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  1. Everyone Discuss while server down

    well everyday there are more armlets in the game. more +9 +10 items are around. And thats normal for the price to drop. When something is new every1 rush to buy it since its "rare" after a while everything drops down. Thats how the market works in games. Tottaly normal.
  2. Server is down. same problem to me

    yeap its looking like its down. Damn i was making a dshop trade hope the other player dont get mad.
  4. Roasteed's application

    +1, this fat bagi is the most active player i know! Gl bro
  5. WTS OSM +10 alo items

  6. WTS OSM +10 alo items

    I got +10 osm alo set, not perfect but its good. Im looking for Dils or donations. Offer me and leave your ign
  7. Selling Cash

    i would like to take 26k/ I can offer +10 osm alo helmet and boots osm alo +10
  8. Best place to lvl after 181

    hello thnx for the reply. i did kill them solo/5 people pt/ 7 people pt/ exp was between 500-660k. is too low, i was killing mobs for 40 minutes and got 40% at 183 lvl. in the past they told me that they were getting 10m exp+. Is that true? is it bugged? what happened?
  9. Hello im 183 i tried arcadia i get about 500-600k exp per mob, i tryed all kind of pt, full/solo 5 perso. In Egupt desert i get 1m exp per mob. any other places to lvl? Is so slow......
  10. Kimnutin WTB LIST

    I sell bagi 180 gaund normal +10 with 6% fire gems

    Do u trade anything for perfect segnale? (Quote me plz)