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    As title says WTS 195+10 Blue Staff FS No Gems Noble 3x VIT = +10 Aloken Tera Set (Not 100% Shit Options pls) or OFFER WTS 195+10 Perf Spear 4x dmg 4x 7% Light Gems = +10 Summy Tera Set (Not 100% Shit Options pls) or 15b or $50 or OFFER WTT 195+10 Red DB 7% Gems Magic 1x Vit + 195+10 Red Perfect Spear 7% Gems Full DMG = 195+10 Full Vit DB OR WTT 195+10 Staff Noble 3x Vit + 195+10 Spear Full DMG = 195+10 Full Vit DB Also selling: +10 Aloken Osm Gloves Full Vit = 1b or 300 DBs +10 Segu Osm Gloves Noble 3x Vit = 1.5b 1x 3% PK PVP Gem = 500m Collection: +7 AK/Mage L3 Set = 500m ea +0 L3 Set Seg/Segu/BW/HB/DK/Hunter = 300m ea set

    I hope your joking, i really hope
  3. GoZiLa's Shop

    What to expect from a guy that cant read rules even ppl telling him 50 times about it? 1. Post only in English: In order for us to properly moderate and understand the topics being discussed in the various forums please keep everything in English. This applies to the shoutbox as well. What to expect from a guy that dont know whats even a belt 3% DDR means? What to expect from a guy that hide his ign cuz a freaking pussy? Whats to expect from a guy that do double post? cuz to dumb to do all in 1 answer So yeah you pretty much the "tonto" here
  4. GoZiLa's Shop

    Well i was wondering cuz i get offers like that 20 times per day, like just 2 mins ago someone offering me 3x +10 vs clean parts for a perfect spear 195, cuz he said spear isnt perfect cuz no vit stats, smart like someone here xD
  5. Bagi best of them all ?

    rising player with brains? ser someone just pmed saying my spear isnt perfect, cuz it has no vit stats, pls xD
  6. [Event]Tripple Threat

    Well ppl play seg/segu etc cuz they want, its not like anyone forced them to play it ----------------------------- on topic keep this up we need more things on game like this
  7. GoZiLa's Shop

    Oh ho, u know his igns? pls share i wanna make sure to kill him everytime xD
  8. GoZiLa's Shop

    Sounds more like he has no idea what a bealt 3% ddr even means
  9. GoZiLa's Shop

    With 3% ddr? tell me where and ill buy them all.... Dude no wonder why you so stupid
  10. Bagi best of them all ?

    That would work, and would be nice i lot of "wanna be pro Bagi" insta quitting class xD

  12. dk square and score

    Its cuz they got way lower rank than yours
  13. Bagi best of them all ?

    Ppl just used to go rambo mode and QQ later Bagi need some dmg adjust yeah but the class isnt immortal as many ppl says
  14. one of the cancers to this server

    Nops its not allowed, any kind of deals that not trade for items or dillz in game or donation in game arent allowed
  15. Share your mistakes

    Did same mistake as danny, used 7% to FS something lol I remember it was when you added Squama xD
  16. Turn on IP Block on dksq/colo

    Like it just happened now Someoen get his main and 3x ALTs and sign all for colo, so he have free kills from his alts. 11. BATTLE SERVER (DK SQ / COLOSSEUM) A. Dual Client or more inside the Battle Server. A player who is caught having dual or multiple accounts piloting inside the battle server at the same time will lead to jail. 1st offense – 1 week, 2nd offense – 1 month, 3rd offense – PERMANENT. C. Boosting / Farming. Boosting low level rank players, defines as giving them free kills to gain points is strictly prohibited, anyone caught with an SS or Video will be subjected to jailing without any warnings. 1st offense – 1 week, 2nd offense – 1 month, 3rd offense – PERMANENT. PS: and yeah about AlexVander i have some ss and videos
  17. @Nitex Could u block again ppl join dksq and colo with IP again? some ppl like AlexVander are abusing it way to much
  18. New [OPR]'s and [GM]'s

    First of all, OPR and GM arent obligated to MM, it's an extra to help comunity but still isnt a PART of their job Second there are active ones, but they also need to sleep, work, study and everything else other ppl do aswell

  20. Bagi best of them all ?

    Bagi aint the best though xD, ppl just jump bagis while their ressistance on and HEY BAGI TO OP
  21. Bagi best of them all ?

    Also so far the only unbeatable bagi i saw so far is Roasteed, rest is strong yes but fair fight And try to kill a cs on 1x1 xD
  22. Bagi best of them all ?

    Any class can be good if played well, ofc there classes wich have advantage some other classes, it is how always dekaron work
  23. My 1st Scam ^^

    lol? Bimbow and liinee is always active, you clearly just did rush and done like this, your own fault
  24. My 1st Scam ^^

    yeah i was wtfg cuz i though it was made cs lmao oh thats yours?: thats explain why so weak, probs low popisons