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  1. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Just some fixes 3 - ScykkGnOm 4 - MikotoSuoh ------ Forum Name: 4 - @DevilDildo
  2. New Gear

    Just as an add, a 171+9 3% ddr would work good too I have all gears and still using 171+9 2% ddr so thats might be np and alot cheaper About plumes yeah 140 still better cuz 4% pk/pvp and 4% crit ressis
  3. Awsome GM/OPR App

    oh mam is back He saying the time hes playing on rising not age xD
  4. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    Thats a totally diferent, a scammer affect the scammed at first place only, but consider it happening everyday how its affect the server and the economy. Plus a GM can fix if im wrong but jail for scamming is perma already. About the trades i think a bit diferent, even on a trade thats worth 300m (Dshop case) i dont go for it, because thats 300m mean a lot for me? nops, cuz i just wont give it for free for lazy stupid ass ppl that cant go farm and go for those lame moves Remember thats scammers only exist because theres ppl who will trust them, deal for 300m or 10b, once ppl start trust nobodie even for a 300m deal scammers will find new server/game to try it
  5. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    well thast doesnt happen only with coins. 195+10 weps are 10B+ even clean, unless you making your own gears youll be on that situation, trust or wait mm And even recording you wont have your dillz/items back, so i dont think thast problem sold xD your just getting a proof to making him jailed but you still gonna lose something valuable
  6. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    Even on a trade thats worth around 10b? considering even if you report and the guy gets jailed, youll never see thast dillz anymore
  7. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    Yeah thats work for the seller, but think on the other way, would you give the dillz first?
  8. Let's talk about Plumes

    Considering all the dmg ppl can get on server atm, i really rather have 4% pk/pvp and 4% Crit Ressis from 2x 140 than the extra 80 stats
  9. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    Yeah i got your point but lets make an exemple Youll give the osm set to Bon3, if the guy is trully scammer (The Buyer not Bon3), he will pretend thats sent, once you dont get anything whats happen? That guy will start call you and bon3 scammer for not giving him the item, and bon3 probs will end having to hold your items untill Ike investigate it, wich could be for days. Then you and bon3 would be taking a big responsability wich none of you will have power to fix it and then will need again wait for any gm action. I know its anoying when there no GM around to mm mainly when you get a nice deal and you wanna rush it, but yeah already lost count on how many deal i lost for deciding not dealing with them, even though some of them wanted to send me first Hope ppl get my point
  10. Few Tips to Prevent Scamming

    I trust Bon3 100% but still avoid using normal player as MM, if anything go wrong they still dont have any power to take any actions.

    I usually dont have any problems except the dc from ddos and usual crash on dksq
  12. Server Down!!!

    wow ser you really dont miss 1 min xD

    nice to see that group a lot of ppl selling risign gears for php hahahaha
  14. WTT Nearly Perf DW Osm

    I dont have DW, Bought it from Ryozu cuz good stats and though easier to trade for cs once no oens sellign it for dillz
  15. WindyWaves GM application

    1 month guess its to early to apply staff, ppl barelly knows you yet