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  1. Yo, too bad the siege started early. I planned to attend. Will all members still get the reward emblem?

  2. WTS > +10 195 DN FS Orb & +10 195 DN FS Scythe

  3. WTS > +10 195 DN FS Orb & +10 195 DN FS Scythe

    Yes, 40$. I'll be online tomorrow at this time, if you can get online there. Otherwise, you can ask xBellaTrix/Lestrange if I'm not online, as he can do the deal with you also. Not entirely sure if you're referring to my price of the Scythe or the price in general. I don't personally consider 40$ to be overpriced, as people easily are selling them for 50$ each.
  4. WTS > +10 195 DN FS Orb & +10 195 DN FS Scythe

    PM me your offer on forums - I'm not in-game currently. Not taking dills, btw.
  5. WTS > +10 195 DN FS Orb & +10 195 DN FS Scythe

  6. WTS > +10 195 DN FS Orb & +10 195 DN FS Scythe

    Needed it sold very quick back then - Bump.
  7. As Zila said, you need to be below level 190 in order to obtain the quest regardless of what the quest description actually says.
  8. WTS > +10 195 DN FS Orb & +10 195 DN FS Scythe

  9. Will we ever get good MS again?

    I have to admit that I don't personally find a reason to log in either. Everytime I do, I'm dealing with massive interrupts in DKSQ, delays in PvPs and everything just feels overall laggy, whereas in comparison to before, everything was running smooth for us. No delays, no rollbacks, no lagg at all. I'm obviously aware that this has helped some players and that's very good, however, as Kianni mentioned himself, this isn't really a solution; we just moved the problem from one place to another. Going from a stable 40 MS to an unstable MS of 300-400 with peaks of 500-600 isn't worth playing. Taking the above into consideration, I'm not the only one with this perspective. KhaleesiEU was a good idea, however, it'll only lead to a seperation of the server's players, which we can't have either. We all chose Rising because it has the most players; no-one wants to sit alone looking for people in Ardeca. Even spawning things during events is a pain, as I'm getting rollbacks consistenly. In other words - as much as I want to enjoy the game, I simply can't anymore. Not like this.
  10. Concerra staff skills are completely useless. There simply aren't enough HB sets in the game. I tried switching to HB a few weeks ago, but I gave up after shouting in Ardeca for 3 days straight.
  11. Problem with login

    Are you trying to log in with your forums account? Keep in mind that our forums are seperated from the actual game, meaning, you'll have to create an in-game account through the Launcher.
  12. WTS > +10 195 DN FS Orb & +10 195 DN FS Scythe

  13. Let's Dance Fellas

    LOOOOOOL Next event will be dance competition for sure!
  14. WTS > +10 195 DN FS Orb & +10 195 DN FS Scythe

  15. Incar Magician Gameplay [Dekaron Rising]

    Great videos you absolute beast, Ximena