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  1. SlitherPuss Party Match Ranking

  2. SlitherPuss Party Match Ranking

    please dont bully me beb...
  3. SlitherPuss Party Match Ranking

    thank u beb.. but i think im just lucky...and a lot of dshop...wkwkw
  4. SlitherPuss Party Match Ranking

    wkwk..its seggy mode beb.
  5. SlitherPuss Party Match Ranking

    Keep On Rollin Beb.....
  6. This is Nice !

  7. This is Nice !

    holy shit... this amistad guild is the bomb! they really know how to play...All members cover up and protect their seggy very well...they not rushed in for the kill..the seggy is well protected and most of the time always surrounded by teammate...the mage that always target the seggy doesnt even stand a chance.. Usually in rising, everyone always rushed in for the kill to become the big shot, without any care for a healer...then expect the seggy to follow up to all their movements and do the healing... Awesome play by amistad, all of them are a team player...and OP seg also.
  8. Post Bumped twice

    noob. dont bump..ez



  12. [Info] Draco the new PK Spot

    the players that killed ur fisherman... that is Aza beb...wkkwkw...he killed some of my fisherman also. lets make Aza in our KOS list..
  13. [Info] Draco the new PK Spot

    u dont chase a DK/AK beb...them usain bolt in turbo mode...wkwkwkwk... if they run, just sit back and chill...or fish at the pond...wkwkwk
  14. Remove D Shop Buffs

    the solution is not removing dshop buff and all candies..wkwkwk..this is just another QQ post... Have u guys seen a 1 vs 1 PVP or a PVP event with both side using a full dshop buffs and candies??? hmm.. EVERY PVP is being held in ch3...so no dshop buffs or candy being used....i never see someone SHOUT "LF PVP"... then after they have an opponent, they just pvp each other in ch1 or ch2...wkwkwk... usually after they have an opponent, the next sentences that comes out is.. " Ch3"... So there is no reason for removing dshop buffs and candies. as far as PK goes...well, PK war is never balanced from the start...even if its a 3 vs 3 PK war...coz there is 1 party with 3 summy member, and there goes another party with 1 wizz member, 1 segnale and 1 AK....wkwkwkwk...even without dshop buffs and candies, that is not balanced at all...wkwkwk..LMAO. i have never seen a PK war that balanced...like 3 vs 3...and its a party with 3 full geared wizzard member against a party with 3 full geared wizzard member also..and its the same as DKSQ, PTM and etc. well, its simple anyway...if u guys hate the dshop user...dont stand afk or chilling in ch1 or ch2...go to ch3....and dont apply DKSQ, PTM, BR, Farming and etc etc...just stand looking fabulously at Karin or fountain then chat with ur friends. But, Voudou beb...there is no players at ch3, so im feeling lonely.. Well then, go to ch1 and use dshop also...or change class to magic class, so u can take advantage about the dshop thingy when doing PK/DKSQ/PTM/BR and etc etc. But...Voudou beb, i dont know how to play magic class...and i hate that class... i like my own class....and but...but...but....but.... Well then, idk what to say anymore beb..except....suck it up, buttercup. YES, there is a negative effect for the game about dshop buffs and candies. BUT, there is also so much positive effect for the game. if we really wanna make it all balance...lets removed the dshop wings also..coz there is some class that have alot advantage from that..coz the add from HP, resistance and etc....then lets removed the original wings stat also...lets make wings with no stats...wings only for good looks, like costume.. AND lets removed all the other class also...coz it doesnt sound fair, when there is some class that have more HP/shield, or STR, DEFF and etc etc just by adding 1 point in their stats...its ridiculous...wkwkkwwk.....while other class got less when adding 1 point also in their stats.....buhuuuu, not fair...it should all add the same in stats for all class... lets removed all class also, and we all just played 1 Class in this server....we can fight each other by using different build...that will be awesome... and please removed the location of the server also...its not fair when some players have good 50-200 MS, while other players have 700-1500 MS...we have to make that balanced for PVP wise...lets all players send all their location, so Nitex can make lots of server near our location....so ALL will be balanced for PVP wise... wkwkwk..talking about balanced for PVP wise here....LMAO. pls stop doing this QQ post. and suck it up buttercup.