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  1. Bloodbatss

    Many months Ago i tried to play into Internet shop.`everythings is fine until i log out!! and the Next days i tried to play again and log in my acc .but Suddenly i dont see any character on my acc !and all DisApear. its too late to know that shop has a Key logger .they fuckin deleted all w/out any reason and i was hopin that You GM can help me w/ this long prob of mine! my VS name was "Bloodbatss " pls Kindly Help me !! Thanks and GodBless!!!
  2. Sir Nitex

    Sir Nitex We made Argating in 1st patch this they i wonder not only me but to those ppl argating to we cant even made +8 and So many items Broke that i buy but its Gone to nothing. Kindly pls made Some items rollbacks ? thats not players fault Sir that the argate succes rate was bad. kindly do that Sir. ty iTs me BumBleBeee
  3. tnx hope it can be fixed as soon as posiible
  4. the damage of CS now veery low compare to previous update also the defence getting lower now / my over all atack getting low from 9k normal now 6k only
  5. Concerra Summoner Overall damage increased. increased? why before my normal atack dmaage 8000+ with out buff but now with buff only 6000+
  6. R I S I N G - 1 vs 1 Class PvP Tournament

    i will miss you boss master.. c u soon
  7. R I S I N G - 1 vs 1 Class PvP Tournament

    IGN: LineS (200 lvl) Concerra Summoner