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  1. Belts & Armlets

    replied its done bro.. ur too OP now... too OP ser.
  2. Belts & Armlets

    pm me ur best offer ser. thank u.
  3. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Team Name : NotBeAble2Participate Team. Leader : {VIP}Voudou Team Members : 1. {VIP}GoZiLa 2. {VIP}FreedJustine 3. MadeFaka 4. Yoora Forum name of each player : 1. @{VIP}GoZiLa 2. @FreedJustine 3. @MadeFaka 4. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 5. @SMOKE
  4. Belts & Armlets

    WTS : +9 Tera Belt, 2x PK/PVP gems (2% Melee damage tol, 3% Damage Reduct) +9 Osm Belt, 2x PK/PVP gems (2% Melee damage tol, 3% Damage Reduct) +9 Tera Armlet, max gem (1% curse, 1% curse, 1% magic damage, 2% curse) +9 Tera Armlet, max gem (5% Curse) +9 Tera Armlet, max gem (1% poison, 1% poison, 1% poison, 2% damage) +9 Tera Armlet, max gem (1% poison, 1% poison, 1% poison, 2% damage) +9 Tera Armlet, max gem (5% poison) +9 Tera Armlet, max gem (5% Lightning) +9 Osm Armlet, max gem (5% Lightning) PM ME YOUR BEST OFFER. (donation only)
  5. Somebody please buy it!

    cant wait to see ur CS back in action ser.. OP ser... Too OP...
  6. Outlaw guild

    Holy shit.. Rusty bro already on the move... Gratz on the new guild bro.. all the best!
  7. Segnale

    well that is exactly the meaning of it. you are on point ser. firing a huge damage to opponent like a cannon, but also very fragile like a glass. Glass Cannon Game Term. Refers to a class of vehicle or sometimes a unit that has very high attack strength and sometimes long range but generally poor defense and low health as a result. The general strategy for them is to either destroy the enemy before being attacked or hides behind other, stronger ally units. edited : almost forgot about it. im the one who found the term of glass cannon, when im at the bathroom, taking a dump. firing my shits at the lavatory. then suddenly the toilet destroyed to pieces..like its been shot by a cannon. theres so much shits + glass everywhere. thats when i have an idea of the term. glass cannon. thank u. your welcome.
  8. Angelic Soul

    @Nitex With the appearance of the new 180+9 neckie that boost the damage by increasing in vit and resis with 2% pk/pvp tol option. can the angelic soul option also be re-new ser? a proportional boost to the soul acc, the deff, resis and pysical resis,...also make the pk/pvp tolerance option become 2%..same as like the 180 neckie. so we can have another option when building our character. thank u.
  9. WTS/T Full Vit TB.

  10. Trade/Sell

    how much your price in $$ ser?
  11. Trade/Sell

    what is your IGN?
  12. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    yes, if the date can be change...that will be awesome... coz its chinese new year...
  13. WTS/T Full Vit TB.