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  1. Bagi 170/180 Skills nerf

    Segnale lives matter
  2. Bagi 170/180 Skills nerf

    If segs had more defense then it wouldn't be balanced lol Trust me
  3. Trying to play GOD?

  4. Facebook adding

    Thanks so much! Dekaron is still by far my favorite game haha
  5. Facebook adding

    I work full-time at my local hospital and it devours my time. I love what I do but the 12+ hour shifts don't really give me much time for anything else when I work consecutive days I am trying to get on more but I need to work a couple things out Kpop 4 lyfe
  6. Trying to play GOD?

    somebody stole Pindarus so now I am EX PINDARUS. lol
  7. hello

    Welcome to Rising
  8. Facebook adding

    I died reading this and all of the comments hahaha
  9. Suggestions for new PC

    Thanks for the advice, I do not travel a whole lot. I am leaning towards either buying a desktop or getting one already built. Thanks, I found some cool and helpful stuff on there! Thank you I know a couple people that are experienced with building desktops, I will talk with them also and see if they could help me out.
  10. B> +10 items (see post)

    What are the stats on the shield, and how much do you want for it?
  11. WTT>TERA AK +10

    Would you take a donation instead?
  12. B> +10 items (see post)

    I am interested in buying any Azure Knight or Segnale +10 osm or terragrace set. I am also interested in buying a +10 Azure Knight 2H axe, Shield, and 1h Axe/Sword Level 180+. I will be paying for these items by donation. (Full amount of coins sent to your character). No MM = No deal. Edit: Also buying 2x Plumes/Kracions or whatever they are called now, max belts and armlets.
  13. Suggestions for new PC

    Hey everyone, it has been some time since I have last been active. School and work combined make it difficult for me to ever find time. Anyways, it would be helpful if someone could explain some options for me to either build a gaming pc or find one already built from a trusted source. I live in the USA and I do not care whether it's a desktop or laptop. I have a strong and fast internet connection (ranging anywhere from 100-300+ mb/s); my problem is that my current pc is nearly 10 years old now and the allocated RAM is garbage. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. [OPR]Fayth xPindarus - Segnale