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  1. wtb ak

  2. Perfect Set

    i can do random vs tera set 3x vit gloves fill vit tb for set and 2h axe
  3. wtb ak

    wts alo tera set random /vs random set full vit tb scythe +10 2x vit = ak pm me
  4. vs

    S full vit tb with 319 vit fs wit 7% poison S random vs set set tera boots and 3x vit gloves s 2x vit +10 scythe
  5. wtb aloken

    wtb +10 aloken tera set pm me in here or ig

    @Funky Gh☯uL ツ i have +9 tera armlet 2% and 1% light for stats
  7. [Guide] How to fix Latency

    i did this @Stinson and my ms went back to the original number but the gameplay was a lot smoother
  8. Bagi Discussion

    i dont appreciate these homophobic nitex and im sure @Nitex wouldn't either so at this point im just gunna say im done with this childish shit i just hope you never log on rising ever again
  9. wtt

    wtt segu set random +weap? = tera hunter set pm me
  10. Lagness is present

  11. Royal

    pft i 1 skilled every char in royal ggwp ven
  12. Bagi Discussion

    i heard he beat you @Bon3
  13. A Photo At Braiken <3

    can our next patch have a lambo mount ?
  14. QQ

    i am what i eat ..? QQ
  15. QQ

    @[GM]SunChild is being mean to me and hurting my feelings