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  1. New class?

    Then he should have tb on each hands, his left hand has nothing on it
  2. New class?

    Yeah, theres not 100% sure hes handling a dagger, can be some kind of small spear who knows
  3. New class?

    theres just 2 classes missing, so not hard, male hunter and male aloken
  4. alright soooooo downloading game now,where should i start?!?

    Same chubbyboy from global? pft
  5. WTB seg tera armor +10/ SB and 195 whip.

    Offer for Clean SB
  6. Dravice Authentic Artifact

  7. WTB 195+10 Wand

    Bring It Up
  8. WTB 195+10 Wand

    As title says WTB: 195+10 Wand RED Perfect or Clean PM Price
  9. WTB 195+10 Wand

    bring it up
  10. WTB 195+10 Wand

  11. GoZiLa's Shop

    Spear on seg set....with 4x curse dmg? xD
  12. WTS +10 Hunter SB/ +9 L3 Gloves

    Yeah most likelly 5-6b for random/clean ones
  13. WTS +10 Hunter SB/ +9 L3 Gloves

    As title says +10 Hunter SB Random = +10 Aloken Tera Helm Perfect or Offer +9 Hunter L3 Gloves = 500m LF Dragon Bones too
  14. WTB Hunter Tera +10, WTS 140 Plume

    Just a tip, there no gold dragon weps here, most of ppl wont even know about the global weps It's called Twisted Fate here, and honestly hard to find, 180+10 is way easier to find and even cheaper
  15. Weapon look

    Working, but not as it should, stars isnt "flying around" properly, it just stands bugged in midd This might looks good
  16. Weapon look

    Being honestly, even 145 weps looks better than the 195 ones, they looks like made with lego. As i said on discord, i really wish 195 weps +10 had the effect from global (The ones on TF but workign properly ofc)
  17. WTB 195+10 Wand

    Bring It Up
  18. Class PvP Rankings

    Omg not this joke here too, geez
  19. Class PvP Rankings

    In general bagi is a good class, but not that OP, its just some ppl that can "master" bagi skills thast makes it looks much more strong than it is Anyway this wont ever be 100% a class can be op asf or weak asf depending whos your looking to
  20. Class PvP Rankings

    Ima follow danny thing 1v1 pvp 1. AK 2. Segu 3. VS 4. DK 5. Bagi 6. Aloken 7. CS 8. DW 9. HB 10. Seg 11. Hunter 12. Mage Mass pvp/pk 1. Mage 2. DW 3. AK 4. VS 5. HB 6. Aloken 7. Bagi 8. Hunter 9. Seg 10. DK 11. CS 12. Segu
  21. 22

  22. WTB 195+10 Wand

    Bring It Up
  23. Half Bagi SB

    well, aloken tera is yellow and sb red, mage tera is blue and sb is red also. Not all Sb fits with tera so
  24. Stun effects (Hunter skills)

    Dave is actually trying to find a way to do them, already talked about it with him on discord, im not sure if he made any progress on it tho
  25. DKSQ

    U cant farm withouth getting exp, ur second option wich making farm char would works! Besides i dont think 188 dksq is that active enough to worth staying it