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  1. Chakras & Pet

    keep in mind dksq isn't generally 1v1, you're taking damage from all directions from multiple classes majority of the time, especially on summoners, since people like to get rid of the whole charka (killing the summoner does this) ultimately that ends up in pets taking more damage, since you're receiving more damage. What you test for a 1v1 pvp can be completely different for DKSQ/Colo and any other multi pvp scenarios
  2. Sir Please

    apologies for misunderstanding your post I had replied not long after I woke up this morning sorry about that, that's my mistake. How-ever if you also read my post properly I wasn't labelling you, simply some people in general, in fact I specifically said "I'm not saying this is you" but if you feel as if I were labelling you, maybe that's also saying something.
  3. Chakras & Pet

    Charkas already got boosted, then it got reverted because it did make them slightly OP, don't set them in the same position and the charka problem is pretty much solved, as for pets like roast said, arrogans is damage based, his hp is less for that reason, paranoia has quite horrific damage BUT he survives a lot longer
  4. How many are playing DK in Rising?

    depending on where you're from will have an impact on the amount of players you see I personally, am from AUS and when I play I prefer to play at afternoon-night time for me, since I notice it's a lot less afk venders and people actually playing either 190 runs/arcadia and DKSQ, I saw a shout from nitex saying that there were 300 online at off peak, so that should give you a rough idea hopefully, and when I play at the afternoon-night time, night especially there is a very satisfying amount of people to talk to/lvl or grind items with I'd suggest looking for a group of people to become friendly with from a similar timezone to you, to help enjoy the dekaron experience here, for example me being in AUS my timezone is very similar to those in the Philippines, I think they're only 2 hours behind myself and there is many very well English speaking as well as friendly ones out there
  5. Sir Please

    you can do all of this w/o $$ and with friends... you only need 4 for DF, 5 man pt at arcadia then raids at 190 dung as well as lower levelling with mates at egutt. It's honestly not hard ecspecially with the 130 +9 sets you're gifted, you can farm dirhams at 120/140 map for 3x banya anar necklace for increased 30% def while leveling which helps at majority of maps as well as gibor necklace upgrading to baal giving another +18% so even squishy chars can get a nice def bonus from simple items and common sense. as for dills, for newbies the parca is perfect as it drops 500k/1 argate most of the time and a lot of the time parca is quite empty I often go there to see if others are about and majority of the time it's full of unopened chests. Last of all no one has said it resorts to money, and if that's your honest opinion no one is forcing you to play here, I played for a solid year - year and a half before I even started to donate to help get some nicer shit (and that's only when I run into some spare money I don't mind spending here). Everyone has their own opinions obviously but some of them are obviously from lazy minded people, I'm not saying this is you but before people start to complain it would be good to see them have a good crack at the game first. Look at the people from Philippines player base as example, a lot of those don't even have access to paypal/visa donations or the other forms, but they farm and grind hard together and many of them haven't had an issue to achieve not only a high level but nice sets also.
  6. Sir Please

    it's only hard to level if you're lazy. You don't need to play much at all to get to a decent level to be honest, the hardest part is just getting to 166, after that with either DF or arcadia from 170 you can hit 190 in an hour and about another 30 mins for 195 could take up to an hour depending on party. Not to mention, it's not players responsibility to go boost the new ppl, most of us started from scratch at one stage and had to level a fair bit alone or not with the best party. If you find a booster it's helpful and many people do still help out the newbies, but don't be lazy relying on others to do work you can do yourself. XP was recently revamped, instead of 2% xp for a 190 run, you can get 9/10% at 199. Max level shouldn't be super hard, but it's also an achievement so just making it piss easy to get is pointless imo
  7. Abusers

    just because something has become difficult doesn't warrant breaking the actual game rules, if people have this mentality, they will just continue doing it not concerned for consequences edit - for people like my self that mainly log in purely for DKSQ, when people are point farming and cause you to lose the match due to that, then relog both their chars after you call them out on it, *cough... xDeva/xAenas" it's very annoying for the people actually trying to just play a nice match, one in particuarly, SexyRexy and I were having to work really hard not to die but still accumulate some points, then with 5-10 mins to go, Deva does his thing and kills our whole teams score. It's frustrating and needs to be dealt with, possibly more severe punishments to finally set an example not to do it.

