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  1. SlitherPuss Party Match Ranking

    dat summy rape was noice
  2. hi its been a while

    Hi dave I missed u pls come back danny bullies me rek him ty
  3. WTB $

    oh this dude err ill pm u ingame tomorrow cuboid lel
  4. Just make every map in the game a pk zone and we're set.
  5. [GUIDE] New Players Getting Gear

    What if u feel like poop after killing 4 akris
  6. Why do i Dc in DKSQ/BR

    try not opening the Map by pressing M it usually causes crash idk y

    2x +10 weps for set and sb and 3b for ur 2h, and dual weps, shield, sword?
  8. Current State of Balance Discussion

    +1 Urgh, the problem is the overuse of 180 skills actually. It is originally only supposed to be 3 skills from 170-180 that you can use not all 6. IDK why there's updates on hp,mp, abnormal resis when you can just limit the 170-180 skills to that as the original deka and literally fix everything? They're called meisters or something not really sure, but in global they do insanely high dmg but you can only use 2 or 3 of them instead of all 6 like here :/. The wings was a major fuckup but hopefully itll get resolved soon. I'm getting so bored of people just spamming 180 skills and then running away and waiting for cd its trashy as hell. Also another question is why aren't the tera sets lvl 190? So 171 sets and osm can be on 188 dksq instead of tera being there too??? That shit confused me lmao but o well. As for the stats I totally agree omfggg the amount of free stats is INSANE. Theres literally no use of going different builds when you have 40-50k hp with 3 stats on heal lmao.
  9. SOLD

    Trade with +10 perf hammer your set and weps and for sb I can trade 1 line vit scythe or 1 line vit tb + u add some dil?
  10. Bagi Discussion

    I laugh at the autism in this topic
  11. QQ

  12. Been a while. Hi y'all :3

    omg welcome bak fatty I misst u :(((( no1 to emotionally dmg anymore
  13. WTT/WTS list

    I already sold my soul to isis
  14. WTT/WTS list

    wot u wan for that vs set and wep ser
  15. Sick of AK's

    I played HB for 2 weeks and trust me when I say its the 2nd weakest char ive played. First is Hunter ofc cuz its squishier than jello since xbow dmg sucks major peenus. The problem with HB is if you go for full str, then youre pretty much a 3 skill char since 1- you have 35k def at full tera set and buffs 2- you get bugged like a bitch from the kbs you get from opponents skills and 3- all you can really do is stun and spam your stun skills and run like a lil thot. Now if you go heal build then youre pretty much immortal lol but you cant do shit cuz ur dmg is so bitchy I stg. The problem I found with hb is that its 170-180 skills are practically useless. You can only use 1-2 in a combo and only IF that combo lands. Atm HB is only op against magic chars such as mage and wizz cuz of that 85% resis buff (IN 1V1) because honestly hb is waste of time in dksq and pking :/ Yes its balanced, yes it has as much dmg as a bagi, yes it has return dmg, but bagi is balanced too, bagi can use 3-4 170-180 skills in a combo successfully and even if they don't use it in a combo the skills are tracking most of them and actually have a stun lock. I got the combos down for hb in 3 days and I could rek some op ppl in 1v1 but I found out that HB is trash in dksq, pk, BR, PT PVP and those are pretty much 80% of the game lol Overall I think HB needs a dmg boost or their 170-180 skills need a speed boost or w.e because falchion skills are trash lol don't even use em cuz 4 hits 0 tracking and easily avoidable.