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  1. Plume

    Can the 180 plume be changed to actually be better than the 140 ?

    I got 10g atm and that is what i went through.

    Probably around 5-10 mb a minute of play time (depending how much is happening while you're playing). 1000 mb is 1 g you will use 300-600mb per hour So you might get around 2 hours per 1g. That is just my guesstimation, but seems right.
  4. Miss The Old days

    Just go back to a3 and all problems solved ! Always the option to farm gear, yet never necessary to actually win fights. all maps were able to be solo done, even without the best gear. People did not always afk in the shop town, as they did not HAVE to have the best gear to compete in wars etc. Newbies did not feel lost in their pursuit to the top, as even while working to get there, they could compete not only with mobs solo if need be but in pvp. No matter what they do, I just can not see noobs enjoying the game for long enough to stay, and not just afk. I mean if they need a really good set to do anything worthwhile, that means spending 90% of their time selling, and the rest of the time hoping for scraps from the good geared players.
  5. Switch Lurille to ch1

    He does have a point too, the reason people do not want to pvp is simple, and not only because they do not see it. Why on earth would I or anyone want to pvp a guy with the best set. When I actually pvp, I rather choose people close to my gear set. Has nothing to do with you spending money for it or not. It has to do with wanting a fight that is even. Might actually be why not a lot of pk wars happen. Not many like to lose, and when a war breaks out, it only take one guy like your bagi to kill parties of normal players. It just is not fun (normal as in average gear/lvl). Not telling you that you can't fight or anything just saying that is why I do not think many people want to pvp/pk (Uneven gear). Then you want to take away the thing that could even out the odds ? Sure you could use them, but why would you ? If I pvp someone with a set like yours it would only be if I could use candies to even it out. Candies I can farm easy, unlike a perfect set.
  6. There are few people playing these classes, as they are boring and hard to own with, unlike some of the other classes. Most people will play a class based on how easy it is to kill people, or just how easy it is to use. I have tried to argue over some of the nerfs/buffs, but the owner always has the final say on what he thinks needs to happen, and players just go with it, or leave. So no matter what he says I am just gonna keep playing and dealing with the classes as is. I stopped posting about how his balancing goes (for the most part), as i been playing his servers for a LONG time, and even with balancing issues, I have fun. That said I would love to see what he has to say on the matter of how balancing based on biased opinion and LOGS are better than first hand experiences.
  7. He says that every time people post arguments about the way his nerfing is done. Sadly I do not need a ego boost, so I do not record or list my toons on the fourms to get "fame", so I can not prove how well my hb owned pre patch, or how well summies did before the patches. You just had to fight and see yourself ingame. But, if you read each patch note, after one class gets nerfs or balances, you will see what I am saying. I will say this, read what he said closely. He bases the nerfs off of what people say and logs. rather than taking all considerations into effect. For instance how the players lost. I do not know how logs are gotten, but I do know that reading a log on losses in 1v1 and watching HOW they lost is completely different.
  8. THAT'S THE PROBLEM. MOST the nerfing/buffing that is happening lately is based on what people who play the class think they need or do not need. Not many of these patches came from a actual test based off of unbiased opinions. HB NEEDS MORE DAMAGE, that came from people who really wanted to play hb like it was way back when they could ravage you in a few skills. Rather than people who knew that using the skills that had, with good timing, they really owned. I PLAYED HB, and was owning (pre damage buffs), but there boring to play cause the combo to own is kinda a rinse repeat. Staff summy skills are too weak, Maybe in 1v1, but like mages in mass war like dks it is a completely different thing. I mean imagine a class that could deal MASSIVE damage while tanking a hell of alot. I did not play it, but have fought TONS of them in and outside a pvp match (pre patches). I beat them in 1v1 cause they're easy to dodge, but inside a war, or a match with more than 1 person its like night and day (pre patch).
  9. You're so set on the fact that I am saying you will do it, or they would that you misunderstand my point. I said there is a possibility, which does not mean you did or did not, it implies that there is a chance, that you would. I not once said that ANY nerf was needed or not needed, but am just saying basing nerfs off of pvps with people who do not want the nerf is useless. To the bagi part, I personally think bagi did need the nerf, as when I was able to play bagi could just go pure damage and lock me down and wipe my shield, run and repeat, or just plainly bump me to death after I hit hp.
  10. How would you know they did not ? Which is my point. I am not saying you would, but rather there is always the possibility that you would slow down your timing. When I fight I time my skills based on what the other guy is more than likely to use, but if I knew my class was up for a nerf, just altering the timing to slow down a bit could cripple me.
  11. I am not ingame much anymore due to extreme lag (so I can't really argue on the mage nerf issue), but I can say that a pvp would solve nothing. You keep saying let's pvp, it will show you that mages are not as tanky. That makes me laugh really hard. When people know there class is up for a nerf, and know their class as well as I am sure you do. You could easily play crappy in the pvp to make the class look pathetic, or weak. Which is why balancing is not, or should not be done with people who use the class, but more on the unaware stats gathered while people think noone is watching. If they do not know there being watched then they will play their best to have fun and win. Not play in a way that the class looks weak.
  12. guild castle

    This would be fun! Imagine instead of dks over and over and over or br pty br over and over, we could now go and own a map. Not only that but once a day we have to defend such a map with a war. After a while make a few maps like this if the first one works, and let guilds/raids fight to own them. Yes, one guild can own them all, but it will take a entire day of wars to hold all of them, just to repeat the next day. Would be easier to own just one, but would make for one hell of a day/week to take all maps for fun.
  13. Bagi 170/180 Skills nerf

    The way everyone is obsessed over the high numbers, I would go with that. This server favors attack builds with all the % based attack increases, it shows that people really enjoy when there char can 25k a full geared player (I am guessing that is why ike keeps increase rather than decreasing damage).
  14. Spawn Killing is Real ! ! !

    Try fighting a tranie with a very very good set. You kill him you get nothing he kills you, he gets 2k points. Since his gear is so high, the fight could go ether way with a team backing him. That is a easyer way to farm points then a noob 130 set where half the fight your dead missing points, or are useless and your team losses. That makes it worse, the patch just came "yesterday" and already people are bypassing the point of most the patch.