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  1. Where is the Dil at?

    if 170 +9 set, belt and armlet is useless imagine for us that had 130 +0 Plus yes it's diferent, marjority on game right now are ungeared ppl, most of geared player are on break or even quitted, years ago we had a lot more of geared ppl and much more PK stuff wich made even harder to farm than right now You guys still dont get it, ill repeat again, we had no free +9, we had a lot more active ppl and geared ppl, a lot more of PK. Want a exemple? go grind eggut now, you barelly see ppl nowadays, and b4 was hard even to get on a spot, there was always 30+ ppl at npc and mostly red, and we still made
  2. Battle Royale Video

    no i mea buffed, but my max is 50k also buffed, so idk lol Hes a segu you nub, hp pots for segu and seg is for nabs xD
  3. Battle Royale Video

    That why i was asking, i see ppl getting 70k with str/dex build while i cant pass 50k hahaa Then probs a noob one
  4. Where is the Dil at?

    How we dont understand noob struggle if we all started the same way? the diference is when we started b4 we didnt had so many free items as you guys has right now, it was even more harder b4 than now If you guys think its hard now for newbies than youll would quit in 3 days if started 3 years ago
  5. Battle Royale Video

    Reported for abusing buffs np PS: are you str build?
  6. Where is the Dil at?

    I have to desagree, b4 was easier to farm dillz, but doesnt mean its hard to farm now, unless the guy is lazy 400 dragon bones is already nearly enough for 1 tera part, not tom mention while u farm bones u get golds and dravice artifact too The problem is we living on a new dekaron qq generation, mostly (ofc not all i know some ppl that started and are farming hard) of new ppl start and wanna get everything for free, like ppl that do a 180 char and keep leeching dksq for free points (anyone that do a lot of dksq know they are a lot there), ppl that go on event with free dillz and still cry (Like yest, i got riku event on the middle and still made 800m and a dshop wings, but i still saw a lot of newbires still asking for more), ppl that start and expect to join a guild that give them free +10s (yes someone asked me already what guild would give him free items to join it), ppl that keep trying anyone withouth mm and keep giving lazy scammers free dillz/items Sorry but i dont agree the low dillz on market is just game system fault, it's more new lazy players fault than anything else, or else how b4 castor get added was harder to farm dillz as it is right now and yet we still had more geared ppl than now? If you look around youll see just a bunch ppl with the free 170+9 trying to leech as much as they can, they wont even wanna farm for +10 osm wich is already like 400-500m ea part, and dont come saying +10 osm is worthless, i did play dksq on mage for month with osm gears against the +10 tera ppl, as u can see the set i was using on the vidd i posted here PS: Posted made by a guy with a CS gears all clean wich he need to farm dillz to make the option but still lazy to do it nowadays, but yet still dont think its hard if i want to
  7. Where is the Dil at?

    Yeah, but my point is ppl accommodated with things easier, sorry for being honest but i started i had no +9 set, no +9 wep no +9 armlet nor either belt, i didnt had dragon bones or dravice artifact, didnt also had castor I had a pure farm gold at space untill get dillz for gears, if you look at right now its zillions times easier still One thing i agree is ecreasing amount of dillz to FS and DN items at carmen for the hightest items, thats would help
  8. Where is the Dil at?

    For the last time, akris isnt the only way, tbh isnt even the easier way
  9. Where is the Dil at?

    Thats prove how u lazy, i did play again global for 6 months b4 papaya take over, and got lunacy wep with 180 +9 nearly perfect set and all acessories so....
  10. Where is the Dil at?

    plus, omg omg change +10 rates they so hard
  11. Where is the Dil at?

    did you ever heard about farming golds at deadland and space, there 2 entire maps with 2 channels to farm Not to mention dragon bones and 3 kind of dravice artifacts you can get from dravice Atm it's 100x easier than it was when most of us started, and we all made it, farmed and got geared, i dont see how you guys cant, you all expecting thinks to easy Maybe isnt the game thats need to change, but the players should change and start farm hard for it, or simple donate
  12. Where is the Dil at?

    Akris isnt the only way to farm. And seriously, making +10 is already damm easy, ive made few +10 without any talis
  13. Where is the Dil at?

    2b for clean is even expansive, i see many +10 DN for 1.5b already xD Not really, 7-8b is enough for a tera set Saw many ppl selling 195+10 for 6-7b (Unless its perfect weps) 140 Plumes are already 5b idk from where you got that prices, but thats wrong ----------------------- I would like to see this ppl when i started, having to farm with 130+0 set no belt no armlets, to pay 2x more for a +9 osm than a +10 tera worth nowadays And ppl still qq xD
  14. WTS Aloken +10

    WTS: 195+10 Perfect Spear = Offer Dillz/$$ +10 Aloken SB Randon = Offer Dillz/$$ +10 Aloken Tera [G][P][A] Randon = 2b ea (Tera Part wont be for sale untill i sell spear or SB)
  15. Where is the Dil at?

