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  1. "generally annoying" can be so many things, I think I could wipe out a whole guild if every "generally annoying" person should get jailed LOL this rule is lame down to its very core
  2. Ez Troll

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL this was hilarious nice edit on video ven
  3. How can u understand a statement without it even being STATED in the application? +1 for the application tho <3
  4. New Ideas for BR / PTM

    +1 Statues in colo again also pls
  5. well the whole idea of this map is that there is no teaming up, just free-for-all ser pls
  6. bump trying to make this idea a reality
  7. gaming mouse?

    funny thing you mentioned this LOOOL before I got my new mouse a couple of days ago, I actually used a "ball mouse"
  8. Lambo mount

    nitex is the only one allowed to have lambo mount ser, fits real life situation LOL
  9. New Forum Signature [Event]

    this is art write fucking picasso in the bottom, you'll sell this for millions fam
  10. Been a while. Hi y'all :3

    I'm doing great thanks! Been busy with school and such, great to hear that you are still alive!
  11. Been a while. Hi y'all :3

    o m g ephy pls come back i beg u how u been doing man??
  12. LOOOL fam already got ma vouch at the fourth question this dude is a fucking legend and knows it, he's got the keys to the street +1
  13. Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

    Azure Knight: Concerra Summoner: Vicious Summoner: Segita Hunter: Segu Reaper: MercuryRising Bagi Warrior: Bon3crush3r Dragon Knight: Half Bagi: Aloken: Harlequinn (i believe in you ven) Segnale: Incar Magician: Ximena Dark Wizard: i'll fill out this eventually
  14. Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

  15. Sick of AK's

    Most of this is correct, but before starting to nerf AK to hell, ppl have got to understand how hard AK is when you're doing both tribuild and switching from squama to lach etc. I've even heard ppl complaining about how hard they think switching lach is, lol. I wouldnt say AK beats segu's and segs that easily, I have had fights with Maleficia that lasted way over 10 mins, with me just being on lach and him just consistently healing and doing dmg to me. If dmg reduction is implemented I doubt that I will be able to kill segu's and segs ^ supports what's written above All this said tho I have given my few cents to Dannyboi, and he has sent those ideas further to Nitex to implement them on the balance channel. ^ This pretty much sums up the problem with AK atm. ty for the great quotes ven