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  1. WTT 》100% PERF SUMMY

    is ur tb blue or red?
  2. cs perf set

    how bout perf hunter set with wep

    those 5% poison armlets pls <3
  4. {VIP}Ysamich OPR Application

    yeah thats the proof, and the proof is im selling my items, but theres no proof that im selling it with real money right?
  5. {VIP}Ysamich OPR Application

    i just post there, that means im taking offers right?
  6. {VIP}Ysamich OPR Application

    i just wanna post there, is there a problem? lol, posting there is bad? damn i didnt knew that
  7. {VIP}Ysamich OPR Application

    yes im not stupid also, why sell it in real money?
  8. {VIP}Ysamich OPR Application

    ser? i can sell it only with real money? i think i can sell it with $$ also
  9. {VIP}Ysamich OPR Application

    ser? prove it that im selling it real money pls
  10. {VIP}Ysamich OPR Application

    Ty ser <3
  11. WTB +10 AK Tera & 195 weps

    heyy, i got +10 tera ak random set only the pants is AR, tell me ur offer ser
  12. WTB +10 SigMetal Blue Staff FULL VIT

    tell me ur offer