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  1. Patch 13.2 Released

    The 171~188 dksq is going to be tons of fun!
  2. Patch 13.2 Released

    The monsters in the Abandoned City of Elfintopia give more EXP than Arcadia
  3. Patch 13.2 Released

    Server will be back up momentarily, performing a maintenance. Class balance changes are still ongoing and being tested by staff members on the balance test server, once everything is finalized it will be released server-wide. DSHOP wings will have the same stats as the fully upgraded [Ys] wings.
  4. New Patch is COMING !

    Lambo mount coming soon
  5. Fun PK Battle in Parca Temple

    Yes! Bring back endless pk wars
  6. Fun PK Battle in Parca Temple

    I apologize in advance for the music, I was just playing through random stuff on iTunes and also for the many discord messages. @Nitex @Funky Gh☯uL ツ
  7. P2W?

    I will be online on my personal char, send me a PM here on forums when you are up and running.
  8. P2W?

    Hello, if by pay2win you mean donating players get special perks and items that non-donators can never get then this it not a pay2win server. The only thing that donations give to players is dshop coins. These coins can be sold to other players for dil (You will need a staff member to middle-man for the transaction to make sure that you do not scammed.) All wings have the same stats (Level 70, 102, 151, and dshop wings) and no costumes give boosts to players. Everything is accessible to all players and there are no OP items that only donators can get their hands on. Now would be a good time to join Rising because our current end-game set and weps have been out for long enough that the prices have dropped dramatically and a new set and wep will not be added for quite a while. Also there will be an update sometime this week. PM me if you have any questions.
  9. Bagi Discussion

    Still double posting after @[GM]SunChild just warned you on this exact same thread. Also your comments towards other players will not be tolerated. Your posts must be approved by a staff member for the next weeks. This thread has been derailed. // Locked 3. No incessant trolling, flaming or bashing of any sort: Posts which include prejudice based upon things like, but not limited to: racism, ageism, sexual orientation, nationality; will not be tolerated. 4. Do not abuse Dekaron Rising Staff, or it's Community. The staff is here to help you. It is your right as a player, do Not abuse that right. If you feel a staff member has wronged you, speak with another staff member using the Private Messaging feature. Disrespecting the server, community or any Staff Member will not be tolerated. All reports will be taken seriously. The term "abuse" is general, however is not limited to the following; Harassment, threatening, verbal abuse, and so on. The Official Dekaron Rising Staff reserves the right to interpret the term "abuse" as they deem fit.

    Everything must be removed: Wings Emblems All potions and food buffs from ALL spots not just the F1-F11. (There is a button that opens up the buff bar to allow more spots, all of those must be removed as well.) Press TAB and remove any second weapons you equipped. All rings, necklaces, belts, and armlets. Check the 2ND Equipment Space and remove all extra armor, belt, armlets, rings/necklaces/plumes that could also be equipped. Costume must be removed as well.
  11. WTF NEW HACKER !!!!!

    Thanks for the report, post it in the correct thread next time. // Moved
  12. Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

    The title of the topic is, "Best Class Tournament Winner Prediction."
  13. Let me do a Selfie to my IDOL.

    Use the 'Edit' button in the future. I just warned somebody for this same thing, in the same thread.
  14. Let me do a Selfie to my IDOL.

    The answer to that is inside of my comment that you quoted. If I remember correctly aren't you the person that accused me of scamming AzaNezz? (Without evidence)
  15. Let me do a Selfie to my IDOL.

    Do you not know what spamming is?