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    Camons Sluts Seriously,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  2. Really

    I just wonder how sad it to someone spending time whole day doing this for nothing
  3. Perfect Belt/ 5% Armlets & FULL VIT Weapon

    Oh np, to bad if you got staff already i dont think i have anything that u need then QQ Thanks though
  4. Perfect Belt/ 5% Armlets & FULL VIT Weapon

    Accpet my staff for that poisons armlet?

    I hope your joking, i really hope
  6. GoZiLa's Shop

    What to expect from a guy that cant read rules even ppl telling him 50 times about it? 1. Post only in English: In order for us to properly moderate and understand the topics being discussed in the various forums please keep everything in English. This applies to the shoutbox as well. What to expect from a guy that dont know whats even a belt 3% DDR means? What to expect from a guy that hide his ign cuz a freaking pussy? Whats to expect from a guy that do double post? cuz to dumb to do all in 1 answer So yeah you pretty much the "tonto" here
  7. GoZiLa's Shop

    Well i was wondering cuz i get offers like that 20 times per day, like just 2 mins ago someone offering me 3x +10 vs clean parts for a perfect spear 195, cuz he said spear isnt perfect cuz no vit stats, smart like someone here xD
  8. Bagi best of them all ?

    rising player with brains? ser someone just pmed saying my spear isnt perfect, cuz it has no vit stats, pls xD
  9. [Event]Tripple Threat

    Well ppl play seg/segu etc cuz they want, its not like anyone forced them to play it ----------------------------- on topic keep this up we need more things on game like this
  10. GoZiLa's Shop

    Oh ho, u know his igns? pls share i wanna make sure to kill him everytime xD
  11. GoZiLa's Shop

    Sounds more like he has no idea what a bealt 3% ddr even means
  12. GoZiLa's Shop

    With 3% ddr? tell me where and ill buy them all.... Dude no wonder why you so stupid
  13. Bagi best of them all ?

    That would work, and would be nice i lot of "wanna be pro Bagi" insta quitting class xD

  15. dk square and score

    Its cuz they got way lower rank than yours