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  1. WTT Perf Alo Set = DW

    Bring It Up
  2. WTT Perf Alo Set = DW

    As title says Trading +10 Aloken Tera Set for and only for equal DW Set (pls realize i said SET) +10 Aloken Tera Helm 4x HP Rec +10 Aloken Tera Gloves 4x Vit +10 Aloken Tera [A][P] AR (95 AR/87 Med) +10 Aloken SB AR High Stat
  3. Anyone can teach me this? Especially GM?

    Its not simple as that, as riku said its made on photoshop/illustrator/after effects, most with manual effects You can find many tutos on google about it, but theres nothing automatic like that
  4. Question

    4b not 5b, u cant have more than 4b on each inventory, stash, shop
  5. Asking for something about Aloken stats build...

    tried both, str still best on my opinion, with proper gears ofc
  6. WTT Perf Alo Set = DW

    Bring It Up
  7. Mrhobo03

    By new classes u mean male hunter and male aloken? if so then sit and wait, not even corea has any idea when it come out
  8. WTB +0 CS MC = 1b

    As title says, not interested on +10s ones ty
  9. As we leave in this server.

    no ones simple quit dekaron forever, so see ya lagging around in few weeks
  10. oh boy, he got rekt so hard, loved that video Waiting to see whats his excuses for the boting To bad Zhyper still got his hunter though
  11. Things and stuff

    i got a lot of clients this week but i can try make one, pm, forum or discord what u want
  12. Things and stuff

    Ser, u change signature as Danny change class, okay
  13. WTB CS SB/ MC/ Tera [H][G][B]

    Bring It Up
  14. WTB CS SB/ MC/ Tera [H][G][B]

    As title says Prefer all CLEAN WTB: +10 CS Tera [G] [H] +10 CS MC +10 CS SB Leave Prices
  15. Djloa Bloopers !

    You call this thread as fun? rofl
  16. Djloa Bloopers !

    Im acting like im pro because i said your thread is useless and you are stupid by posting SS thats you need segu helps to fight ONE aloken? then your more dumb than i ever though You dont make sense, ur dumb to selfpawn on your own thread and you dotn even have more arguments than calling other chat build wich doesnt even makes sense unless for your own pinoy ppl. but hey, keep it doing, your the one making yourself looks even more stupid every post!
  17. Djloa Bloopers !

    And then u decide to make this useless thread making yourself looks even more stupid with ur heals help? great job, mission accomplished
  18. WTB CS SB/ MC/ Tera [H][G][B]

    bring it up
  19. Djloa Bloopers !

    So you made a thread because he made a small mistake calling segu as seg, but you showning you needed segu heals help to fight him, facepalm Eh really cant expect much from Invictuz Edit; Imagine if we all decide to make a thread everytime a Invictuz do a mistake, we would need 100x forum
  20. Thank massage to {GM}DannyBoi

    Care, danny help then eat ur soul right after
  21. WTB CS SB/ MC/ Tera [H][G][B]

    bring it up
  22. WTB CS SB/ MC/ Tera [H][G][B]

    Bring it up
  23. WTB CS SB/ MC/ Tera [H][G][B]

    Bring it up
  24. WTB CS SB/ MC/ Tera [H][G][B]

    Bring it up
  25. WTB CS SB/ MC/ Tera [H][G][B]

    Bring It Up