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  1. Roasteed's application

    Aw roasteed man, biggest +1 from me. Probably most active guy in the game right now and an absolute great guy <3 +1+1+1+1
  2. This is totally not my point, I'm basically stating the fact that it indeed was a default win, the way you expressed yourself really did make it sound like there actually was competition, which there was obviously not. I dont know where you get this from Because there was simply none? No one actually went in and fought you guys. Respect for bringing Enigma to siege though.
  3. How is it not default win tho? No fight means no competition which instantly leads to it being default win.
  4. So it has to be harder to win a normal pvp against at least 1 of the members that joined the winning siege team, just because of this emblem? That seems very fair and balanced.
  5. There is no glow from gems on the LightSIG weapons, so they look kinda boring I guess? Would be nice to have that fixed (: Also the LightSIG 1h Sword is bugged, it LITERALLY can't go +1, it just steals your copper argate and dils.
  6. AzzanEAZY

    I think you might wanna send a guide to Nitex on how to post on forums, he might upload it to the guide list, so that everyone can learn how to produce quality posts, just like you.
  7. AzzanEAZY

    https://picload.org/view/ragdlcca/invictuzarepussiesindeed2.png.html "You should not talk when the real scene is waiting for you. This is what happen when you talk too much!" - AzaNezz "Again, get yourself into FUCKING GAME. This is not Godly or whatever Guild you think you beated in the past. This is InvitcuZ!, surely will RAPE you anyday! InvictuZ will make your calculation about Dekaron False!" - AzaNezz (r u completely sure about this m8, your calculations might've been wrong?) I was gonna write my own words, but I think these pretty much sum it all up #InwektuZGotOwned
  8. Royal vs InvictuZ

    ven i can simply not believe you right now, lying to me, saying I stole the picture. unbelieveable
  9. Royal vs InvictuZ

    not sure if im supposed to take this one seriously - nice claims, with a lot to back it up i don't know if you noticed, maybe you missed the big dragon that filled up pretty much the whole screen, you might've missed it. that thing drains ur hp in a matter of seconds. im pretty sure you didint even get the kill on me Everyone knows that classes with low def has a lot higher benefit from using d-shops. The class is no longer squishy, which they are supposed to and basically benefit a lot more from the dshops than a class that almost has capped def without anything hence why a class like summoner is absolutely incredible with d-shops
  10. Royal vs InvictuZ

    ok first off, just LOL. ill be ready to rematch any day you'd like in a fair fight with no dshops. ill leave you with famous quote from Zhyper which is obviously very nice and has had a lot of thought put into it "pk and pk are not the same idiot -_-"
  11. Roasteed's application

    +1 for roastbeef Very great guy, always helpful
  12. Will we ever get good MS again?

    I think it speaks for itself.
  13. I would just like to simply know whether or not I should quit. After this recent patch everything has just gone downhill. Basically what you have done is, you've moved the problem from one place to another. Not only this, there are still some people from Taiwan or PH that still have high MS. I don't know if you can see this in your little server statistics box, but I can tell you this much; it has not contributed to the server in a very positive way. If you just take a short trip to Parca/Hell temple you will see that there is not PvP/pk action going on anymore. No one is really fighting on Lurile either. PvP's are simply not interesting anymore when people are flying across the screen and switching lach/weps takes days. And for me as a tri build AK, it just makes my class limited to what it's capable of, and where is the fun in that? The thing you did with Khaleesi also didn't help one single bit, making us only play with other EU players is just dumb. Splitting up the server like that won't accomplish anything. I believe you should just revert the changes you've made, or come up with a better solution that benefits everyone equally. Quote from original Patch update 11.9: Basically, this means that people from the EU have spent their real money buying sets, some of which are even worth up to 500$, helping Taiwanese/PH people get better MS, while completely demolishing their own. hmm ok I'm not the only one with this opinion on the recent MS update, and I know several others that won't waste any more time on this server when they can't do the things they used to. They simply can't do the things they basically started gearing up for and maybe even spent real money on. They can't use any this to its real effort.
  14. I love the idea but then please note that nerfing the heals is highly necessary too lol. The reason I'm saying this is that, I believe you didint decrease healing in the "damage decreasing" patch, which made me unable to kill segu's and seg's, cause they could simply out-heal my dps. I am not the only one who had that issue with segus and segs. edit: ok everyone just wrote that 2 seconds before me.