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  1. @w@ Interested in Rising @w@

    Welcome to Rising My First Lady Mata ne in the game
  2. new dksq mode

    This map was a Loa Castle Its good if its full ppl in dksq, but usually ppl just do 5v5 this days then this map would be too big for that and more ppl needed to handle those pendants? . Btw, thanks for sharing ur ideas
  3. In Remembrance of Vallex

    OP Slut <3
  4. DEKARON RISING at its finest

    Nice work out there ! Dekaholic
  5. Need To Learn This Language ( Fun Topic )

    Zenfox, about that I made a deal on Ysamich before you. I was the first one to ask Ysamich to buy his VS Glove but I was lack on DILs so I tried to find a way to buy his Gloves I already told him to reserve it to me and when i got all of my DILs( which it didnt took too long), I was about to pm Ysamich/StormOfAnger and then I saw you on Ardeca shouting that youre looking for a {OPR} for MM. Coincidence I saw Storm and I told him that Im about to buy his VS [G] then I realize you were also about to buy his Tera[G] too. Basically this is just a small misunderstanding. Sorry but I was the first one to buy his [G]
  6. This is great news to me my previous ms was: and now I'm experiencing: : which is good to me, anyways Thank You Nitex for this awesome update!
  7. Hi guys

    Hi Cacti! Welcome to Rising Community! I'll be looking forward seeing you ingame
  8. Tamia GM/OPR Application

  9. Are u not bored of doing nothing?

    Because I am a member of a Rising's Staff Team and from what Teejay's saying saddens me. This is just my freedom of speech. I disagree with you here I do understand what Teejays point means and I already explain it there probably you need to read it again. Tsss ( You were also a Filipino and we even speak the same dialect I cant believe you even acted that way, *dissappointed*) Because I already had a Job it has been a month now. I only check the game/forum time to time. I don't have to prove you anything. Whenever I had a free time to do BR/PTM or DK SQ and whenever I see lack of players doing it, that's the time I shouted and beg for the players to come and go do Colo or DK SQ. And as my memory serves me right we did PTM together once and I also shouted back then for PTM. BTW this is out of topic now can be this thread be close? Thanks
  10. {VIP}AncientForceAloken's Application

    Goodluck Bro!
  11. Are u not bored of doing nothing?

    I would like to apologize to you if you feel it that way, I am so sorry truly am. If you realize on game most of the players filled with Asians mostly was my fellow men Filipinos and Taiwanese. We had a different time zones. It is up to the players whether they do DK SQ or not. It is not all the time DK SQ is active there were some times only few players do DK SQ. Have you remember Nitex activates 2x Purchase & Grading Points? It lasted almost a month, sure it was active during its 1st week until few players doing DK SQ by the 2nd weeks and so. You know the reasons why? why they don't do much DK SQ? most of there answers was they have a lot of purchasing points and they had already enough points to do what they want to do. You see some of the players has a objectives- they farm points. Some are just go on DK SQ cause to want to wreck havoc there or simply just having fun. You are not the only one here, I myself. pretty much if I do Collo also BEG for the players to come and go Collo with me I even include the time left for the collo ends. Atleast just to get the players attentions. And once again I have to tell you Sorry again if you have to BEG for the players just to do Collo Br/PTM. oh almighty TheGod please forgive me. If you act it that way, How will you ever understand our reasons if you say all our explain is just a plain typical bullshit? please don't be so rude. We Staff are just same like a normal player like you. We became staff voluntary because we wanted to help, helpless player like you. About what Blitsken posted, I am just here to suggest for him for what to do at least it'll kill his boredom by bit. Aside DK SQ and Collo, what about Farming? have you had any thoughts about that? most likely the non-donators dominates the game they farmed all day and night just they get what they wanted to have. And I am one of them. I am not a Donator. I farmed all day and night just to get the items what I need and I think you have seen me around the game. Probably you already know what I have achieve. Lastly what about PK'ing ?? with that attitude of yours players will likely come at you. I already said everything what I need to say. It is up to you if you still insisting carrying that attitude of yours.
  12. Are u not bored of doing nothing?

    It seems like you have nothing much to do on game. Why dont try to go DK SQ/Colo/Pking at Parca/Farming Argates-DILs-195 weps-Belts and Armlets or so
  13. Weekly siege

    True but if ever the player missed the Siege War that would be his/her problem alone,Siege Wars occures every 2 weeks. And I also agree to Riku I see no logical reason to make Siege every weeks and also for me every 2 weeks on Siege is fine atleast you got 2 weeks of preparations to take the Castle nor Defend. but anyways Thanks for suggesting this TamiaTw aka Tsunami
  14. Ardeca Night mood for Halloween

    This is way beyond awesomeness! perfect for Halloween! nice job!