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  1. P2W?

    Ill be ingame in about 3-4 hours from now, if your ingame message me and ill help you out. Ign is Eunji/Chorong
  2. Rising back in action

    Why is it that every time there is a big pk war, its when im sleeping or at school QQ
  3. Quick Suggestion(DK skill)

    From my experience of using charge diss, is that the skill works if your close or the other person is not moving.
  4. Best Character To Start With

    Summy pet and loot pet from karin with attendance coins and go to space/deadlands and let the pet kill mobs
  5. Best Character To Start With

    imo summies are great for afk farming. Segus are great for farming if your on it (like killing akris or something).
  6. Seou's staff application

    +1 lambo mount is needed please ty.
  7. My thanks to Staff and Players

    i do plenty of work
  8. Been a while. Hi y'all :3

    Yea tbh pvp doesnt last very long unless you using dshop potions and fish.
  9. Been a while. Hi y'all :3

    Tera set, 195 weps, 180 plumes but people use 140 plumes for the crit and pk resis, tera armlet/armlets 180 neckies, lvl 200 is super easy to get now.
  10. Been a while. Hi y'all :3

    Thought you were here when tera set came out its currently the newest set
  11. Been a while. Hi y'all :3

    I got tera bagi set if you want to play again
  12. Been a while. Hi y'all :3

    Fatty is back? New set. New people.
  13. the mighty ustoppable bagi

    all these pictures, but still no 1v1s :c