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  1. Helllllo

  2. Building Amrlets

    And not forgetting to use prots to dont lose the ones you want Once your done your gears yeah workign on perf armlet worth it
  3. WTT 195+10 Spear = DB

    Bring it up
  4. WTT 195+10 Spear = DB

    As title says 195+10 Red Spear FS (No Gems) DN 3x Damage = 195+10 Red DB (Even Clean idc)

    I think you understood. We saying you can, your able, no ones said it's legal, read more carefully
  6. L3/T3 Drops

    yeah boots dropping on pythoon thanks meh, 0 alo parts, so far seg, segu, hunter, hb only :/ Dropped cs and mage helm though but those are for me xD
  7. L3/T3 Drops

    Does it's still drop at avalon? Been there for 2 hours and didnt dropped a single one. Anyone has ifnos about?
  8. L3/T3 Drops

    I decide to bring some L3 for me and ppl once saw bone tryig to make his bagi ones And YOU should stop being slut and buy a regen, traded u the db and you still using 170 ones...hoe
  9. L3/T3 Drops

    Yeah i will try there a bit on some parts, i will post if drops here Thanks
  10. L3/T3 Drops

    Been there but dropped only gloves and helm, wondering where drops armor pant ans boots QQ
  11. Yeah, its 5 kill for quest and less coins, but its make colo active during the whole time Plus @Nitex maybe could add some more exclusive items to get from the b and p coins
  12. Or do like global, you cna do the quest as many time as you want during the the time
  13. Because i just dont care about upgrading squama right now, idk the rest
  14. WTB +10 CS Tera [A][P]

  15. WTB +10 CS Tera [A][P]

    Atm Paying 4b for 1 of them Not paying more so if you expecting 5b or more for tera nowadays dont even bother leaving msg
  16. Belts & Armlets

    Oi ser, send me one of those belts as gift pls ty

    You can, blocking IP on dksq aint working right now It's remember me i have 2 videos to upload about it
  18. GoZiLa's Shop

    I remade it already (Dildos Deleted), butiits still 193 no squama and on osm set xD hoping i can work on tera soon
  19. GoZiLa's Shop

    Ser if you get cs tera besides boots just save for me ty

    Yeha even making 170 char for dksq was hard asf, needed like e 10 anars for 140 to 169-170

    Well i tried doing dg twice, but i did quit it on second wave duo to ppl dont even know what they doing faking up all exp. Theres always a pt for it, the problem as you also said, or they go afk or they fak up the whole run.
  22. 160 belt armlets drop

    About the Newbies: Yeah but the point is newbies wont even work for their gears, they want all free wich for me looks kinda stupid, i even found ppl asking me what guild accepting a guy and gift gears...they just get the free 170+9 gears and go inside dksq as 180 lvl and cry theres to many op players.... ------------- 170 dksq: Honestly im up for make 170 dksq active again, i miss the times it was active, was much more balanced than 190+ ones

    WEell i have friends that got 196 in 1 day, but hes good at farming/lvling, so idk if thats wrong or we just all lazy PS: im 196 forever
  24. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Just some fixes 3 - ScykkGnOm 4 - MikotoSuoh ------ Forum Name: 4 - @DevilDildo
  25. New Gear

    Just as an add, a 171+9 3% ddr would work good too I have all gears and still using 171+9 2% ddr so thats might be np and alot cheaper About plumes yeah 140 still better cuz 4% pk/pvp and 4% crit ressis