    I would buy that if was able to sell my alo parts, but oh well
  16. Voudou List

    WTS 3% DDR Belt for 30b, just for you
  17. good arm and belt for mage?

    belt best is 3% DDR ones for any class Armlet for mage 5% Light ones

    It's happen to me a lot when i aim someone lagger, mainly on dksq theres a lot of ppl with 56k dial up conection always bugging ppl skills
  19. Balancing

    Wasnt you shouting WTS perfect CS Set? awn ok to much whiskey then
  20. Balancing

    @Atlanti @[GM]Riku Noctis-XIII☪, exactly, as i said ppl wont realize the truth about CS untill they play one
  21. Balancing

    An segu can stun over 10 secs, an HB can stun over 10 secs, an bagi can stun over 10 secs, an DK can stun over than secs and an ak can stun over 10 sec, and some of them has more dmg than a cs, yet i dont see ppl complaining about them, hope u get my point About remaking the chakras, pls do a CS and try to fight while u have to remake chakras every 5 secs, cuz 1 of your DW OES can destroy all of them, as you can notice i have to fight dw and hunter most of the time withouth chakras cuz it totally waste of time changing to staff and remaking, chakras dies even b4 i finish remaking them Anyway i think DW are fine too, they are a magical class, they supposed to deal high damage, i woouldnt complain about that As i said, a VS can tank 10x more than a CS duo a CS got lower elemental ressistance. an CS will never tank as much as a VS does Plus need to remember CS got nerfed on last 2 balanced if im not mistaken Btw you guys saying it but bagi dont need nerf then? an class thats supposed to be a tank but low dmg, and instead that dealing 15k on ppl (yes fisty, roast, joda can easyily 10k+ on me) seems right? xD And the last thing, my cs has full tera, 198 lvl, elite warmaster rank, dex build, upgraded squama and yet my aloken with missing set partsm, no upgraded squama, lower rank and lvl still do more dmg and tank more than my cs
  22. Balancing

    Depends if luck enough to poisons shock debuffs apply on you then yeah a CS might be able to do more, but fighting a DW using long range skills isnt the best choice dont you think? It's worth if your on dksq and you have someone to help you tank then you can try debuff and then combo or else youll just die trying or you just go stuns and do the meele skills but then ur damage is reduce by a lot because cs dmg comes from the poison debuff and not the meele dmg Anyway we can test later when im back to home i dont mind PS: i didnt fight katnip yet but i know he has 100% perfect gears, while im on clean wep, clean set and clean armlets And if you guys think it's that OP make one and try do pvps, dksq and mass pk and see if that easy op class, or you guys dont noticed the amount of ppl thats start a CS and quit like days after? PS: also ppl complaining about cs and dw while AK is obviouly 10x more ridiculous OP? xD
  23. Balancing

    What you guys talking about, im 5 heal and rest Dex to do a 10k crit on you both for exemple While you guys rip my shield b4 i even get close enough to stun you, specially casper that do 18k on me inside chakras and using fire necks + dshop CS is good, im not saying it's need an boost, i think its fine as it is the op stuns cover the low dmg and low dps it have CS has advantage on this exemple as 1x1 against a DW and Segu yeah duo their low dmg, but the element ressistance from a CS is relative low, if a segu uses most of the curse skills instead phys ones the CS is fucked up, a reason i was never able to kill ScykkGnOm (Segu) on 1x1 after he got equal geared PS: it's not really 5 stuns, its 3 stuns, the mov ones still let you able to uses skills, wich means you can stun me first PS: DW dont have abnormal ressis but you got the orb, cs dotn have anything to protect besides the invis wich isnt much against a mass fight once it last for like 10-15 secs and you lose your souls link
  24. Balancing

    I think actually cs is fine, VS tank 10x more than a CS honestly, it's not op enough to play 123 skills style as VS can be Theres trick to beat a CS, you need learn how CS works for that Idk must test, maybe you thinks its done but it's not, cs has 3x real stuns, 1x skillbar block and 2x moviment stun, so probs when you think it's done an cs probs did another stun on a sequence
  25. request a name change

    lol? you think just because you was stupid to make a such name with all those oOoOoOoO, its your fault and you wanna request a free name seed? donate yourself and buy yourself one or buy one from dshop sellers