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  1. Need some info for my character improvement

    Dshop wings gives +25% maximum HP stats, also you can substitute plumes for Audax necklaces if you can find them for sale. They are pretty cheap. Find an audax necklace that gives like +40-50 heal stats. You can wear 2 of them at once until you get yourself a pair of plumes. Plumes give between +100-+180 heal stats when u wear 1 or 2. Also you can farm some buffs that give extra HP/MP/Shield stats. You can buy these buffs from NPC Lowe at Ardeca. Yes, you can use all of them at once.
  2. Experience Suggestion

    You can do deadfront on all channels. Open a new topic for class suggestions.
  3. Patching

    Hi, just to clarify. Is this the link you used for the manual patch? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7zlsmKb9joCSGRUR3NIWE5XVFk/view
  4. Experience Suggestion

    There are 3 channels, if you want to do a solo deadfront run you can move your party to another channel and apply there so you don't have to worry about OP geared players killing all of the monsters. At level 180, 1 deadfront run will get you to lvl 185-186. A second deadfront run will take you to lv. 190. In between deadfront you can go to egutt desert lv. 160 section (because it currently gives more exp than the lv. 180 section because of a bug). If you grind monsters there in between deadfronts you can gain an extra 1-3 levels. (If you grind for a few hours.) After you reach level 190 you can join the lv. 190 dungeon (Cherubims Nest). 1 run of this will get you to lv. 195. A 2nd run will take you to lv. 197. All of these methods have been tested by me personally, I used a 50% exp talisman to get those results. You can get free EXP 50% talismans from Hallovator in Parca. He spawns on all 3 channels.
  5. To all pro AK

    On my AK I use lv. 140s if you want to be really tanky. I wouldn't use lv. 180 plumes for an AK because in the current META they already have permanent max crit rate (75%)
  6. Malakites

    Try draco desert, you don't need to fish manually to get the fish. Auto-fisher works with exp talisman only. You can get a 50% EXP talisman that includes autofishing from a boss named Hallovator located in Parca Temple. (The boss is right past that lv. 35 barrier that takes you to the back of parca temple.) Hallovator drops several 50% exp amulets, op candies, and other toy items. I believe he also spawns on all 3 channels.
  7. Premium Costume

    The costumes do not give any stats, I have tested this myself. The message is just displayed in the description.
  8. Legendary

    I'm not sure about the answer to this question, but I think the armor and helm drop in 1 map and pants/boots/gloves drop on another. It is a super rare drop rate (less than 2% i believe). I think the maps are Python, Avalon, Requies Upper, etc. (Basically any map with lv 70-100 gear) And it may only be certain mobs, another player might be able to provide a more clearer answer. But I hope this helps!
  9. 22


    Resolved // Locked
  11. blurry/unreadable texts

    Jidang have you tried this?: 1.) Open your Dekaron Rising Folder on your computer 2.) Open the bin folder 3.) Open up the option text file, NOT optionEtc!! 4.) Replace the display line to the specifications for your monitor. Ex: 1920 1080 32 for my monitor
  12. Gems (5% and +)

    The 7% gem box that you can buy from NPC Lowe in Ardeca gives you a random 7% elemental damage gem. Additionally you can get 6% gems from Under Crespo. They are a rare drop from the monsters there and the bosses Karke and Qusil have a higher chance to drop a 6% gem. I believe the drop rate from the bosses is 30-40%. (Someone please correct me if I am wrong.) Also, the 6% gem drop rate from the Hellish Spider monsters located in the bottom right corner of Under Crespo is less than 2%. (Once again someone please correct me if these percentages are wrong.) The Hellish Spiders also give Grade Points and a small amount of Purchase Points that can be exchanged at NPC Lowe in Ardeca. Key: Map NPC Entity Monster
  13. Rising PvP Events

    Can't wait!
  14. DKSQ

  15. DKSQ

    Hey, you can farm PPoints in Under Crespo by killing the spiders in the bottom right corner of the map. You can use these PPoints to purchase your level 170/180 skills from npc Lowe in Ardeca. The monsters in Under Crespo don't give any experience points that would level you up. As for dil and argates you can kill the Shadowkris found in Parca Temple on all 3 channels to pay for your gear. You can get normal +10 osmium gear for 300-500m per part depending on class. You can also get a +10 lv 180 wep for around 700m-1.5b depending on class and what gems are in the weapon. I used a farm character to get items to trade and buy gear for my 188 dksq char because it's pretty hard to farm with a lv 188 Azure Knight. I would think it would be easy to make a Seguriper and get it to around lv 190-195 and use it to farm.