    unfortunately since I haven't had facebook for almost 2 years I can't even remember her last name, Josh would know it, but he hasn't been around for a bit and they split up, if you don't have in on skype anymore i'm not too sure, her last names in my head somewhere just can't think of it right now lmao EDIT - NVM I remember it as I posted this lol will inbox you now
  9. Abusers

    xDeva also does this with the alt xAenas, watch out for them to gather more SS I took video and some SS will try upload it later once on main pc

    Jess lives not far from me and was active here maybe like 18 months ago just briefly, last time I talked to her she was still very interested in all her graphics arts and stuff, maybe she'd be willing to help out with some nice new fancy costumes? I'd ask but I deleted my facebook a while back so can't contact her anymore, maybe you still got her on skype or something?
  11. Some Observations

    100% agreed, and that's my main point in this whole thread, it was a highly unfair action from the staff member, as well as getting ur thread locked after for literally no reason apart from it's negative towards 1 person only, funny it's the same 1 that locked it.
  12. No offence intended, just my honest thoughts. ALSO I would very much appreciate if you DON'T lock this immediately as you did Roasteeds thread about the pvp event, that was extremely unfair towards him, locking his thread that was not breaking any rules at all, it had no arguing or flaming, just basic facts alone and it got locked for what reason exactly? please enlighten me, i'd very much like to know. I do think that when GM lock threads they are supposed to also give reason as to why. Shutting down someones thread simply because it mentions you in a negative way is not acceptable, ultimately it's taking away the voices of the players that help this game thrive. I don't want to cause any drama here, but if there's something that I feel needs to be said, Idgaf, I will say it, and say it how it is, don't like it? there's a saying that "the truth hurts". I understand that GM [Blaze] does a lot for this server by hosting the nice pvp events for people, doing the dksq/xp events here and there, don't get me wrong I'm very grateful for those, what I really dislike to see, is actions like what I have stated above. I understand that he brings in huge $$ for the server from the items he sells, I understand that if there's some sort of special treatment going on, I see where that comes from, (not saying it is, but at times it honestly seems that way). I'm posting this because I like this game, and care for it to get better and more active, because that way I can have more fun in my own experience here, @Nitex you have said yourself recently that some staff members had been removed with some issues with corruption, whether that's about the siege case or not I'm not sure, I can only assume that's part of it. How-ever it confuses me how you get rid of some staff because of slight corruption, but you allow GM[Blaze] to do, pretty much what ever he wants.. (my whole perspective is, it's a similar situation to Mcgregor in the UFC, he brings in so much revenue for them, he gets a huge say in what goes on). Apologies if I'm not accurate there, but there's obvious reasons that it comes across like that. Killing a player in a PVP event that you're hosting on your GM Char because he wasn't actively fighting at that point in time, it's complete fkin rubbish. People do this at colo all the time, if anything it's common sense, you let those two fight so you can hopefully gain an advantage, the fact that you killed Roasteed is BS enough, but after he posted about it, you completely lock his thread saying "Thanks for the feedback" well for 1. if you were thankful you wouldn't lock it, 2. Since you weren't thankful and locked it, this shows 1 of 2 things, it made you angry or you didn't want any more negative comments towards you name, since you know you did the wrong things. EDIT - I just forgot to add this, i'm unsure if the rules for the pvp event were posted, but I'm assuming there was no rule saying you had to be in combat the whole time, therefore Roasteed was treated unfairly during this event. Note - If this gets locked, I would like the exact reason as to why and if unfit, unlock it. This is for feedback and suggestions, if you disagree or don't like this feedback that's fine, it's still no reason to shutdown someones topic. Ty all for reading, and I'm only saying this because no one else has yet, I know of many who not only agree but are worried to talk about it because of they might get jail or ban honestly I find that appalling they feel they can't be 100% open about their thoughts on the server and it's staff, but if they were to get punished, there is the corruption you must fix.
  13. very nice all of those changes seem quite good and fair, extremely happy to see the changes to AK and mages shield, nice job to all that worked on this!
  14. yeah from red dragon Red Dragon Drops 10x: Lv180 Necklaces Lv180 Rings
  15. open the manual patch and extract it and/or copy it to where your main dekaron folder is stored (usually just go into my computer - dekaron rising)