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  1. Remove D Shop Buffs

    Tbh the lack of magic res is a MAJOR issue with dshops. Regardless of your view on whether dshop should be in the game or not, everyone should be able to agree that for it to be "fair" (not even balanced) that it should add magic res as well. Still though, dshops should be gone. >.>
  2. Remove D Shop Buffs

    Dshops were part of the original game because thats how the company made money. The thing is, this isnt the original game. Dshops have no purpose other than to fuck up the balance of the game at this point, and tbh I agree that they should be removed.
  3. hi its been a while

    Nice timing to drop by, I came back a couple weeks ago too. Though tbh with how fucked balance is I dunno how long that tenure is going to last. Knowing you even if you're rusty, you'd run train on people with how strong aks are right now. Go ham bruh
  4. Dont forget me....

    Can't forget something I didn't know in the first place
  5. hi its been a while

    Looool tru Sup Dave, been a while.
  6. WTB +9 bagi boxing gloves

    gimme pls
  7. Anyone have a Nice VS Summy TB pvp guide?

    Ser you forgot some steps 1: summon pet and put down chaks 2: stand in chaks that have more effective hp than my bagi, be immortal with cap crit dmg 3: use DA 4: wait for DA 5: repeat 3-4
  8. WTB +9 bagi boxing gloves

  9. b> Hunter tera set +10 DN

    Sent 20, trade me next time I log in <3
  10. WTB +9 bagi boxing gloves

  11. Azure Knight Weapons

    Wrong section.
  12. WTB +9 bagi boxing gloves

  13. Sick of AK's

    Literally how everyone fights now a days. So if youre dumb enough to fight a bagi and try and spam cc when resistance is up, youll die. Same thing if you fight summy in chaks and eat DA after DA. Fight AK in bubble and green pk res buff. HB with resistance and pk res buff up. DK with pulses up. Mage with invul buff up. Etc. @AsmodeusTw if you do these things, you are not the perfect AK.
  14. Current State of Balance Discussion

    Nope youre right, I was remembering incorrectly. Writing this post out from memory while at work was a flawed enterprise. I went back and edited my original post. THE POINT STANDS THOUGH D: The only functional stun for a class being at less than 50% success rate, in a meta where every fucking class abuses their multiple forms of hard cc/180 skills then just kites, is ridiculous. Yes, you can make an argument that thats how the game originally balanced shockwave. Sure. But WE DONT HAVE ORIGINAL BALANCING. Tuning for more than half the classes we have are nothing like original Dekaron, so using that argument is asinine. I believe things such as this should be looked at, to better balance with how the server has been pushing the meta. Hell specifically with bagi, it would help even having earthquake properly stun. If it interrupted skills like a stun actually should, then it would be fine...but it doesnt.
  15. Current State of Balance Discussion

    Youre killin me here ;n; Appreciate that though, if I come up with anything I'll drop a line - however that isn't my main concern either so CMON MAAAANNN