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  1. This is Nice !

    he sure can,if he want
  2. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    you 100% right
  3. DK Suggestions

    @Nitex You should take a look at this suggestion
  4. New Player Dungeon Ideas

    agree + 1
  5. Will we ever get good MS again?

    agree, Although the beginning of the update(12.1), our side is good, but then we gradually began to become delayed, and now we got more DC & LAG ,and we many people(from Taiwan) even can't login other channel & dksq (only can login [DDOS] * if we login we got dc* ) .......I think this has a big problem, I hope there will be a solution thanks...
  6. DKSQ, if its possible to...maybe Guild vs Guild there, 15 vs 15 or what numbers are capable of. Maybe like once a week or so. It would be nice to see a real play DKSQ with real team and teamwork. agree. this
  7. WTB > mage +10 sb = pm here

  8. WTB > mage +10 sb = pm here

    Or I offer X2 tera armlet= mage sb+10
  9. WTB > mage +10 sb = pm here

    WTB > mage +10 sb = pm here
  10. Dekaron Rising MembershipMembership Rank: GoldCharacter Name: TingHuTw still no have!!
  11. VIP Title and coins not received

    me too, still wait! Still no {VIP} tag and points
  12. updating patch

    https://mega.nz/#!woVDXaqL!aVzDlePsTZU__tApW0Debs2HkZ4-X3dKQJ6O0ZoZ7C0 10.7
  13. 195 Wep Change

    i agree too but like @Nitex say there would be difficult
  14. Server Maintenance Notice - 04/23/2016

    wow awesome!!!!1!!!!!can't wait!!!!!!