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  1. new wep

  2. down again????

    Server is up, all channels currently online.
  3. All good now, all channels back online!
  4. Class Tourney EVER?

    In your opinion, considering we open registration to the tournament in one/two weeks tops, and given enough time to advertise it, mostly ingame (some players do not check forums at all), what would be the best date to start the actual pvp matches? By the way, unlike the guild tournament that was all done in a single day, and took far too long to end, this time I believe we should do it in sections, quarterfinals, semifinals, finals, etc, all on separate weekends, whats are your views on that?
  5. Mess with the best

    I will, seriously I loved it .
  6. Mess with the best

    I loved it Teach me how to do this .
  7. Check all the screenshots.











  8. Is server down???

    We are aware of the situation, currently working on it. I will update on it ASAP, thank you for your patience. Update: Server is ON, all channels back online.

    Currently online
  10. Server offline ?

    Yes, repairs are in progress, thank you for your patience. Update: Currenly online.

    How about surprise event after server is on, for loyal players . Do it, get an amazing signature too . Me too brother me too.

    Working on it, patience friends .
  13. I think what {VIP}GoZiLa suggested is great, while you can farm mavrics at Draviss Field (go to the stone circles, fire mobs) you will also get drops of Dragon Bones and most likely Normal Dravice Artifacts, and yes, Dragon Bones are in high demand, can go anywhere from 300 million dills to +400 million dills per 100.
  14. Nice that you actually like the PK action . For me: Space of Pilgrimage (first area/section of the map), but others say Deadlands can be very good for gold argates. Definitely Aquirai ruins, lower left corner of the map. First make a socket, preferably achieve full sockets on a piece of equipment first (Carmen NPC, at Ardeca) then place yourself the desired gems into the sockets through inventory. Scam will most likely happen if you do not use official staff to help you with the trades, currently we have many OPR's and GM's that can serve as Middleman during this kind of transactions, making it 100% safe for both of the players involved in the trade, just go to Ardeca and shout (using ! at chat) that you need an OPR/GM Middleman, or ask for one at our Discord Channel #middleman. If you have more questions just ask.