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SMOKE's Feedback

  1. {易碎}l4fragile left Positive feedback   

    sold him a pre made +10 item ....this guy is patient...i was too busy....he waited 3 days for the item...good buyer and trusted... and also a nc guy...

    SMOKE was The Seller

  2. Dwayne Wayne left Positive feedback   

    bought many things from this guy, extremely trusted seller and fair prices!

    SMOKE was The Seller

  3. DevilDildo left Positive feedback   

    Easy and faster trusted seller/buyer

    SMOKE was The Seller

  4. haziqzas left Positive feedback   

    +1 trusted seller/buyer

    SMOKE was Trading

  5. Nitex left Positive feedback   

    Trusted seller I've watched in-game before.

    SMOKE was The Seller