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  1. !

    Server log In issue has been fixed, shouldn't have any trouble getting ingame .
  2. about gm

    Feedback: Information about reactions to a product, a person's performance of a task, etc., used as a basis for improvement. Nitex himself have said so before, we value feedback, there is always room for improvement for staff members, GM's included, and it will be appreciated.
  3. 5v5 PVP event

    Congratulations to everyone that participated, awesome event!
  4. Connection Failed?

    Thank you for sharing this information, we are working on it.
  5. Hello

    Welcome back !! Always great to have pro players coming back, even if it is only for a season, you guys will always be welcomed here. Ps. I have to remain objetive and neutral towards all players, but i'm pretty much fan girling here xD .
  6. Patch 13.1: Valentine Update

    Not yet, wait a few minutes please.

    I am in, fast and without issues, you still having trouble?

    Server about to be restarted, will be up in a few minutes guys, thank you for your patience!
  9. server down again?

    Dear players. We are aware of this issue and currently assessing the situation, server will be up as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  10. I'm back

    Welcome back! there have been many changes in Rising, it is recommended that you review some recent updates for a better perspective of the server. Btw recently i got a character up to level 200, the only real pain to me was from 199 to 200 (maybe out of desperation to reach max level asap), indeed it does take hard work and patience. Good luck friend!
  11. Return Of DarkSmoke

    Welcome back! Indeed there are many new features in Rising, you should take a peek at the recent updates . PM me if you need anything.
  12. Great application friend, best of luck!
  13. Staff application

    Thank you for applying good luck!
  14. {VIP}KimTan OPR application

    The legendary KimTan himself applying for staff, i would say yes 100% eyes closed just because it's KimTan i mean come on! jk. Good application friend best of luck!
  15. You certainly have an impressive experience that could help Rising. Great application, good luck friend!
  16. Atlanti OPR Application

    Well made application, thank you for applying Atlanti, good luck my friend!
  17. {VIP}Ysamich OPR Application

    Thank you for applying Ysamich, good luck friend!
  18. Ximena's OPR Application

    Amazing application, impressive resume, good luck my friend!
  19. MrFisty's OPR Application

    Great application my friend, good luck!
  20. What is this DF event?

    It was a Dead Front recurring event with additional treasures/mobs and D-shop item prizes for winners. I am guessing you probably arrived late and could no longer join, there were around 6 parties applying to enter, so two or more were left out. Worry not there will be more events of this kind, maybe you can join next time .
  21. Let's talk about a 190+ Dead Front

    Agree with this 100%, and/or revamp an old one, example: Tower Dungeon (currently near useless), this dungeon is dynamic, requires team work and even now it can be hard to complete. I Don't support opening a new Dead Front because that will divide our player base causing a negative impact in this recurring event, I think the same logic-reasoning we take as to why we won't create a +190 DK square (as it has been asked/suggested before) applies here "The more the merrier", even more if we consider the dynamics of Dead Front include the hype of getting your IN signal to participate in this recurring event, and preferably always having a final big PvP match at the end between the four participating parties. "3.What incentives besides EXP do you think should be added? (PP/Grade EXP is a possibility, but it would negatively impact DK Square)". I do think we need more incentives for Dead Front, small amounts of PP/grade would be great, also item buffs, in previous updates we were about to implement them. A small chance for Sigmetal/sig light weapons would be awesome too, since they are still hard to get, specially for new/starting players; and, Improve experience received in Dead Front, at the very least making it equal to an experience run in level 190 Nest of Cherubim dungeon.
  22. Players of Dekaron

    Been there, it hurts a lot when half the party expect other players to carry them through exp runs (l.190 dungeon) and also in other exp parties like Arcadia map ghosts spot, there are players that just want to take advantage and do nothing for the party. I only recently got to level 200, and actually was lucky enough to get good-not lazy party members to do daily exp runs in level 190 dungeon, even full runs (specially from level 199 to 200), there are players that aren't lazy and work hard but you need to find them, i could send you a list of the ones i know .

    You keep raising the bar up Ximena, loved it !!!
  24. [Forum Event] Holiday Screenshot

    We're gifting out free Snowman or Winter Bear pets! You will get the pet mailed directly to your in-game mailbox. Read below for more information on how to enter! The better the screenshot, the better the pet! How to enter: Take a Christmas/holiday season related screenshot in game. Post it on the Dekaron Rising Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/dekaronuprising. Share the picture you posted on the Dekaron Rising Facebook Page to your Timeline. (NOTE: Make sure you when you share it, it is set to PUBLIC so we can verify that you shared it to your wall). Post here with a link to your Facebook page and your character name so we can verify the photo and send you your prize! Rules: Screenshot must be Christmas/holiday season related and taken on Dekaron Rising. You must leave the photo until the event is over. One prize per person. You cannot use the same screenshot as someone else, the screenshot must be YOURS. Character name posted here with the link must match the character in the screenshot. Prizes: All entries will receive a Snowman/Winter Bear pet: Very Good, creative screenshot entries will be gifted a 18% blacksmith talisman pack (x10) and a frost wolf pet: