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    Your a nobody on this server, Tolo is trusted and respected. He doesnt scam so dont post shit like this xo
  2. Segnale

    better then decent bae
  3. WTT alo set/sb wep

    thats a dank staff application
  4. Ximena's OPR Application

    his da best mage kkty
  5. Ximena's OPR Application

    ily Xim <3
  6. Lack of Staff

    i lold
  7. Windows 7. My launcher isnt fucked it just wants to download it from version 7 for some reason and im not doin that ever.
  8. You know thats not true, I know ya love me
  9. I can only download the manual patch, if i run launcher it fucks up If you stop doing manual patches then i wont be able to play anymore
  10. How to Start Quests?

    Should really be quests, so players have an option to do quests or not. It should be their decision, not what you think is fun. Theres many people that also like doing quests too not just PvPing all the time.
  11. Dekaron Rising [Seasonal PvP]

    Fix please Riku
  12. New Idiot on server...

    Haha thats funny, using my old GMs name.
  13. AzzanEAZY

    Is that why i fucked you up when i was wearing a Obtud set?
  14. AzzanEAZY

    Nah it doesnt, the only people scrub suits is You and the rest of Invictuz + Teejay. Except shit cunt also suits you and teejay also.