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  1. tera price

    hello everyone ! im juts wondering what it would cost me in terms of donation for any of these items +9 tera armlet clean x 2 +10 perfect tera gloves (bagi) +10 perfect helmet (bagi) and +10 speed boots (bagi) and 3x 180 +9 def/ res necklaces thank you for whoever can resopond !
  2. fire gems

    wtb 4x7% fire pm me ig or on here {VIP}Ryozu
  3. WTT BW SB

    wtt bw SB dn +7 for bagi SB +0 or +7 doesnt really matter .. message me on here ir in game VIP Ryozu
  4. xOmega WTB/WTS

    message me IG VIP Ryozu
  5. xOmega WTB/WTS

    how much for gold rings ?
  6. Coins

    i know everyone is probably getting sick of getting asked this question im just wondering whats going on in terms of donations.. is it going to be up and running again soon? thank you
  7. Selling BW osm set +10

    Selling my BW osmium set +10 dn with almost full Vit gloves and perf helmet. would like to get a +10 osm bagi set pm in game {VIP}Ryozu or message on here .. thank you
  8. Donation System Issue

    yeah ive been waiting about 13 hrs for mine...