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  1. BloodFallen (OPR) / GM Application

    My IGN is Burl, and I'm not challenging you sir, I am taking up for my friend like you are doing for your friend. They both know what happened, and maybe they're both in the wrong. But I know what BloodFallen has done is wrong if he actually did it and it needs to be taken care of. So this isn't between me and you, it is between Blood and Igneous. And I was not bashing you on your language. It isn't my rules it is the forums rules so please follow them. So, I'm dropping out of this, Goodluck with all this, and GL BloodFallen on becoming next GM/OPR of this awesome server
  2. BloodFallen (OPR) / GM Application

    Well listen. I like what you're saying, but I don't purchase anything in PHP because I am a red white and blue die hard American sir. So don't be thinking you know who I am cause you don't know nothing. I buy, and make my items as well. And I couldn't even read half this post sir so English would be nice cause posting on forums is only suppose to be English, so better luck next time. And he would have items if someone he trusted didn't lie to him and scam him. You think you know what your talking about. But you really don't honestly. So you @XXXCHRIS01 need to back off this topic, go play the game, and stay out of things you don't know shit about. Thanks.
  3. tera price

    No no I knew this. I was talking about donations. Making a good set isn't cheap when it comes to talis and what not. I wasn't talking about just any armor in general.
  4. tera price

    This is true. 10$ in my book shouldn't cost 3bil more like 4.5 or 5 but since items are so expensive to make. Donation go for Cheap so people can afford it
  5. DeadFront Issues

    I have had no issues with DF, @Nitex will be able to help you with that issue, idk anything off the top of my head that may help you due to the fact I haven't seen this happen to anyone else.
  6. tera price

    Tera armlets in a set of 2 clean would run around 20-25$, I seen a belt go for 4B clean and it was Tera gloves and helmet random would be 20$, perfect between 30-40$ SB easily $50+ Necks 10$ each. Don't see many of these for sale tho.
  7. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    Yes, true. I honestly feel scamming should be ban only not jail. Jail time doesn't do anything to someone like ban will. I am jailed ATM due to false accusation with you @DevilDildo and I'm not gonna do it again to anyone haha, but I feel in the mind of a scammer it wouldn't do anything. I've never scammed anyone before, but I've been scammed and I know the feeling of it. It sucks. But with +10 weps, it's understandable to use MM due to big transfer of dils.
  8. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    I am the same way. @Nitex that is a good point.
  9. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    That's different. I wouldn't do it on much of a price. Below 4bil I'd be okay
  10. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    I always have my video recorder going so yes I would
  11. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    When I'm selling Dshop I always have to have dills first. It's the only way I'd send it. I've had a couple tell me no and leave and then 90% of them trust me. Haven't had a single issue yet with Dshop selling
  12. I had a conversation today with someone who opened my eyes and made me think for a bit about these 3 different plumes in the game. 140 plume, 170 Plume, and 180 Plume. all these plumes give you extra stats, but are 140 Plumes really worth what they are worth in game this present day? How important is it to have the extra PK/PVP tolerance? With the extra stats the 180 plume gives you, wouldnt that make up for the 140 Plume stats? So in my mind I believe 180 Plumes are worth more due to stats.

    This is true. I always turn it back on when I log out of game to do college work

    I was having this issue and I could make a video of it to prove the extremes change of lag I had when WindowsDefender was turned on and Turned off. I turned it off and it was like a completely different game. If yours isn't turned off, try doing so. There are youtub videos on how to do it, or if on windows 10 go on search bar and type in Windows Defender. It'll pop up and just disable it
  15. I've noticed these past few weeks a lot of people being scammed. So here's a few tips to prevent this from happening to you. (Some may be common sense) 1. Always ask to use MM in any transaction no matter how little. MM may be someone you both trust heavily. Trusted heavily by the community or a GM/OPR. 2. Look on forums for previous transactions by this person to check for trust worthiness. 3. Ask around to see if anyone knows the person you're dealing with. 4. DONT NOT LEND ITEMS to anyone even if it's your best friend. If you go to school with him or somthing that's okay, not some player you are friends with in game. Trust is Scarce now a days. 5. Always use any type of video recording. BandiCam is free and easy to use. Simple to use for transactions, I do this all the time for my safety. 6. If it's in your own $$$, all legitimate seller will understand if you wanna use MM. If the person says no, or leaves when MM shows up. He wasn't a legitimate seller. if anymore tips anyone can add comment below. Scamming is a real issue on this game.