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  1. L.A.G is Real!

    That's NP, i just found funny and anoying to see everyone relloging right after you left lel If aaron didnt took my rights i can but, i must tell theres just me, hexxed and notorios and we not that active also (everyone else got kiked from someone wich i didnt found it yet lel) hes so dumb that he says hes not unstopable, but on forum he keep posting SS with that bagi xD

    Oh right, like theres nothing more important they should care about besides a new login screen
  3. L.A.G is Real!

    Well at least you had reason on that dksq, unlike Unstopable Aka Chris, Coka and the rest pussies relloged right after cuz cant stand a lose run>>>>
  4. L.A.G is Real!

    Idk didnt saw any videos on your gameplay but rexy ones seems clearly net problems, its way to long "freezes" Yeah you pmed while i had parca pk and when i pmed you back like 2 mins later you was off, gg
  5. L.A.G is Real!

    Ser get some better net plox, lmao
  6. New Forum Signature [Event]

    Guys lets make this more clean as fayth asked, easier to see what coments has entries and whats doesnt Requirements: You may submit multiple signatures, however keep them all in the same comment @Atlanti yes that anime sounds interesting battle styles
  7. Lambo mount

    whats exactly would be lambo mount?
  8. My thanks to Staff and Players

    I dont have more words to try to explain how dumb you are kthanksbb pussy dksq relloger
  9. New Forum Signature [Event]

    @Atlanti Ulquiorra ftw, best anime char so far PS: Whats that last sign you posted?
  10. Bagi Discussion

    nerf bagis pls ty jk welcome back slut
  11. Check this out! dekaronrising in top2??

    Thats doesnt matter, if you enjoy a server on spot 1...2..3..10, wouldnt make any diference
  12. New Forum Signature [Event]

    wait then its ended 1 month and 2 days ago xD Anyway reserveed to post them PS: No more hints about what you like? it's like to be total free subject?
  13. Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

    Reserved Azure Knight: Concerra Summoner: Vicious Summoner: Segita Hunter: Segu Reaper: Bagi Warrior: Dragon Knight: Half Bagi: Aloken: Segnale: Incar Magician: Dark Wizard: PS: still waiting infos about the event to signup
  14. Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

  15. Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

    Your kos just by your bagi and segu choice np np np xD Edit: i said