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  1. advanced dil farming tips?

    at the very bottom, where the korean letters are at. i usually farm there. and go ahead and ask questions ;3 ill help as much as i can xD
  2. advanced dil farming tips?

    i would say yes. since segu has good dmg also. if you want, you can make a VS to lure more mobs. makes it easier to farm
  3. wts

    no thanks. edited.
  4. advanced dil farming tips?

    for the most part, akris. you can sell the gold stacks for dils (i dont know the prices for them atm but maybe like 300m per stack). Dragon bones can be farmed in draviss field, any mobs drop them and they sell for 300m-350m per stack depending. you can try your luck with argating, thats what i did when i started playing 3 years ago. Segu is one of the best class to farm BUT also very expensive since it can farm solo.
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  6. Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

    i didnt even see this lawl Azure Knight: Kianni Concerra Summoner: PoisonFlora Vicious Summoner: Carlot Segita Hunter: fireprincess Segu Reaper: YooJaeSuk (obviously) Bagi Warrior: Bon3Crusher Dragon Knight: Eunji (obviously) Half Bagi: SexyRexy Aloken: xIndependent Segnale: xBellaTrix Incar Magician: Bon3y Dark Wizard: NitexDW2 (because NitexDW1 was a failure)
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  8. can't log in

    forum and ingame ID is different use this to make an account for ingame
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  10. is anyone having trouble connecting?

    server seems to be down currently. not sure if its up now to lazy to check lol
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  12. wts

  13. purchase points?

    come lowe, my ingame char is YooJaeSuk, and np ill give you the skills for free.
  14. wts

  15. purchase points?

    what skills do you need? and whats your ingame name.