ? (plume and upgrade plume to ring and necks) A better way to look at this is the ds ring, which gives pk res and crit res, and even after the upgrade keep all but gains more. OR maybe wings which keeps all after the UPGRADE and gains MORE. A UPGRADE IS SUPPOSE TO ADD ONTO WHAT THE ITEM ALREADY GIVES, or if not name another item that loses as it gets upgraded, but still gains new stuff.
  7. Plume

    Guess this logic is what the mentality of the server is at now, and since it wont be changed I will just DOWNGRADE my plume to have the better one. Can just close this topic if you want, no point in fighting a lost cause.
  8. Plume

    So 100 damage, maybe 200 hp etc is better than blocking pk damage and crits ? Honestly every class could use those even the summy who blocks so much already, as no one maxed the damage blocked by crits and pk. Fair that you lose tanking, after spending hours upgrading the things TWICE EACH Then lets make the squama lose its pk resis and crit for 200 extra stats when you upgrade it, its better right ?
  9. Plume

    Kinda makes no sense that you have to upgrade your plume to have it be worse than the 140. So BUMP !
  10. Plume

    Can the 180 plume be changed to actually be better than the 140 ?

    I got 10g atm and that is what i went through.

    Probably around 5-10 mb a minute of play time (depending how much is happening while you're playing). 1000 mb is 1 g you will use 300-600mb per hour So you might get around 2 hours per 1g. That is just my guesstimation, but seems right.
  13. Miss The Old days

    Just go back to a3 and all problems solved ! Always the option to farm gear, yet never necessary to actually win fights. all maps were able to be solo done, even without the best gear. People did not always afk in the shop town, as they did not HAVE to have the best gear to compete in wars etc. Newbies did not feel lost in their pursuit to the top, as even while working to get there, they could compete not only with mobs solo if need be but in pvp. No matter what they do, I just can not see noobs enjoying the game for long enough to stay, and not just afk. I mean if they need a really good set to do anything worthwhile, that means spending 90% of their time selling, and the rest of the time hoping for scraps from the good geared players.
  14. Switch Lurille to ch1

    He does have a point too, the reason people do not want to pvp is simple, and not only because they do not see it. Why on earth would I or anyone want to pvp a guy with the best set. When I actually pvp, I rather choose people close to my gear set. Has nothing to do with you spending money for it or not. It has to do with wanting a fight that is even. Might actually be why not a lot of pk wars happen. Not many like to lose, and when a war breaks out, it only take one guy like your bagi to kill parties of normal players. It just is not fun (normal as in average gear/lvl). Not telling you that you can't fight or anything just saying that is why I do not think many people want to pvp/pk (Uneven gear). Then you want to take away the thing that could even out the odds ? Sure you could use them, but why would you ? If I pvp someone with a set like yours it would only be if I could use candies to even it out. Candies I can farm easy, unlike a perfect set.