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  1. Well deserved brother @Riku Noctis-XIII☪
  2. Patch 13.2 Released

    Finally! This is absolutely awesome, good job!!!!!
  3. WTT > 10% Fire Armlets = 10% Light

  4. WTT > 10% Fire Armlets = 10% Light

  5. WTT > 10% Fire Armlets = 10% Light

    Bump. Willing to add.
  6. Bagi Discussion

    Bet u lost 100+ times to chris lmao
  7. Pentagram Guild

    Shaman spotted. Big respect fellas, looking forward seeing you guys back in the game!

    I think it's real fucking safe to say that your dream has been achieved. Much love brother @XXXCHRIS01 Keep killin it' fam - true inspiration
  9. Bagi Discussion

    Many have tried, many have failed. Chris only reveals himself to opponents that are truly willing to conquer his pride. ako isang din banka m8
  10. WTT > 10% Fire Armlets = 10% Light

  11. Bagi Discussion

    Lmao bruh fk off Chris is #1 and u know it don't deny it mothafucka
  12. Pentagram Guild

    No Shaman, no Penta
  13. WTT > 10% Fire Armlets = 10% Light

  14. Fix your MS ( LAG )

  15. Upgrade Squama and Lach

    ^ Agreed. Upgraded versions aren't supposed to be easily obtained, and - in my opinion - it should stay like that.