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  2. Server offline ?

    Yes, repairs are in progress, thank you for your patience. Update: Currenly online.

    How about surprise event after server is on, for loyal players . Do it, get an amazing signature too . Me too brother me too.

    Working on it, patience friends .
  5. I think what {VIP}GoZiLa suggested is great, while you can farm mavrics at Draviss Field (go to the stone circles, fire mobs) you will also get drops of Dragon Bones and most likely Normal Dravice Artifacts, and yes, Dragon Bones are in high demand, can go anywhere from 300 million dills to +400 million dills per 100.
  6. Nice that you actually like the PK action . For me: Space of Pilgrimage (first area/section of the map), but others say Deadlands can be very good for gold argates. Definitely Aquirai ruins, lower left corner of the map. First make a socket, preferably achieve full sockets on a piece of equipment first (Carmen NPC, at Ardeca) then place yourself the desired gems into the sockets through inventory. Scam will most likely happen if you do not use official staff to help you with the trades, currently we have many OPR's and GM's that can serve as Middleman during this kind of transactions, making it 100% safe for both of the players involved in the trade, just go to Ardeca and shout (using ! at chat) that you need an OPR/GM Middleman, or ask for one at our Discord Channel #middleman. If you have more questions just ask.
  7. Behold the winners of the Guild Tournament summer season, 2017! With the Guild Tournament summer season having come to an end this past July, 16, 2017, we would like to congratulate every guild that participated and made this event fun for everyone. Special thanks to Official Rising staff for making it posible, currently, preparations need to be set in motion for the next season, with a few changes that will come along to improve the tournament experience. Now, as we can observe from the following Tournament Bracket, we had six brave teams participating: InvictuZ (main guild), InvictuZ (sub guild), Royal, R E D, Garuda and Gods. The final results. - First place: Royal Guild. Members: xIndependent {VIP}Roasteed Bon3crush3r Kianni Zeshin DjLoa Substitutes: Bon3y Roastella - Second place: InvictuZ Guild. Members: AzaNezz Zhyper Mhai EviLPocky Snooki Polyphia Substitutes: {VIP}Labia xxHAOxx - Third place: Garuda Guild. Members: {VIP}GoZiLa SlitherPuss {VIP}FunkyGhoul SexyRexy {VIP}FreedJustine InvulnerableOz Substitute: Hammered Note: All prizes have been sent. Next week I will be uploading several videos of the tournament for everyone to watch, specially the semi-finals and the grand final.
  8. Guild Tournament -summer season- winners!

    In dills sir or items? I offer full osm AK set +10 random stats, 2 stacks of gold argates and 2 stacks of dragon bones .
  9. Guild Tournament Summer Season.

    45 hours and 30 minutes from this post, let's talk ingame .
  10. [New] Dekaron Rising [VIP] Memberships

    It does not work that way, as I said your last argument was correct.
  11. Need MM at lowe. ark server plz

    Done .
  12. Guild Tournament Summer Season.

    Exactly Rexy, you got it right !
  13. Guild Tournament Summer Season.

  14. [New] Dekaron Rising [VIP] Memberships

    Yes, that is correct .
  15. Guild Tournament Summer Season.

    PM sent.
  16. Guild Tournament Summer Season.

