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  1. Thinking about returning

    Adam hopes on here and there, eph quit and have no idea what hes been up. as for tera set, im not really sure myself, i dont really pay attention to the market xD
  2. Thinking about returning

    Hey! welcome back nuclear c:
  3. WTT alo set/sb wep

    Moved to market section
  4. i need mm pls 

  5. Roasteed Event ~

    its hard when i have no dmg with full heal build QQ
  6. Roasteed Event ~

    Your going to die by me now ser.
  7. Want an Incar Magician Class Guide?

    I don't play mage very often, but a mage guide would definitely be good for new or other people who happen to play mage.
  8. WTS Mage, Seg, Hunter, Bagi Sets!

    Give mage set pls. Ty.
  9. Issues...

    Whats your ign? I can help you with anything c; also if DF comes around hit me up, i try to invite all the newbies that arent in a party. c:
  10. Coming back

    welcome back
  11. wts 195 orb +10

    title. stats: 3x increase dmg, 1x fire dmg
  12. WTB +10 CS Tera [P][H]

  13. WTB +10 CS Tera [P][H]

    you can trade hunter set np