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  1. I would like to learn about Segu.Please

    Use this to see what skills does http://www.dekaron.ga/_variae/variae.htm <-- There are all skills for all classes
  2. 188 DKSQ Problem

    Yes im. Well, mostly i think its problem for everyone who wanted to even farm pp on that dksq, or is just new and want fast 170/180 skills, most of points ive grinded here is from talking, points system for 188 dksq should be changed asap
  3. 188 DKSQ Problem

    It's kinda annoying fighting whole dksq and on end getting 2k points + 7k from talk, most of players what my team kills gives 70-100 points/ There is nobody actually whos mid/high ranked fighting on 188 and people quit from dksq so fast that none have fun from it starts mostly 4v4 and after 3 mins it gets 2vs1. Atleast try checking it, Thanks.
  4. WTS/WTB

  5. WTS/WTB

    WTS 195 DB FS +10 2x vit - 5.2b/140plume + 200m/25$ WTB +9 osm armlet DN FS Mail/FL : Plane
  6. Donate failed

  7. Donate failed

    I have problem with donation 10$ didnt came to {VIP}IvyTaurus04, dunno why paypal don't show player name in donation or u can check it by transaction ID, i'd like to know which fault is it. Thanks