    The following Guilds have succesfully registered to the tournament. Guild name: Royal. Team leader: xIndependent. Members participating: xIndependent. {VIP}Roasteed. Bon3crush3r. Kianni. Zeshin. DjLoa. Substitutes: Bon3y. Roastella. Guild name: InvictuZ. Team leader: AzaNezz. Members participating: AzaNezz Zhyper Mhai EviLPocky Snooki Polyphia Substitutes: {VIP}Labia xxHAOxx Guild name: R E D. Team leader: Sealed Members participating: Sealed MercuryRising Isatown Aloida iAnnoDomini nebulla Substitutes: sEXPERIENCEs FrankMosses Guild name: Kpop. Team leader: Eunji. Members participating: Eunji {VIP}GoldenDarkness SexyRexy {VIP}HeXXeD {VIP}MrBuffy Hammered Substitute: {VIP}GoZiLa Note: We are currently on schedule, and in the process of deciding the best time for every match, we will be using a random generator to decide the order and guilds that will be facing one another. This event will take place: 10:00 PDT (pacific time zone), July 16 / 01:00 PHT (phillipines time), July 17 / (same time for Taiwan) 19:00 (GMT+2) Central European Summer Time (CEST) +0200 UTC, July 16. There will be a countdown ingame.
  17. Patching

    I had the same issue, after reinstalling the game, around one month ago. What worked for me was: Deleting main Dekaron Rising folder (delete game), next... Go to " c: / User/AppData/Local/DekaronRising " and delete this folder aswell (Note: the location of this folder will vary depending on windows version, might be hidden). After you have done this two steps, reboot and reinstall the game, once you open launcher it should update completely with the correct golden glow.
  18. Sealing Powder (Is it worth it?)

    I agree with this, and as Dave said, buy them fresh just at the moment of transaction. Also, 7% Gems, colo argates/mavrics, are definitely a good idea but they are seasonal, at times you might sell 2-3 bags, or find players desperate for 7% gems, then nothing at all for days. Don't forget that players will need a sealed Upgraded dragonic squama or Lachrymae, not just the fresh Lowe NPC version, I doubt someone would invest in sealing powder for a fresh version of this items.
  19. Guild Tournament Summer Season.

    Guild Tournament summer season has arrived to Rising, this event will start on July, 14th, 2017, with the posibility of extension -if needed, although most likely- towards July 15th and 16th. 1. Registration. I request participants, particularly the Leader of each team to send a private message to -Adori- forum account, providing all the IGN members of the team, registration closes Tuesday July, 11. Each party must have 6 members from the same guild [please provide a team leader]. Each party can name up to two (2) extra substitutes from the same guild in case of abandonment/desertion of the main members. All guilds (aimed at bigger guilds) are allowed to submit a Main guild team and a Sub guild team, however guilds using this option will only have the posibility of providing one substitute member for each team. Evidently teams will be fixed, no sharing of players between registered teams is allowed, not even between Main guild teams and Sub guild teams. After registration closes, I will announce the guilds and teams participating. 2. Schedule. As stated above, we begin on July 14th, I will have amplitude of time during those dates to monitor the matches, and will be coordinating with the team leaders to choose the best posible time for the majority of the participants of each match. 3. Rules. Unlike accustomed pvp's events, matches will be held in Ark channels, as such rules will be Korean style - where anything goes - You can use anything at your disposal, all buffs, fish, etc. are allowed. Format in deciding winners will be "Best of Five", meaning - whoever is first to win a total 3 matches, wins. 4. Prizes. First place = 50,000 Rising coins each member. Second place = 35,000 Rising coins each member. Third place = 25,000 Rising coins each member.
  20. server down?

    All Chanels up and running !
  21. Arcane DOWN?

    We are aware of the situation, please proceed to Khaleesi and Lurile. Thank you for the report.
  22. To [GM]Adori

    If you can PM me your IGN, I could be able to provide an explanation as to why you received a reward, also take into consideration that I did many events in the weekend, are you sure you did not participate in a single one?
  23. lvl 200

    Felicidades hermano! Por tu nombre me imaginaba que hablabas español, aunque pensaba que eras argentino o latino pues Y en efecto los que hablan español en Rising son pocos, y menos aun de España. Ahora a completar tu set?
  24. Take A Peek

    So much nostalgia, I love those sets, but the weapons are definitely the best, they got to make a comeback!
  25. TWD !! FINALEE

    Cass reaction: btw... thank you for the reminder friend, enjoy it, I will make sure to check it as soon as I can.