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  1. Perfect Belt/ 5% Armlets & FULL VIT Weapon

  2. Paypal

    IDK what is the cause of it.. but from my experience it can be due to that ur credit card that have been linked with ur paypal account is already overlimit, so it cant make a 100$ payment....have u tried a 50$ donation? or a smaller amount of donation? the other one its bcoz of the limit that been set up by paypal on ur account. Before, my paypal account have a 100$ limit transaction per day. they do it as a safety measures. but after many transaction with other merchant, paypal user and online shop, they upgrade my limit to 5k per day (payment and withdrawal).

    im not a pro dk user bro... but from my experience fighting a dk, i see a similarity in their playstyle... - Buff, pulse, attack........(pulse run out).........use the super duper never ending speed buff.......Run with all ur might, like u were on a 100m sprint match with Usain Bolt.........(when buff/pulse is available again)........buff, pulse, attack........showed them ur amazing pulses.........(pulse run out)..........get on a 100m sprint with Usain Bolt again............repeat all the steps above!
  4. Tsunade2

    welcome ser... enjoy ur stay..
  5. close

    wkwkwk... np bro. ty.
  6. Perfect Belt/ 5% Armlets & FULL VIT Weapon

  7. close

    Chill u guys.. He just saying some infos...not a big deal... and stats doesnt have anything to do with ur playstyle...you still an OP AK..chill bro. And im still interested in ur AK gears...wkkwkkwk... Is it still available?
  8. close

    axe and 2x mace...for full vit staff
  9. close

    i know bro.. thank u for the info... so for the player that still have no idea what is a perfect gauntlet, axe, spear, hammer and etc...kindly read this explanation.
  10. close

    Trade AK set for full vit staff?
  11. Perfect Belt/ 5% Armlets & FULL VIT Weapon

  12. WTT Seg, Mage, Hunter, Ak, Segu, Summy Gears& Weaps

    What is ur IGN, can i see the AK, Mage and Hunters gear?
  13. Perfect Belt/ 5% Armlets & FULL VIT Weapon

    Sorry bro, thank u for the generous offer though. only 1 left bro...the other 1 have been sold. Already have staff bro..apreciate the awesome offer.
  14. GoZiLa's Shop

    why u always double posting bro? Are u doing this intentionally, so u can get a "HOT" orange tag in ur thread? i want a "HOT" orange tag also.